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  1. Never understood the fascination with crazy spicy food. Decent level of heat is nice.
  2. Alex Rae is like your steaming uncle at a wedding singing 'Simply the Best'.
  3. Ryan Kent looks like the stereotype seething wee ned Rangers cúnt.
  4. Shape of that gammon. Sweaty & baldy Probably drinking Carling.
  5. Ton strip was a cracker. Tartan one close 2nd.
  6. Looks good. Get some olives fired in there.
  7. T & a bacon roll! The cornerstone of any nutritious breakfast.
  8. Still playing Streets of Rage II on the Megadrive spell.
  9. That whole Frankfurt end all in white is mental tbh.
  10. Rangers fans teleported back to 2020 & turned into kerdboard cutouts.
  11. Eintracht Frankfurt's badge is a fucking cracker btw. Like a sigil from Game of Thrones.
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