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  1. I know the one you're on about. Fucking harrowing. The guy made up his mind he was shooting straight away.
  2. "Well, maybe you should go also then Dominic because you couldn't see driving home the other night, because you don't even wear your glasses on TV incase you get slagged off. So why don't you just stick to specsavers and I'll do the game."
  3. This wouldn't be out of place on The Day Today.
  4. Someone tuning a violin in the background?
  5. Thread has got me hankering for venison. Honey orange glaze with pomegranate.
  6. Thankfully the Gourock accent is removed from Weegie sounding. That 'Glesga Uni' type accent (where they have an inflection at the end of a sentence) has got to be up there for the worst.
  7. Next time you rattle into one I'll have the saddle.
  8. Minterville down my way. Next door neighbour belting out Rod Stewart from his garage.
  9. Mexi cheese & brioche. Man after my own heart.
  10. They're pretty good. Just best classic-mode with lettuce/onion/tomato & burger sauce.
  11. = Me getting a drink of water at 4am.
  12. Think I'm resigned to looking a nick. If they remake Timecop then I'm doing it.
  13. To get the thread back OT, has anyone ever been to a place that gives you heebie jeebies? Went to the places near the Somme on a history school trip when I was younger & it felt eerie AF. Been to the Gettysburg area too which was creepy.
  14. Britney's high as a giraffe's arsehole there. Pure deid behind the eyes.
  15. They do when they're leaving early for the subway.
  16. John Torode one in Korea was pretty good. (Think its on dplay) Bet he's glad to get rid of Greggy Wallace.
  17. Used the 'idea' rather than the actual recipe per se. Added some other things I like. Beauty of kedgeree is its simple & versatile.
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