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  1. Happy for him to check my background etc.. Won't change that I'm being honest about Gregor's performances this last season. He looked a lot less suspect whilst McGeever was there but still not great. When he didn't have Ryan to lead/guide him through matches he looked hopeless.
  2. This has been my opinion since early-ish last season. Both contributed far too little for the amount of eage they will be commanding. Performances were, on the whole, absolutely dreadful from them. They should have been really key to keep the younger guys right on and off the pitch this season but neither appeared to have any leadership skills or to actually be all that bothered that we were serving up dross week in, week out. Carswell has been rotten since the season we got relegated and Buchanan has went so far backwards since he left us last time. Seems to be making a career out of the fact he has played for a few clubs higher up the leagues but every single one (since he was last with us) will tell you he was a liability and simply not good enough for that level - hence he ended up back at Dumbarton and not any further up the chain.
  3. I'd genuinely add Buchanan into that list. He has had a terrible season. A few okay games here and there don't mask how bad he has been, for me. Can't imagine he's on the lowest wage and I'm sure we could get much better in for the money.
  4. This. It very rarely works out well second time around. Especially when the players in question have hardly been setting the fire alight in recent years... A la, Buchanan, Boyle, Geggan... no more, please.
  5. Really? Rico was fine but he wasn't all that great. I think having had Boyle/Wylde/Muir this season may have tinted opinions and we maybe feel he was better than he actually was. Bit of a liability defensively. Looked decent going forward but I'm not sure he ever actually created goals with it. I'd have given Muir a chance because although he is raw, he is young and could have been a fairly cheap option who I feel could have developed into a decent player, especially with the drop down. That being said, I'd hope we find someone more proven at this level or the league above as our first choice.
  6. Yeah, underwhelming at first... but will be far from the worst signing we make. Wasn't great first time around but that was a much higher level and he was young so has had time to develop a bit. Willing to give him a chance and see where he is at.
  7. You won't need him when Goodwillie is signed up. Do you still have Bobby Jones signed up too..?
  8. Finally got round to facing P&B again... what a clusterfuck of a season that was! Not too happy about most of the guys retained to be honest. Lynch, McKee, Wylde, Carswell and Buchanan can all go as far as I am concerned. They won't because they will all be aware that they aren't going to get interest from any other clubs, due to their dreadful performances this season and/or the fact they are just finished. Wilson has so much potential and if we can develop him a bit he will come on leaps and bounds. My concern is that we stagger his development again and he contributes next to nothing next season. Orsi is a player who always gave his all and looked up for it. But lacked quality quite often. I also feel he just isn't a striker but offers a bit more on the wing. Hope dropping a league will let him be more effective. Maclean is a great player especially if he keeps his head down and doesn't get drawn into silly things. I think he may have attracted interest from a few of the other league 1 clubs if he wasn't signed up. Happy and confident he will be good in the league below. The big issue we have is the management team who are coaching the guys. Things won't change and a losing habit is very difficult to stop unless you make the big decisions at the top end, IMO.
  9. What has Carswell deserved to win this year? He turned up for about 6 weeks of the season and it's the only 6 weeks he has performed since we got relegated more or less.
  10. Yeah, I also think it's about the worst prep for the really important fixtures we have coming up too. When there are play offs involved these things simply shouldn't happen. As you say, it's been a long time since the players were that well bonded and spirited that they'd even bother with the fans anyway!
  11. I agree with most of them... but was Syvertson not already known for being injured when he signed, rather than developing the problem at Sons? I think it is unreal the amount of underachievers we have had since the beginning of our demise a few short years ago...
  12. We 100% deserve to be where we are. When other teams needed a result they got it (just like today). Whereas, we have come up short time and time again in very important matches. East Fife (away) twice and last week (every game vs Peterhead really!) spring to mind straight away.
  13. I appreciate Faz obviously believes we can take points from each of the next 3 but realistically the big one was the match yesterday! We didn't have enough urgency at all. Wright takes too long on things and the fact that everyone in the stand could see him struggling with the kickouts bu5 the defenders were leaving him to it and just telling him to take his time was disappointing. Was an absolute hammer blow losing the goal we did, in the manner we did too. Very disappointed with that. That being said, performances have been better on the last few weeks and I feel now if we can keep that level of performance then, even if we don't pick up enough points to avoid 9th place, we will have a fighting chance in the play offs. That really wasn't the case a few weeks back. We need to keep performances up and if we could play for 90 mins like we did in the first half yesterday, I have plenty confidence we could stay up (via the play offs or avoiding them). But inconsistency has really been something that has held us back throughout this season.
  14. To be fair, he said recently that we had given away 30 something goals through individual errors. Can you imagine where we would be in the league if we had even halved that? I don't think he signed anywhere near good enough players and too many past it, duds and simply not good enoughs... but maybe he did believe we would be better off.
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