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  1. Given the Marley reference is it someone like Bob McHugh?
  2. I'm not sure Tony Wallace would be a good acquisition at this stage of his career etc and I see him as similar to Div Wilson. Didn't he also leave on a sour note or am I making things up?
  3. Yeah, on paper they look decent but last year didn't quite go to plan. Said over on the transfer thread I'm not sure what to make of that signing. He looked good against us but Albion looked like Barcelona against us in every match but look how it went for them in the end.
  4. Sons sign Blair Malcolm from Albion Rovers. Looked decent enough vs Dumbarton but the whole of the Albion team looked head and shoulders above us in every match this season and look where things ended for them...
  5. Despite being a decent enough goalkeeper, I never liked him. Bit of an arsehole.
  6. Was just going to say exactly this. I'd imagine a team like Stirling, Alloa or Kelty would be a much more appealing option and the likes of Carlo and Kalvin will both probably be seeking out a team like that in the next few weeks. ETA: I wouldn't have been surprised if he had agreed to sign on the basis that we were playing in League 1 rather than League 2.
  7. Yeah, if that's the kind of signings they are making I won't be too concerned about Stenny. He has bags of ability and technically very good but he kept ending up in the bottom 2 divisions throughout his career. Not sure if he just lost confidence, fitness/injuries being an issue or if his attitude wasn't the best. Possibly a combination of the three... But he just was nowhere near consistent enough and everywhere he went he started well and faltered away to nothing.
  8. Oh well. Glad I never made the trip for that. I'm sure it'll have been a good day out for those who travelled though.
  9. I mean... I don't think McGeever played on Saturday (injured perhaps as not in the squad) but I did mention yesterday that we could at some point face Clyde and both be left without a CB who had been pretty every present recently. ETA: Looks like McGeever has been out since 1st April with an injury.
  10. I don't understand why, but I think the management team are coaching it into them. It's infuriating and anyone who knows me will back up that I've had a proper go at our own 'keepers a couple of times in matches where we are taking an eternity even if we aren't even winning matches. Different goalkeepers last season, exact same method. I absolutely hate to see it. If we are winning then I think it's fair we wouldn't be in a rush but until those times we should be trying to get ourselves in front rather than keeping the score at 0-0 or worse, when we are losing but still in no rush.
  11. Why? You can now go and get in for less than you paid last week.
  12. Ooooft ETA: Embarrassing but bloody hell... glad I'm stuck in work even more now!
  13. We will not finish in 2nd place. We also look to be going into the play offs in a terrible run of form. Doomed.
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