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  1. What’s happening with the supporters buses for tomorrow? I emailed them and they replied stating they would get back in touch with pick up points and times, however I haven’t heard back from them!
  2. That must have been splendid watching for the saints fans. Nothing better than a shitfest win. Wish thistle could keep the ball in corner like saints did tonight, when in winning positions.
  3. Did not expect to have banzo, Osman and lawless signed up for another two years. Fantastic news.
  4. I would definitely take him if he was interested, however I would want him to be competition for the striker position and not out wide as his strengths don't suit being stuck on the wing.
  5. Don't know why mixu was complaining about the thistle pitch before the game considering utd barely played a pass along the ground.
  6. Sean Welsh actually played okay second half. Probably should have scored too!
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