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  1. Ah the never to be forgotten, for those of us lucky to have been there, 5-0 home win against Stenny in Aug 2006. After seasons of suffering what probably was the worst sustained run any team team ever had in the old SFL the start of season 2006/07 brought the faint hope that 'Shire might be just beginning to turn the Mackin induced and manifactured (£10pw wages) shear awfulmess. Although our form once again fell off a cliff after Christmas that season and another wooden spoon was duly "won", for many fans we could at least cling on to something and this win was that light in the darkness of the £10pw days. From memory It really should have been 6-0 that day with an unbelievable miss just before fulltime that wasn't captured on the highlights or game length video (the video ends a few mins before the end) will need to re-check my notes from the time. I do remember a rather drunk night on the town in Falkirk post match with a number of guys would never would normally stay out after the game joining the usual few of us well into the night. That game now seems another world away given what has happened in the seasons after. Happy memories of a Firs Park sadly missed.
  2. Shire v Caledonian Braves yest was 131
  3. Oh my goodness.. Forget the very interesting ref decisions today the main point was the CB 2nd goal. Not sure about the thought process by Winters when he got the drop ball decision after Barclay was injured. Very poor form and although Low should have not mouthed off it was very understandable. That 6 mins at the start of the 2nd half killed the game. Nonsense stuff
  4. Wow. Is that it ! Is this really the time consider response and rallying cry for the ranks to hold firm as they wait for the realisation of the promise of a more palatable solutuon which will be "immently forthcoming". This statement will have the reverse of what its authors intended. Folks and clubs aint daft (unless they choose to be). Sadly "comical Ali" leaps to mind but it shouldn't be this way. We are all just football fans following football clubs. The horse has bolted and it seems everything is now being chucked out the pram. Sadly it seems that these bodies forget that they are just representatives of the clubs. Where ever each club wants to be next season let them decide. Statements like this are at best not helpful. The veiled threat of legal action in the statement's last paragraph is pure desperation. Looking forward to a new era for the west clubs next season where they can decide their own future without "glass ceilings".
  5. The crowd at Shire v Gala Fairydean Rovers today (including the "lift" attendance) was 136
  6. Shire v Dalbeattie Star yesterday attendance was 138
  7. Mark has been out with an injury recently
  8. The attached is a photo of Robert Corrance when he was at East Stirlingshire in 1935/36. It is hard to say who he is in this 1932/33 team photo, 1st player on left 2nd row from the front perhaps ? ps bought your book. Fantastic work. It is helping me a lot with my own research.
  9. Lol. Now u are really muddling the waters
  10. University of Stirling were up against it in the 1st half but dug in, defended well and took the chances that came their way in the 2nd half. They deserved a draw but a win maybe not - still when the shire defence went all kamikaze for the game winner (though there was more than a shout for the goal to be disallowed) then it was hard to come back from that. Well done to the Scholars for the result. Lots of serious thinking to do at Shire HQ re how we tackle our home games. Our home league record this season is pretty shocking especially when this is compared to our away form. This trend has been gone on for the last few seasons but this and last season we are particularly bad at home. The players, will and hard work is this all there but something is missing to spark it together.
  11. Shire v University of Stirling today 167
  12. I agree that Burnieclub is doing a fantastic job collating all the crowd stats. Out of interest surely clubs the size of Linlithgow and Bo'ness will have club records of their matches and crowd sizes even if they are incomplete and guesstimates. Failing that the club historians will have been recording/researching as much information as they can though I appreciate it isn't an east task.
  13. My head count at the Edinburgh University v Shire game on 28/12/19 was 111
  14. Shire crowd v BSC Glasgow yesterday was 181. An impressive £1255 was raised from donations at the gate for Forth Valley Sands Charity.
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