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  1. Shire v The Spartans crowd today was 145
  2. Genuinely hope Gretna survive and thrive. Would hate to see a Lowland League of teams contratated solely from the central belt and only 1 of 2 borders teams. If the West Junior teams fail to get their act together and as a result the current Lowland pyramid remains ( I don't expect that this will happen and truely hope that the West blockage will be cleared asap) then it is so important that the South of Scotland has teams at as high a tier as possible to give the local talent a chance etc be it Gretna, Dalbeattie or whoever. If I was a South team at the moment this is the time to go all out to be the main non-league in the South of the country. The winner of that race could be the front runner for years to come.
  3. Lol. Been that wet at the footy many times in the past. Only wins help
  4. Lol. "Elevator gate" again. Will correct the attendance to 222
  5. Shire v Berwick Rangers crowd today 221
  6. Back on track. Today saw the 'Shire play all 4 fwds on the pitch at the same time for the 1st time this season. This together with UoS playing 433 for the full 90 mins made for an interesting watch today. Not sure if this will be regular tactic for the 'Shire this season though !
  7. If Kilby would be less cloak and dangers with their attendances then there would be less weirdos for those running scared in the bogs to worry about . Most clubs are open about with the numbers at their games Personally I take notes of crowds for 'Shire club records. It is also useful for trends v each club at home games for prog volumes etc.
  8. I counted 200 at the East Kilbride v Shire game but happy to go with the 150 as it was just a very rough head count
  9. Sorry It is not something I have read or heard about before. John (Jim) Boyd was the Shire gk from 1957/58 to 160/61. He made his Shire debut on 15/2/1958 and was a permanent fixture between the sticks until the end of 1959/60. He was sidelined in 1960/61 with his last appearance for the club on 31/12/1960. This is his photo from a shire team 1958/59 pic. I do have a better quality picture of him but I can't lay my hands on it at the moment.
  10. 197 at the Shire v Colts game today.
  11. Would like to say that when Leeroy Makovora was shown a 2nd yellow after the game ended and wassent off it was really nice that Mark Millar took the time whwn walking off the pitch to console him and give him encouragement, as did other shire players.
  12. Thanks for showing this. Funny I had similar money comments from some home fans walking behind me leaving the ground as Low made it 3. Something about Shire's money now securing 5th place in the League. A bit weird. Myself and another shire fan didn't bite. It wasnt a big deal, some people will try anything to try and get a rise.
  13. Crowd at Shire v Kelty Hearts tonight was 394.
  14. I'm glad you are doing it. I do keep squad records of my own for all the teams but it good to see if I have missed anything if you are keeping wiki up to date. If u ever need any help re Shire players just give me a shout.
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