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  1. Berwick Rangers 2019/20 thread

    Not long back from our Cup Final today. For me the split is 30 years of Shire of watching Shire in the Scottish League and 3 seasons of Lowland League footy
  2. Hello from Sunny Berwick Upon Tweed

    Happy to be corrected. Not looked into it since we went down for obvious reasons.
  3. Berwick Rangers 2019/20 thread

    When we came down 3 seasons ago our management and team went and it was a complete rebuild over that close season. I expect the same to happen at Berwick over the next few weeks. There was a reality at the Shire that it would be far from a walk in the park to 1st of all to win the LL before takkng on the challenge of the playoffs.
  4. Hello from Sunny Berwick Upon Tweed

    From memory Shire got it for 2 seasons but it was paid at the end of each season. Not heard anything has changed.
  5. The East Stirlingshire Thread

    For us of that certain generation that means everything. I could never find it in shops when I was a kid even though the guys on the TV told me I could buy it anywhere ! Do you have a secret source ?!
  6. Berwick Rangers 2019/20 thread

    Exactly. The 3 seasons Shire have been in the LL every club has raised their game to play us. Not grumbling about it, it's just what what happens. If Berwick do come down the the LL then it will be the same for them.
  7. Lowland League Cup 18/19

    Shire's last Cup Final outwith the Shire Cup was in 1959/60 when we lost 2-5 away to Raith Rovers in the Final of the Penman Cup.
  8. Followed your trip today which you posted on p and b from my phone whilst watching my team. Brought back all the memories and feelings from our (Shire) games v Edinburgh City when went we out of the league to a last minute penalty 3 years ago. No one here can tell you how bad you are feeling and how you and the club can come back from it. They don't understand and have no real words to help you at this moment. The only thing is the club is still here and from that the hope is there that a turnaround can happen. It's at this point you find out who the real fans and friends of the club are. As a whitehill fan said to us when we came down , there is life outside the Scottish League.
  9. Get a grip. Bad as it's not diving off a cliff . The next day comes and the club goes on albeit at a different level and with different goals. I don't remember 1 Shire fan having this RIP attitude to our misfortune dropping put of the Scottish league 3 seasons ago. I have huge time and affection for Berwick Rangers, no matters what happens next week the fans have to get behind the club next season. That's what fans are best at are they ? Life doesn't end for the club at the Scottish Leagues.
  10. Lowland League Cup 18/19

    I'm sure I'm right with the 2pm ko. Will double check !
  11. Lowland League Cup 18/19

    Always depends from whom you rent and the deal. Sadly renting deals can be bad as well as good. Or perhaps if you had club owners in the recent past that were hell bent on killing your club for a few personal bobbles and were happy even if they were unsuccessful in their dastardly plot to then just let a ground remain vacant for a decade or more without a smidge of compromise. Then, to survive, a club may have to enter rental agreements that it may otherwise would not have chosen to do. Re the Final venue... Personally Peffermill is always right up there on my calendar for away trips. Early stop at the cask and barrel southside before the baking delights that awaits at the club house. Whichever teams who manage to reach the Final the fans will have a great day out in the city.
  12. Lowland League Cup 18/19

    We don't do home ties in this competition !
  13. Club Licencing

    I read this the other day and it got me interested so I took so time out last night to have a look at the Linlithgow Gazettes. Although I didnt have the time to do a proper issue by issue research the 1st mention I found was in the 15/5/1897 edition re a game between Our Boys (Linlithgow) v The Rose (Linlithgow). There was also in the 23/10/1897 edition a Linlithgow Rose Match report of a game at Captain's Park. I wondered if somewhere along the line if the Rose's history has been linked with the earlier clubs which played at Captain's Park. Linlithgow Athletic played there from the late 1880s to the end of season 1895/96 when it appears that either they went defunct or merged with Linlithgow Rovers. At the start of 1896/97 a new club was playing at Captain's Park called Linlithgow Athletic Rovers and in Nov 1896 they held a benefit concert to raise funds help with club funds including the £14 rent for Captain's Park when they had taken over the field "which formerly belonged to the Athletic Football club". However, after this it appears that Linlithgow Athletic Rovers shortly afterwards disappears and Rose then are playing at Captain's Park. So my questions would be; 1) is there a continuation of the team from Linlithgow Athletic to linlithgow Athletic Rovers to Linlithgow Rose or even just between the last two teams ? Would need to do proper research into teamlines, officials and any other pertanent documentation and newspaper articles. If so there would be an argument for Rose having and older formation date 2) If there is no link between these clubs where has the formation club of Rose come from ? One place I would start would be to trace back the oldest references to when 1889 date was 1st used to narrow down the period to find the source document(s) for the formation date For me, when I research club birth stories, if possible, I like to see the evidence myself. From long experience genuine mistakes come down through history and the memories of those that were there at the start are not always the best when asked about what happened 50 years ago etc If I get the time I may look into this further to see what I can come up with. Cross-checking it with other newspapers. Although Rose make have existed before 1897 not being able to find 1 earlier mention is a major issue and even the smallest teams in Victorian football got mentions in their local papers. However, I don't jump to conclusions and just gather all the evidence before making a reasoned judgement that can be back up. Would be interest if any kne has got more information of the birth years of the Rose beyond what is on their website.
  14. Lowland league attendances 2018/19

    Missed my 1st Shire game for a long while but I have been given the following very specific head count from the BSC Glasgow v Shire match today. Will be interesting to find out the actual official crowd 76 crowd plus 17 players and staff = 93
  15. Lowland league attendances 2018/19

    I have been informed of another "lift gate" at our game yest when 6 fans came into the ground via the lift. They weren't included in the original crowd so therefore the actual crowd size was 145. Still a very disappointing crowd, our lowest home league crowd of the season.