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  1. Andy Rodgers reached 109 lowland League games last night for ES in our 125 LL games so far to equal Jamie Barclay's ES club record. So who currently is the all club LL appearance record holder given that the max would be 200 as all the long term teams are now reaching that threshold ? I would imagine a few players are on the 150 + mark at least.
  2. Lost did have 13 League assists last season. 2 came against 4 of the other teams in the top 5. 1 v BSC and 1 v The Spartans. He also scored 13 Leagie goals. 2 which were against The Spartans.
  3. I have not read anywhere that there is a differentiation for committee/named essential staff in Tier 4 compared to what has been allow in Tier until now. Must have missed that. My understanding was that under the professional status standing of the teams it is as before. Happy to be corrected.
  4. So that was your best. Oh dear. Spencer had nothing to do with the issues that befell Shire in the era you are referring to. I am not going to help you out here.... do some proper research into the cause before coming out with comments. I genuinely have no issue if you having a bone against clubs with benefactors but please make sure you don't confuse the Spencer time with what happened before and after. At no point have I personally derided any other team and I have actually have a soft spot for Vale. Check my posts. Do you make me laugh with our new "fly by night chancer". A strong view which you are obviously entitled to. Time will tell in end. Personally my thoughts are that at all levels of footy there are investors for whatever reasons. As long they don't compromise the financial ongoing viability of a club then that is the way of the world. Clubs at the moment have way bigger worries at the moment that benefactors wishing to help be it a smalll or bigger way
  5. Thought Berwick competed well in the 1st half and had a good spell of pressure just before the break. I was expecting a very tough 2nd half but that never happened. The 1st 10 mins of the 2nd half Shire were comfortable then Berwick had the triple substitution changing their formation to a more attacking one only for Shire to immediately change formation to compensate. That was the pivotal moment of the game. Not long after Shire got our 2nd and then saw out the rest of the match. Berwick are a big improvement on the team we played 6 mths ago and when they click they will give all teams in this league a tough game. They just need to play the full 90 mins. There are a lot of positives eg player attitude plus I saw a few players with that bit extra spark. I do think Shire will have a hard game in the return if Berwick can gel properly... hope not, at least against us
  6. Really. Is that the best trolling you can do ? Come on then, let rip and give it you best shot. Shire are an easy target for trolls of old who never did have the intelligence to grasp the "why and cause" instead they just looked at the results and gave vent. Surely you do not fall onto that category of those who would make uneducated comments without 1st having a grasp of the facts. If so, to misquoted Kevin Keegan "you have gone down in my estimation"
  7. This is one of the best posts I have read for a while re the LL. It genuinely comes across as "please to be here and looking forward to the challenge, we are up for it". This is what it is all about. May the best team win and each team push themselves onto new levels. The higher you go it is all about every single game being on your toes at all times and believing in what you can do. There are too many tolls around here at the moment looking back to the supposed good old days. These days have long gone and it is now about teams taking the new opportunities availaible to move up because it you don't you will be left behind. I am more than gutted that it is very likely that the Shire/Bo'ness festive derbies this season will behind close doors. I really miss that the kind of atmosphere that these type of games can generate. The LL is a different animal to the one Shire found ourselves in in 2016/17 and it will only become a far stronger League as each season passes. For Bo'ness the changes you have gone through in the last couple of seasons and what that means to the support and club I can't imagine. For me change is a very good thing indeed as it freshens everything up and keeps us all from getting complacent. Now what are the chances of every unbeaten team in the LL so far remaining unbeaten tomorrow ? Unlikely but I am most sure there will be a few draws at least
  8. The biggest cheer today was when Ross saved the penalty. The team really wanted the clean sheet.
  9. You are in luck. Have found that video from 5/4/14 and Maxwell did score. Will need to re-watch it myself. Talking of crazy goals does anyone remember who scored and when the 60 yards plus free kick from the stand side when we played at Ochilview. Must have been 8 odd years ago. I will need to try and find that again. Bevvy perhaps ?
  10. You have reminded me that I did find the remianing missing Shire videos from that season. I definitely have the 12/3/14 Annan Athletic highlights. File is way too big to be uploaded here so will add to the usual spot, hopefully at the latest by tomorrow morning.
  11. The same thought crossed my mind earlier. I had a look and it was 2013/14 when we won our opening 3 League games :- 3-1 away to Queen's Park, 3-0 at home to Elgin City and 3-1 away to Stirling Albion. Unsurprisingly that run took as to the top of the 3rd Division. All that seems an age ago now.
  12. Also thought Craig Henderson had a decent game on the 'Shire left wing. McColm formed a calm and controlled central defensive partnership with captain for the day Taps. Strollers set their stall out with a 532 formation which later adapted to a 451. They worked well at it and proved to be stuffy and hard to break down as usual. They will be a hard nut to crack for a good few teams in this league. Rodgers substitution gave us the extra push when he came on. Happy with the opening day win and looking fwd to Nicky Low returning to the team.
  13. Fingers crossed - as would be good to see who played etc. Shire match report includes Linlithgow Rose teamlines https://www.eaststirlingshirefc.co.uk/archives/event/linlithgow-rose-v-east-stirlingshire
  14. My thoughts as well. Will be bad for a lot of clubs relying on gate income. Not great but not unexpected.
  15. Never been back to Shire Park since the last ever fans game a year after the club had moved to Stenny. Just don't want to trash my memories of the place, people, games etc with a new ones of the wasteland result of one man's greed. In the 1920s the official capacity was 26000 and it was increased to 35k in 1927/28 but never tested ! At the end health and safety regs had decimated that to the hundreds. Miss night games there being on the terracing close to the action.
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