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  1. South Asian Football Federation Championships - 2082 My first games in charge of India have come along, and it's an instant chance to get some silverware with the SAFF Championships. India are comfortably the most successful nation in these with 27 wins - Afghanistan are the next most successful with seven. We've also won the last four, so I should be looking to extend that run quite comfortably. No warm up games, but my squad looks like this - really annoyingly some of my better players have been called up by the under 23's for the Asian Games, so this is a bit of a makeshift squad. And some of my better players are in the spoilers. We don't have a very good squad, but should still be more than enough to win this... Anyway, our group contains Bangladesh, Bhutan and Sri Lanka who are ranked 188th, 175th and 182nd respectively - I would like to hope they won't present too much bother.
  2. August 2082 Mantas Lukosevicius dragged us through that month a bit, and thanks to him for that as we really needed it. Lovely last minute winner against Riteriai too. It's all going well though. Cup semi final and we're doing enough to keep any title hopes alive. Level on points at the top now, although we're behind on goal difference and have lost all three games against Zalgiris this season, which makes it tough. Had we taken anything from them, we'd have a great shot at the title. As it is, I think we're still outsiders. Next up, I've got the South Asian Championships.
  3. Gary Caldwell. Won the League One with Wigan in his first ever season of management. He was sacked by October the next season, with Wigan second bottom, where the finished the campaign. He then took over at Chesterfield, where he got them relegated from League One, and set about assembling a squad who would end the season bottom of League Two. 29 games in charge for Gary yielded 3 wins. His most recent job was with Thistle, where he took over an admittedly terrible squad, made them worse for a bit then guided us to safety on the final day of the season by convincing Scott McDonald to come out of retirement. He again set up assembling a squad which would be relegated at the end of the season, and was punted after picking up 2 points from our opening 5 games. He also unceremoniously punted some club legends and had it announced before telling them. Also claimed that he would be better suited to the Scotland job because he never played at Championship level. Seems to have landed on his feet by putting out the cones at Hibs, which might be more suited to his “talents”
  4. Wordle 219 5/6 f**k that for a laugh. Raced through my first three guesses in about 2 minutes, guesses four and five took about an hour between them.
  5. Haven't seen a referee who enjoys dishing out cards this much in quite a while.
  6. July 2082 Not much going on other than our continental exploits, but another loss against Zalgiris. That's three games we've lost to them this season, and we haven't looked remotely up to the same level as them in any of those matches. Really need that to change if we're to have a successful time here. Jonava are shite and were brushed aside with ease. Still in second place. Six games left. It's still possible.
  7. Europa Conference League - Second Qualifying Round - 2082
  8. I know in reality that India are a joke team, but in this save they're a pretty respectable team - 72nd in the world, they've made the last 4 World Cups, and tend to make it through the group stages of the Asian Cup. Mostly I've taken the job as it gives me an opportunity to win the South Asian Championships, and then I can see what I can do at the Asian Cup too.
  9. Europa Conference League - First Qualifying Round - 2082
  10. If Jota had had any chance of still getting the ball, it’d be a definite penalty. But he didn’t. So it isn’t.
  11. Luxembourg's Differdange (mind them?) wait for us in the Conference League. I'm not actually sure what the relative quality of the leagues are, so no idea how we'll get on but my first thought is that I'm relatively pleased given some of the sides we could have drawn. PAOK of Greece are waiting for the victors, so either way it'll be a fairly short European adventure for us.
  12. June 2082 It's been far too long since I had any Indonesian players, so to address that I've brought in centre midfielder Nur Prakoso. He's pretty good, technically decent, good game intelligence and works hard. Only 19 as well so should get better. Very pleased to have him on board. Very, very comfortable win in the cup against lower league opposition, and then we were made to work hard against Vytis but did enough to get the win there too. Quiet but productive month. We remain in second place, but the top four is incredibly tight still so who knows what'll happen.
  13. May 2082 Thoroughly deserved victory over Jonava followed by two hard fought points in our next two. We didn't have a single shot against Riteriai, but we limited them to mostly having shots from distance and we were very compact so good to know that we can shitfest effectively. Kovalonoks goal was a stunner as well. No bad for his first for the club. We're off the top of the table, but have now matched our points total from last season and can safely say that we'll be playing in this division next year, as well as probably in European competition again.
  14. This is shaping up to be an absolute pumping for Palace.
  15. Yes. How big a loss he’d be would depend on who we were able to bring in to replace him, but he’s our second top scorer, and our third choice striker hasn’t managed a single goal this season.
  16. I mean, pretty certain we all knew this anyway but official confirmation that Dundee want Rudden now.
  17. We were decent in the first half last time at Gayfield (before gifting a couple of goals) but other than that Arbroath have dealt with us with the minimum of fuss. Need that to change soon. McCall’s apparently wanting a striker and an actual right winger in before this, so hopefully he gets them and they’re good players. Hopefully Nicky Low remains out for this as that will help our chances somewhat, and it’ll be interesting to see how the new look strikeforce at Arbroath get on. I’d be happy with a draw, tbh.
  18. Magic, cheers. Would have been a nightmare if he was missing for the Arbroath game.
  19. On the assumption that any appeal is unsuccessful, is Tunji’s suspension competition specific, or would he miss the Arbroath game?
  20. It’s been well over a single season now since we were put out a cup by Celtic, will probably need to rectify that here.
  21. Thoroughly deserved that. Airdrie barely created a thing even with the extra man, only one notable chance I can think of where a cross came through to the back post and Sneddon saved well. Red card was a really poor decision. Hope the boy in the green jacket who was giving sieg heil salutes has a fucking miserable night. And life.
  22. Airdrie started well, but we’ve been the better team since the first 10-15 minutes or so and deserve to be ahead. Could quite easily be more.
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