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  1. Knew I’d forget one of the big ones. Personally, I’d also have all rented accommodation seized and owned by the state too, but I accept that that’s incredibly unlikely just now.
  2. As a minimum, any and all major utilities should be nationalised. So water, electricity, gas, transport.
  3. Christie Elliott is a no from me. Nice guy, but he’s just not very good. After a season of Ciaran McKenna, I’d quite like someone who can control a football competently at right back. Hopefully he’s got one of the non-league clubs near Newcastle lined up.
  4. Is this Ginelly boy actually being paid money to play football? Like seriously?
  5. They have, but Rangers still haven't really created much. Surprised they haven't brought on Roofe yet, unless he's absolutely fucked.
  6. That “you let your club die” chant never fails to make me smile.
  7. He created the best chance of the game. Admittedly, it was by mishitting a shot, but still.
  8. March 2092 A good month overall. Three really decent wins, a good draw against Aluminij, but disappointments against Mura and Olimpija - admittedly, we were down to ten men within 8 minutes against Olimpija, so there's not much we could really do about it. Still, 11 points from 18 isn't bad. And it sees us go into the final quarter of the season in third place, with a two point cushion over the teams behind. We also still have the cup semi final to look forward to. If we could reach the final and also secure European football, that has to be considered a success.
  9. He should just save himself time and just write “anyone who hasn’t been sufficiently transphobic”
  10. I, for one, can’t believe they didn’t award “South Ayrshire” city status.
  11. It’s only a realistic shout if the Pars board consists entirely of dribbling simpletons who are impressed by the fact that he can use Microsoft PowerPoint. I don’t say this lightly, but I think his track record as a manager is worse that Peter Grant’s was when he got the job.
  12. It’s exactly the same playbook as that Scott Steiner poster used to have. In any case, the fundamental question here is how you define when someone ‘needs’ support from the state.
  13. That’s lucky - you, and only you, remember the time that William Beveridge said something that backs up your exact ideological position, which you now can’t source. How fortunate for you.
  14. February 2092 Mixed league form, but we did have both of the top two this month. Celje was a disappointing collapse, we competed well until their first goal and then were utterly shite from there. Good point at home to Maribor though. Through to the cup semi final though, which is nice. We're playing Maribor, which is less nice. Very much in the fight for a European spot, and with both the top two still in the cup it looks like fourth will be enough. It's been a good season so far.
  15. Seems even Hughes got fed up waiting on your board making a decision.
  16. Transfers - January 2092 Right, outgoing players first - and I'm trying to overhaul the squad a fair bit by getting rid of some dross. The only one I didn't want to lose was Staric, my best centre half, but Udinese met his release clause so fair fucks to them. And the incoming players. Uros Kastelic is a central attacking midfielder, and he's a guy who's won this division three times in the past. He's pretty much solid in every aspect you'd want him to be - the only major downside is that it seems that he's quite injury prone. That's a concern, but I've got a decent enough understudy that I think it'll be worth it. My third loan from Universitatea Craiova is right back Sorin Armaselu. He's a good defensive player, and not too bad going forward, and is a pretty clear upgrade on what I had before. Not a long term solution but will do for the season. Aljaz Horvat joins as a central midfielder, and he looks very good at taking the ball in and picking a pass. Ideally, I'd have liked him to be better defensively than he is, but I should be able to have someone next to him who can do that stuff. Another decent signing, albeit an expensive one. Last up, Sandi Gubljan. I'll be honest, this is a bit of a punt. He's not quite there, but I think he has the makings of a very solid defender at this level, and if I can improve a couple of attributes - mast notably his positioning and marking - then he'll be good. However, it's certainly a gamble.
  17. I’m not sure - I mean, the above is correct, but I would imagine that, particularly in League One, Queens can offer him a start every week which we maybe won’t be offering him and which he’s never really had in his career yet. That could be very appealing. That said, we’ll offer him more money, a higher league and, as he’s from Clydebank, a far easier commute so it depends what he’s after really.
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