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  1. You can save it to the Steam cloud. https://fminside.net/guides/how-to-guides/208-how-to-save-your-game-in-the-cloud
  2. Don’t Premier just pick the Celtic game first, knowing full well that BBC won’t pick Rangers due to the McLaughlin situation?
  3. This or Banks O' Dee would be nice, but we get shite cup draws as a matter of course so it'll be Raith Rovers at Firhill for us.
  4. July 2077 Continued my mostly decent form from June with a handful of important wins - particularly against Sligo. Our only loss was against title-challengers Shamrock, and that was a last minute winner for them, so I think it was a good month. Ameobi loves an absolute screamer by the way. Some boy. He's my top league scorer with nine, and I think almost all of them have been crackers. Anyway, we're doing fine. Our current points total would be enough, most seasons, to see us safe already, so I'm hopeful that we're already good and we can focus on trying to just finish as high up the table as possible.
  5. Tam O’Ware is definitely better than Sean McGinty. He’s still shite, and he’ll probably never be fit, but Sean McGinty, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, is on another level of fucking dross.
  6. No that I have anyone to spend it on, but that's a tidy wee sum for us.
  7. June 2077 The summer transfer window opened this month, and in light of our recent struggles, I saw fit to bring in 4 new players. Yann Awana joins as an attacking midfielder. He's got a few great attributes, most notably his first touch, passing and movement. He's certainly an improvement on what we had previously. Filip Eliasen is a right back/centre half and he's an international footballer - for the Faroe Islands. Defensively solid enough, he should be good, but he could also be shite so who know. I'm hoping for the former. Shane McHugh is my new left back, and a lot like Eliasen he's solid defensively. Probably a bit etter defensively, but worse in an attacking sense than Eliasen, but he should do a job regardless. He also joins my impressive collection of "guys named Shane" at the club, with four in my first team squad along with a Shay and another Shane in the reserves. Lee Forde is a central midfielder, and he should improve my team by quite a lot. Great movement, good on the ball - his passing isn't ideal but he should still be able to do well for me. Right, anyway that's the transfers. We also had Thomas Fitzsimmons leave to Sligo Rovers, but he had only made one league appearance for me, so no loss there. A good month. Finally got a win under our belt, and for the first time this season it was by more than a single goal. Cork City absolutely battered us, and they should have beaten us by 4 or 5, but Patterson in goal had a great game and we rode our luck. Nearly stole it at the end too, but oh well. We've restored a bit more of a gap to the bottom, which is nice. The rest of the season will be entirely about maintaining that. Argentina A couple of friendlies. Playing Guatemala was probably a waste of time, but they inexplicably asked to play me so fine. Got a couple of younger players their first caps, so that's nice.
  8. May 2077 Another tough month for us. We were absolutely robbed against St Pat's, and should have beaten Shelbourne as well but just couldn't get the goal. Into the semi final of the League Cup though, so that's nice. We're playing lower league Cobh Ramblers so a good chance at a final. We have 16 games left, and have to start picking up some points soon or we can be dragged into a fight at the bottom.
  9. That seems like a very odd team from United - going with the Pep ‘no strikers’ tactic but with much worse players.
  10. I assume they were just making two true, but unrelated, comments.
  11. April 2077 An extremely busy, and fairly poor, month for us. A couple of important wins in the middle of the month against some of the poorer sides in the division, and we made it through to the quarter final of the league cup, so those are the positives - but we've been getting nothing from the games against tougher teams, and it's served to really highlight how thin my squad is in terms of having any quality whatsoever. A couple of players miss out and we've got nothing at all. We've dropped like a stone to fifth, and to be honest I would take this at the end of the season. We should have enough of a head start to stay out of any relegation bother, but that'll be about the limit of my ambitions for the season. I'd quite like to win a cup as well, but I don't think we'll have the quality if we're drawn against a good team.
  12. March 2077 Both the games we lost involved us playing for long periods with 10 men, but f**k it - we beat Dundalk! I mean, we only had one shot in the whole match, but we fucking beat Dundalk. Glorious scenes. We've still to win a game by more than a single goal as well. We're shitfesting our way to glory, and I love it. Second place with a negative goal difference. That's just what I like to see. Argentina Two incredibly routine victories. Paraguay are a bad team, Peru are ok but nowhere near our level. We've qualified already, but have four more games. Going to try and throw some young players in, try to see if they're up to it.
  13. Thistle get about 16,000 on average, Glentoran about 14,000. It was a sell out crowd at Hampden...
  14. Pretty sure McCall said all three would be back for Queen of the South on Saturday as well.
  15. Aye, I thought they were mostly poor in the Euros, and helped by having the second worst side in the tournament in their group to get through. Them against England was one of the worst showings at a major tournament that I can recall. They’re obviously not a bad team though, with a couple of very good players.
  16. Thank f**k there won’t be a replay, that was another tough watch. Goal was great but not much else really happened. Central defenders played very well, nice to see Sneddon get the clean sheet record too. Dunfermline were very poor. I don’t think Stephen Hendrie is very good.
  17. Brilliant goal there, although Dunfermline causing themselves problems again.
  18. Having the pitch played on every week is working out just as well as expected, tbh. Looks fucking shite. One decent chance for us, but we’ve not offered much else. Pars started well but had nothing since the opening 15. If Tiffoney is injured, just throw Hastie on and see if he can do something for the first time. f**k it. First goal’s the winner here.
  19. Are either of the Italian youths eligible to switch?
  20. Ukraine are a good side, and they seem to be a tough team to beat but I don’t think they’re a better side than we are - certainly not by a lot. I’d take them over the Czechs or Poles tbh. If Davie Moyes could arrange for Yarmolenko to have a little “accident” in training which will keep him out of this game, that would be fantastic.
  21. Not out, but they can’t win the group which would send them through to the round of 16. They can still go through to the round of 32. Level on points with Vitesse, and need to match their result in the final group games.
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