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  1. My board have just helpfully sold my goalkeeper, leaving me with the guy who was fourth choice last season and a 16 year old. I hate this game sometimes. Edit: My number 1 is now a 26 year old who has never made a senior appearance before
  2. August 2056 First things first, I made a further two signings, both defenders. First up, Jaakko Suhonen, a centre half. He's average at best, but he will do a decent enough job for me, and is better than the guy he's replacing in my back line, so that's good. Federico Gunthard is a right back, and looks a pretty decent one. Unfortunately, he tore his hamstring in his second appearance for me, and is now out for the rest of the season, so that's fun. Another fucking brilliant month. Ilves was simple stuff, and we were absolutely cruising against Honka as well until they scored two goals in about 19 seconds with five minutes left, and I shat myself. We managed to waste time for the rest of it though and saw it through. Inter played really poorly against us - 0-0 was the best they could have done as they created absolutely f**k all. We missed a penalty, but 1-0 will do just fine. And the same in the next game, where we were a bit more fortunate not to concede, but I'll take it. So, after all that, we're six points clear going into the split. We have to be heavy favourites here. Never expected this, but it's a lovely surprise.
  3. July 2056 Started the month with a signing - striker Gregor Manson, who joins after leaving Partick Thistle where he made 9 appearances in 3 years. He hasn't played a lot of football in his professional career, but he looks like he's a good finisher with a decent touch and a bit of pace. I think with a run in the side, he'll get some goals - although for the time being, he'll be on the bench behind Kaki. In any case, he came on for about 20 minutes for his debut and then promptly got himself injured for 6 weeks, so not seen anything from him yet. Mostly a very good month, with the win over Inter an obvious highlight. Our initial lead didn't last very long, but they went down to ten men shortly after half time and we were able to put the pressure on to great effect. HJK was obviously a big disappointment, but I will say that we're scoring a lot of goals generally so that bodes well. If I had a competent defence, I'd be an excellent team. Four games until the league splits in half, and it's very clearly a two horse race for the title. Still in our hands if we can beat Inter twice more.
  4. June 2056 Our good form continues. I'm starting to believe that we might be genuine title contenders, which would be spectacular in our first season up. They've a game in hand, but currently level on points at the top. We haven't played them yet either, so plenty of chances to go ahead, or for it all to fall apart. I also got my first one of these, which is nice. Not unexpected given the month we had.
  5. It's been a while since I watched an FA Cup final (Wigan's win is the last one I can mind watching) but did they always have God save the queen sung before them, or is this a new thing? I don't remember it happening before.
  6. Where has this been confirmed? It’s delightful news from our point of view.
  7. May 2056 Our unbeaten start to the league season was emphatically stopped by TPS, but we responded really, really well with three very good wins following that. We're massively outperforming my expectations so far. Aye, it's all going well. I'd go as far to say that if we lost all of our remaining games, we'd still have a decent shout at staying up, which is still my main aim.
  8. April 2056 It's been a frankly outstanding start to the season, with 2 draws salvaged with last minute goals and then a couple of wins. We were put out of the cup, but we played 83 minutes of that game with ten men, and even then only lost to a last minute free kick. I'm pleased with how it's all going. Currently second, although I expect to fall down the table a fair bit. Having said that, last season 22 points would have seen us in 10th and safe, and we're half way to that already.
  9. Hamas have some major faults, so it's impossible to say if shooting Palestinian children in the face is bad or not.
  10. We really need to add some more half decent creative players, one hopefully being Tiffoney. I don’t think Murray, Cardle, Gordon or Lyons are going to cut it. I’m sure McCall is aware of that though.
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