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  1. https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/three-black-cats-updates-club-on-fan-ownership/ I honestly can’t put into words how much I despise Jacqui Low.
  2. I mean, your board would, surely. I know you’re getting external funding just now, but can’t imagine they would be keen to turn down opportunities for more revenue. I guess the other aspect is the role they having some big away crowds in could play in enticing new QP fans to attend. Particularly our game, you could market it as some ‘alternative Glasgow derby’ (even though I’m sure no one from either side really sees it as such) and having a big crowd in, on both sides, could help make it a great occasion and a big success for you guys.
  3. Knew I’d forget one of the big ones. Personally, I’d also have all rented accommodation seized and owned by the state too, but I accept that that’s incredibly unlikely just now.
  4. As a minimum, any and all major utilities should be nationalised. So water, electricity, gas, transport.
  5. Christie Elliott is a no from me. Nice guy, but he’s just not very good. After a season of Ciaran McKenna, I’d quite like someone who can control a football competently at right back. Hopefully he’s got one of the non-league clubs near Newcastle lined up.
  6. Is this Ginelly boy actually being paid money to play football? Like seriously?
  7. They have, but Rangers still haven't really created much. Surprised they haven't brought on Roofe yet, unless he's absolutely fucked.
  8. That “you let your club die” chant never fails to make me smile.
  9. He created the best chance of the game. Admittedly, it was by mishitting a shot, but still.
  10. March 2092 A good month overall. Three really decent wins, a good draw against Aluminij, but disappointments against Mura and Olimpija - admittedly, we were down to ten men within 8 minutes against Olimpija, so there's not much we could really do about it. Still, 11 points from 18 isn't bad. And it sees us go into the final quarter of the season in third place, with a two point cushion over the teams behind. We also still have the cup semi final to look forward to. If we could reach the final and also secure European football, that has to be considered a success.
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