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  1. Genuine question: what was the last game of ours you actually watched? You seem to pop up before and after with this shite, but never ever any actual comment on what’s happened in the match.
  2. No, I don’t think they had legitimate security concerns. I think they used the fact that it’s plausible that some of your fans would attack Sutton and/or Lennon as an excuse to try to dictate (again) to media organisations who is and isn’t allowed to report on matters from Ibrox. And I think they should be absolutely fucking hammered for it.
  3. It’s still possible that they thought there was a genuine risk that Sutton/Lennon would be assaulted, and they weighed up the options of not letting them in or providing extra security and decided on the former. And the reason for that will be that, without even checking, there’s undoubtedly a load of Rangers fans absolutely loving getting it right up ‘wan ae them’
  4. Europa Conference League, First Qualifying Round In the midst of all that, my club side got pumped out of Europe. No complaints really, we were just soundly beaten by a far superior side. Made 70 grand out of it, so that's all I can really ask for.
  5. The 2066 FIFA World Cup For the first time in the save, I go into a major international tournament with an actual chance at winning it. Germany won the Euros just prior to me taking over, and we're currently ranked second in the world so you'd think we should be among the favourites. Plus, it's Germany. Germany are always amongst the favourites, even when their team is comparatively shite. As I highlighted earlier, my group looks like this... I would be frankly appalled if we can't get through that. And with that in mind, it was recommended that we arrange some friendlies against African and Central American sides to warm up... Good few results there. Guinea-Bissau are 14th in the world, so that's a good result. Main negative is that Dirk Abelmann got an injury which will keep him out of the tournament. Anyway, onto the group stage
  6. And for the first time in the save, someone other than Celtic or Rangers is champions of Scotland. Well done to the club club.
  7. May 2066 We finished our season off with a win, and there was much rejoicing. Probably could have won by more, but it really didn't matter. And so the final table looks like this. Eight points off top spot, but I think it'll likely take a wee while for us to topple Dudelange as top dogs. Unhelpfully, Differdange got promoted as well, and they have a fucking massive budget so you'd expect that they should be quite good. Who knows really, they managed to get relegated with a massive budget so that could happen again. Up next for me, the World Cup 2066, in England.
  8. April 2066 Job done. Well done to Moritz Boning who dragged us through that, particularly the latter game where we didn't play that well for large periods but he got a hattrick anyway. Aye, that'll do for this season. One more game to go, and it's absolutely meaningless for both sides. Germany That's our Nations League group for next time. France the big test here, I'd expect them to be quite good.
  9. March 2066 That was a complete pain in the arse. 3-0 down, we brought it back to 3-3 - then we got a man sent off for a completely needless tackle, and conceded in the last few minutes. Shiter. Title race is officially, arithmetically over. We can still secure second though. Germany I don't know why I arranged these matches, but there we go. Dirk Abelmann absolutely loves a goal against random Pacific Islanders. I can't help but feel that the existing record was a bit more impressive.
  10. February 2066 Very few games have annoyed me quite as much as that cup loss against US Esch. We scored after two minutes and I'm thinking great, here we go but then they equalise straight from kick off again. Then we batter them for the whole game without scoring, and they waltz up the park about a minute in to extra time and score. An absolute joke. Rest of the month was pretty good stuff, we should have beaten Racing but it wasn't a huge deal not to do so. Aye, we need 1 more point to be assured of at least third place, and we're looking pretty solid for second as well. Which means that European competitions beckons for us.
  11. January 2066 It was the winter transfer window this month, and there were a few players heading off. Skrijelj and Martins were centre halves with about 3 substitute appearances between them this season, so no loss these, but Lima was my first choice right back who the board sold against my wishes. A real pain, as he goes to the only team in the league currently ahead of me, and at 17 looks to have a lot of potential. Anyway, it forced me to bring in a new right back in the form of Dario Delannoy. He's pretty average, but a decent enough replacement. I think he'll be your classic 7 out of 10 every week, but nothing else player. Was definitely the best I could do on deadline day anyway, and I got him on a free. Bit on the older side, so if I'm here long term I'll need to replace him at some point but we'll worry about that when it comes. On the playing side, the month started brilliantly with a victory over Dudelange - their first loss this season - and we followed it up with two good wins over teams lower down the table. However, we went off the rails a bit and we just couldn't take our chances in the final two games, both of which we should be winning. It means that, despite beating them this month, we're now further behind Dudelange than we were. I've accepted officially that I definitely won't be winning the league this season, will just need to hang on to the best of the rest spot. And see what happens in the cup.
  12. I think it’s one of those things where logically it would make sense for him to play for England, as they’re a far better side than us and it’ll be better for his career, but it really depends how he feels. If he feels Scottish at all, then he might want to represent us, if he doesn’t then he probably won’t regardless of his chances of getting in the England team. I’ve seen nothing to suggest that he considers himself anything other than English. Like you, I’d be surprised if he wanted to play for anyone apart from them, and I think he’s quite likely to be around their squad in the not too distant future. Siriki Dembele is an interesting one though. Worth asking a question if he does well in the Championship this year, as we have utterly shite options on the wings mostly.
  13. Aye, they’ll be a thing until Alex Salmond decides he doesn’t fancy it anymore. Without his personality to hold them together, they’ll fall apart - it’s no like Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh or Chris McEleny are the reason these Twitter weirdos got all excited. Once he goes, it’ll be like UKIP after Farage left - a small group of nobodies spouting ever more insane things while no one pays attention.
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