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  1. The Youth Academy Challenge

    Civil Service Strollers - Season 2020/21 First Team Squad | Facilities | Transfers | Finances | Training | Attendances League Campaign 9th place, but with more points than last season, so I'm pretty happy with this. Cowdenbeath and Stirling both had horrific starts to the season (Cowden had 5 points after 16 games, while Stirling had 6). They both picked up, however, while we slumped completely for a long time. We managed to do just enough to get by though, and are safe. Played a lot of youth players pretty consistently as well, and they mostly did ok, which is positive. Our defence is hugely improved, but at the expense of our attack - we're the only team to score less than a goal a game on average over the season. That's not good enough, frankly, but we managed to get through in the end so I'm not too annoyed really. Cowdenbeath stayed up, beating EK, while Brechin are coming down from the League One. The Cups The League Cup was hilarious, I played as many youth players as I could, in every game, and it clearly didn't go well. Beating Spartans, who apparently I have a rivalry with, was great, as we came from 2-0 down and got a "moneyspinner" against Airdie (genuinely my biggest crowd of the season - comfortably). Other than that, the cups were uneventful. Youth Intake Another year with lots of potential, but not a lot of current ability. Grant Kerr: I'll be playing him, mostly, as a centre midfielder, and I hope that if he improves he should be decent enough. He's technically good (as 16 year olds in the League 2 go), so that's a plus. Reece Henderson: He can pass, which is a big plus, but a lot of work needed to make him useable. Still, could turn out to be a good player. Chris Graham: A good finisher, and a decent bit of pace, which could be very useful. His complete lack of composure is an issue, as is the fact he's got no technique or first touch, but if those can be improved then I could have a player on my hands. Bryan Marshall: The makings of an alright centre half. He's slow as a week in the jail which isn't helpful, but he can header and mark a bit, so a bit of work and he'll be ok - maybe. Other News Two improvements which should help us to produce better players. They won't have had much impact upon this years intake, but should hopefully start to show signs from next year. Our finances are looking pretty healthy, based almost entirely on having a squad of 16 year olds on 20 quid a week and playing friendlies against Celtic and Rangers repeatedly in pre season...
  2. Eurovision

    UK's song was fucking shite tbf
  3. Eurovision

    Why are they just letting Madonna ramble shite?
  4. Eurovision

    Norway been the best, by a fair distance IMO.
  5. Football League 2018/19 season

    Charlton have fucked it. Well and truly fucked it
  6. The 2019 Play-Off Thread

    If Sunderland score and don’t celebrate right in front of that lot, I’ll be extremely disappointed.
  7. Partick Thistle 2019/20 thread

    There would be about 8 more paragraphs if it was him.
  8. Partick Thistle 2019/20 thread

    Shea Gordon is pretty meh, but at the same time having him signed up, along with Bannigan and Slater will hopefully eliminate the possibility of Ntambwe-esque panic buys that Archie was such a fan of.
  9. Partick Thistle 2019/20 thread

    Oh well, I’m sure we’ll find someone else who can run around a lot and mishit crosses.
  10. Jobbers of the Season

    I actually think that Dykes is probably a useful enough player, but on every occasion I’ve actually seen him play, he’s been completely shite. Hence putting him in. Had I remembered his existence at the time, I’d have stuck Robbie Muirhead in tbh.
  11. Jobbers of the Season

    GK: Leo Fasan (Falkirk) CB: Danny Devine (Dunfermline) CB: Daniel Jeffries (Thistle) CB: Tam Scobbie (Thistle) RM: Dimitris Froxylias (Falkirk) CM: Brice Ntambwe (Thistle) CM: Adam Barton (Dundee United) LM: Miles Storey (Thistle) FW: Dennon Lewis (Falkirk) FW: Lyndon Dykes (Queen of the South) FW: Dylan Mackin (Falkirk) Edit: I didn’t notice the 5 game minimum before posting, and can’t be arsed changing it now.
  12. The Youth Academy Challenge

    Civil Service Strollers - Season 2019/2020 First Team Squad | Facilities | Transfers | Finances | Training | Attendances League Campaign 8th place, even if we were only a point ahead of those below us, is a pretty good result for a first season with a weak squad as far as I'm concerned. Fortunately, both Cowdenbeath and Stenhousemuir were dreadful (even if Stenny beat us 7-0 out of nowhere...). Cowdenbeath managed to only win 1 game from the start of December until the end of the season which, amazingly enough, was against us. You don't have to look very hard to work out where our problems came from. 96 goals conceded and only 2 clean sheets all season - we conceded 4 or more goals in 9 league games this season and in 5 games we failed to win where we scored 3 goals. Fortunately, we seemed to be relatively decent at actually scoring goals. I said at the start that Churhcill was one of my most important players, and he proved it - 11 goals and 9 assists from central midfield. Huge for us. I lost quite a few players from my squad at the beginning, which left us very short for a while, and we really struggled. Still, 8th place gives us a good platform to hopefully push on next year, now that we have some depth - even if, as you'll discover, that cover isn't very good. Brechin went up through the playoff and Cowdenbeath stayed up, beating EK. Forfar and East Fife got relegated. Cup Competitions Other than beating Falkirk on penalties, which was slightly amusing, and beating a now Lowland League Albion Rovers - absolutely awful. The cups are always awful in these saves, I get humiliated by enough teams in my own league without teams from higher leagues piling on too. Ah well, we got some money I suppose. Youth Intake Not what I was looking for, but it'll have to do I guess. Eddie Barbour is the best out of the lot really, but he happens to play in the one position where I have 2 fairly good options, so I'll focus on the others who I think will potentially make a difference: Andrew Dalziel: An attacking midfielder, he's garbage just now BUT he has a decent work rate, is fit and can sort of pass a ball a bit. Maybe he'll end up ok enough. Probably not though. Jack Smith: Will be very important, and is almost certain to play a lot. He can mark and has decent positioning, but everything else needs work. Still, my defence is shite anyway, so I've got basically nothing to lose by throwing him in. Derek Ritchie: Important, if only because he's the only person in the entire squad who can play right midfield, but he can cross a bit, he's quite fast and works hard. Should get plenty of games, and will hopefully improve. Craig Morrison: Might turn into a vaguely competent striker, where I actually have a couple of decent players already, but will see if he improves. Other News Nothing else of note happening, really need to improve the youth facilities as the intake this season wasn't good enough frankly, but I've got no money to do it. Hopefully we'll be able to get a nice wee cup tie somewhere and change that. Onwards and upwards. Or maybe downwards.
  13. Partick Thistle 2019/20 thread

    The backheel goal v Hamilton in the 5-0 game was pure filth as well.
  14. Partick Thistle 2019/20 thread

    All the best to McCarthy at whatever League Two side he ends up at
  15. Partick Thistle 2019/20 thread

    Gutted about Doolan. I think the time was right, but I’m still absolutely gutted. Honestly think I’ll greet if I see him lining up against us next season. At least Storey is away. I’ll feel better once the club have confirmed it too, though. Edit: I’d like to hope that Caldwell didn’t know Doolan was away yet and didn’t just refuse to give him 10 minutes at the end to be a dick, but who knows.