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  1. We’re likely to have a defence involving one or both of Sean McGinty and Steven Saunders, so running quickly is probably more than enough to cause us all sorts of bother. That said, the ball being near Steven Saunders will likely cause us bother
  2. With all due respect to Paul Goodwin, “too incompetent for Stirling Albion” isn’t a trait I’d want in anyone associated with the club in an official capacity. With absolutely no respect, Jacqui Low can get to f**k immediately.
  3. Got one each from Labour, Lib Dem’s and the Tories today. The tories included the bizarre claim that “only they can beat the SNP here” - despite the fact that it’s a Lib Dem held seat and the tories haven’t even beaten the Lib Dem’s in Edinburgh West since 1992...
  4. If you’re still looking for some in Edinburgh, the wee shop on Waterloo place has it. He’s charging 4.99 a bottle mind.
  5. Wick Academy: Season 2021/22 Transfers | Facilities | Training | First Team Squad | Finances | Attendances | Player Stats League Campaign Gone slightly backwards from last season, but we've been bedding in a large number of young players (with 3 of my youth players getting 99 league appearances between them, and a number of others getting plenty). We still stayed up, and we quite comfortably really, so job done in that respect. Scored a lot more than last season, which is good, and only conceded 5 more as well, so good signs there even if we didn't pick up as many points. We also didn't get thrashed much, and only lost one game by more than 2 goals - last game of the season when I threw in far too many young players and the result was as you'd expect. Queens Park beat Formartine in the playoff to stay up, and Peterhead and Stranraer will be joining us from League One. The Cups A good win against Fraserburgh to start the season off, and then pretty much the kind of results you'd expect for the other games. A good run in the challenge cup, even if we penaltied our way there. Beating Dunfermline was great, and we were really unlucky against Glenavon. With it being the Challenge Cup, we didn't get a huge amount of money out of this run, but it was a nice distraction anyway. Utter shite. Beating a Highland League mob, before losing to another one. We really should have beaten them, and the Scottish Cup is our big chance to get some cash by playing a Premiership side. I was absolutely seething at this to be honest. Youth Intake Some pretty decent prospects in there, and 1 (maybe 2) already good to make some sort of impact. Callum Lindsay: A striker, looks pretty decent for our level - and plenty of room to improve. He's very slow as well, which isn't ideal but he's scored 3 goals in the 4 games I've played him in so far. Ryan Ross: Another solid centre half. Mental attributes are pretty shoddy but hopefully that'll improve in time, and the rest looks ok enough. Ross Wilson: Could end up a solid target man, and he's a bit different from my other strikers. Only problem will be trying to get him some game time as Lindsay looks set to take that position. Craig Hillcoat: Another option in central midfield - he's not very good but he'll be useful to have around. Works hard and plays well in a team - just not good at football. Aaron Reid: He's quick, and can vaguely dribble so if we can add some end product then we'll have a decent winger on our hands. Will need to retrain his position, but hopefully won't be any bother.
  6. From what I recall hearing, us punting Nisbet gave him the reality check he needed to sort his act out a bit. He was absolutely atrocious with us as well, and had some really poor spells out on loan at Ayr and Dumbarton. I don’t think anyone at the time would have predicted he’d be playing at this level regularly when he left us.
  7. The Thistle fan you spoke to was talking absolute shite. Kakay isn’t great defensively, but Ryan Williamson is significantly worse in all aspects of the game.
  8. Just relegate us now and get it over with. This is fucking embarrassing
  9. We’ll need more than a Devine inspired horror show to have any chance - we’re still absolutely shite.
  10. He, like all tories, is absolute vermin. The most dislikable Tory is still Dominic Raab though. The c**t’s c**t.
  11. Wick Academy - Season 2020/21 Transfers | Facilities | Training | First Team Squad | Finances | Attendances | Player Stats League Campaign A solid, if unspectacular, first season. We had an appalling start, then a very good middle, then an appalling end - but in the end Cowdenbeath and Stirling were both very poor so we were fine. Our defence wasn't as bad as it looks, we kept a clean sheet in a third of our games, but also took a couple of absolute doings. We don't score very often though - less than a goal a game and I've been criticised consistently for the style of play being exceptionally boring, which is fair enough really. That said, we weren't too far off the playoffs with a few games left before we absolutely collapsed, and going by previous games we had a very good season by the standards of the challenge. Berwick beat Stirling in the playoffs, and hopefully they'll prove to be absolutely dreadful. I'm hoping for more of the same next season as I try to bed in some of our new young players. The Cups For some reason, we weren't entered into the League Cup while Stenhousemuir who we replaced in the leagues were so I assume we'll be in it next year. In any case, put out both at the first opportunity. We took a whole 1 away fan to Celtic Reserves, so at least we treated that game with the utter contempt it deserved. Youth Intake Now for the important bit. No one who's really ready to make an instant impact, but a lot of potentially good players in there. Some of my favourites are: Sandy Hughes: The best player currently, but he's a goalkeeper and my current keeper is actually one of the strong points of my team. I'll try to give him some game time, and I've got no cover for injuries so it's pretty helpful to have him nonetheless. Allan McDade: A left back, and my current one is fucking off to Mansfield Town, so he'll get plenty of game time. He can't defend at all, but he has decent decision making. To be honest, I don't have a huge deal of hope that he'll end up any good, but I'll be playing him a lot out of necessity for the next season at least so hopefully he can turn into a half decent player. Kyle Baxter: Potentially a pretty dependable centre mid, I think I'll try to get him some game time - although with his aggression he has potential to be an absolute nutcase and get sent off left, right and centre. Still, I think a bit of work and he'll be useful. Callum Preston: If he could header a ball and had any idea about positioning then he'd be the best centre back at the club, and probably in the whole division, by an absolute country mile. But he can't, so he isn't. But he might turn out good. Toby MacKenzie: He's fast, and he's an option out wide which is something I've sorely lacked, so he'll be a useful player - but he isn't great really.
  12. Mind when Ad Lib said he wasn’t sure who Kuenssberg voted for? Some laugh that was.
  13. I’d like Kakay to stay purely on the basis that he should limit the amount that Ryan Williamson plays. Our squad is absolutely fucking shite. Our best players are two loanees and a 40 year old. One positive is that Craig Slater, on the limited evidence I’ve seen, is playing much, much better than Bannigan so hopefully we’ll not have him straight back in to do nothing then get sent off again.
  14. Edinburgh West: 3 leaflets from the Lib Dem’s, 1 SNP and nothing else. No canvassing yet either. One of my colleagues lives near me and had Alex Cole-Hamilton at her door. I can only imagine that spending any time in his company was an appalling experience.
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