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  1. May 2097 Another two wins to see out our unbeaten league season. The only side to beat us all season have ended up as champions of Azerbaijan, so that's got to be a decent sign. Giorgi Zoidze has been absolutely fantastic all season, with a genuinely phenomenal record: He's contracted for next season as well, so hopefully he can keep it up in the top flight. Fucking pished it. And set a load of records in the process. Time to build for next year. A few guys have already decided to leave, which is a pity, so need to start finding replacements.
  2. We should have made up something about how much we were getting for a laugh. Claim we got half a million or something silly, make Dundee refute it.
  3. For all the praise Hickey’s (deservedly) getting, we should remember that he’s never yet wiped out Jack Grealish, which is the benchmark we should hold all our right backs to. I thought everyone last night, with one exception, was great. Kenny McLean is the exception - I’m very much not a fan of his anyway, but he just didn’t offer anything. I’ll accept that he was playing out of position, and he was a little bit better when Jack went off and he moved centrally, but still. Hopefully he won’t be in too many starting 11’s going forward, although can’t question his commitment turning up and playing wherever he’s asked. The offside trap was glorious. We’ve obviously identified that long ball in behind as a big threat of Ukraine’s, but basically nullified it all evening with a really disciplined performance from the back line. Don’t have much to add on what’s already been said about Porteous, but even as a fan of his I didn’t think he had that level of performance in him. And fair play to Greg Taylor who put in another good performance for 70 minutes despite clearly being unwell. For all that Ukraine dominated the ball for long spells, they basically had two good chances from open play, and some stuff at set pieces. Delightful.
  4. This mob are utter hammer throwers. Worse than the Irish
  5. After all the chat, Porteous is either scoring the winner or getting sent off after 3 minutes. No inbetween.
  6. Aye, I read it earlier and it had me fucking raging. James Cairney has been the one consistent source of information for Thistle though this nonsense, and they treated him like shit for asking perfectly reasonable questions. They won’t answer any emails unless they’re blindly supportive of them, despite the fact they want constructive discussion. These guys are utter charlatans.
  7. I think they might still go down. If they were wanting 24 teams in league A, then you’d have 4 groups of 6 (or 6 of 4). With the existing League A sides, the promoted B sides and 6 from South America, you need to give 2 ‘relegated sides’ from 4 a reprieve. Both Austria and whichever of the Czechs or Swiss finish bottom of their group will definitely have more points than England do, so would surely get that reprieve.
  8. See if that was the massive improvement that the pundits are talking about here, they must have been laughably, unspeakably shite before.
  9. The way they’re celebrating here, you’d almost forget that they’ve already been relegated. Almost, but not quite.
  10. April 2097 Just the one game this month as our procession to the title continues. We've already got the most points this division has ever seen, as well as scoring the most goals, so just going to coast through and hope we don't lose in the next two games. Aye, there we go. Saruspor was the other job I interviewed for before coming to Azerbaijan, and they'd just been relegated from the top flight, so pleasing to see I made the right call.
  11. I’ve got a feeling they’ve already said that all games involving South American sides would take place in Europe.
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