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  1. Meet the team 4 stars is "good player for the Premiership", 3 is "Good player for the Championship" Good option up front in Blanchard, but I not a lot of depth - could do with some improvement in my options here. Left wing is pretty good, but the rest needs upgrading urgently. Again, simply not good enough. First area of my team that I'm basically happy with. If I find someone special, I'll bring them in but I don't think I need to particularly look for anyone here. Same can't be said of that, nowhere near up to it. Top priority is a decent keeper.
  2. I look forward to going into administration. Just promoted into the top flight, will need to make sure we establish ourselves there and try to push on. Ah. This may be tricky. I also went for the Hamilton job, and I was really hoping for that one as they seem to be one of the best sides in Scotland now, but they plumped for someone else... f**k sakes
  3. On a slightly related note, I've never had this before... That's quite nice of them. Changed nothing, but still.
  4. The team that did it. Vasiljevic the main man, for me, followed by McDougall, Hassan, Watts and Bowers. Ben Mullan also had a great season, as demonstrated by... And, on a final note.... Glorious way to sign off. 3 down, 2 to go. Scotland next, I'd have thought.
  5. Irish Cup Final - 2036/37 One game left with Dungannon, the cup final against Larne. Our road to the final has been fairly straightforward, with only Coleraine providing much in the way of a challenge. Larne have had a tougher time, especially the game against Linfield. In any case, it's the top 2 in the league, so will be a tough one. They also beat us very, very comfortably a couple of weeks ago...
  6. Matchday 36 - 2036/37 Linfield aren't playing, while we face Cliftonville. As long as we don't lose, they'll be out of the title race and a win will put us 9 points ahead of Linfield with 3 games left each. They're the only team to beat us more than once this season. Should be tricky.
  7. Irish Cup Semi Final A wee distraction from the league run in, we're also still in the Cup and face Coleraine in the semi final.
  8. Matchday 34 - 2036/37 We were due to play Ballymena, but got this message just before the game... The other games went ahead though
  9. Mid-Ulster Cup Final Oh dear. f**k it, I've won this cup 3 times, I'm not at all fussed that I didn't win it again.
  10. March 2036/37 Clean sweep, 2 cup games won and the final pre-split game won easily. Steven McDougall has been an incredible signing - 19 goals and 4 assists in 23 league games, mostly from left wing. Ridiculous. 5 to go, we're still 7 clear. Our remaining league fixtures are... If all goes to plan, we can win it against Linfield, which would be nice as they're utter vermin.
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