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  1. Remarkable that it’s taken less than 90 minutes viewing for every Clyde fan to work out that Shea Gordon is fucking pish, and yet he still gets a game every week.
  2. We’ve been comically poor at defending set pieces for about 4 years. Sounds like Sneddon is doing well today though.
  3. I’ve enjoyed Laxalt’s approach of just punting it in the vague direction of the box every time he gets the ball. Reminds me of me when I was shite at football.
  4. I swear I remember Ntcham being good. Did I imagine that?
  5. https://mobile.twitter.com/Conservatives/status/1201853843421761538 mind that time.
  6. To be fair, Goodwillie at his peak would undoubtedly be the best striker in the league, by an absolute fucking mile. I have no idea what he’s like now, but I imagine he’s still pretty good. He’d be nowhere near this division if it wasn’t for the whole “being a rapist” thing.
  7. Am I the only one who would be pretty unenthusiastic about Kate Forbes being FM?
  8. I think it goes by head to head record, so we’d still go through.
  9. He was last good for Scotland approximately 3 days ago, against Slovakia.
  10. Genuinely, shut the f**k up about Callum McGregor. He didn’t have a great game tonight. We still won. Move on.
  11. Will we ever concede another goal? The smart money is on no.
  12. You mean apart from getting support for independence to unprecedented levels?
  13. Independence will be achieved first, then it’ll be an Andy Wightman dictatorship. and it’ll be wonderful.
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