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  1. Did it ever get confirmed how badly injured Docherty was/is? I’m sure I remember McCall saying he was going for a scan but I can’t remember if they ever said what the result was. And is Tam O’Ware still fucked or are we going to have him being fit to add to our list of woes.
  2. Theoretically, if the motion was passed, would there be anything to stop them just voting for Sturgeon as FM again? I’m not saying I think they should, but it’d be a good laugh if nothing else.
  3. I would be surprised if the Greens are on board - surely they'll know that a decent proportion of their list vote comes from SNP voters trying to maximise the pro-indy seats. Would they really want to risk jeopardising that this close to the election?
  4. We also have extensive form for childish and pointless statements when we don’t get our way, so I’d say we’re odds on for this. We’ll also throw in something about maintaining our dignity, despite reality somewhat contradicting that.
  5. What's your plan for moving on? Is there anything else you want to do with Saints first, and what leagues have you got loaded up?
  6. July 2043 Draws against the two poorer sides we faced, but we beat both the teams directly below us in the league so I won't moan too much about the dropped points elsewhere. A bit like at Leiknir, we have a very solid defence but don't score too many goals. It's working out well though, given we have clean sheets in over half our games. 6 points ahead with 7 games to go - title is ours for the taking. B68 had a bit of a collapse last month with 1 point in 4 games.
  7. June 2043 Again, pretty decent. Frustrating to lose the game against HB, but we seemed to take that frustration out on the other teams. Also, despite struggling to it, we got past third tier side Undrid to reach the cup semi final, so that's lovely. 7 points ahead of 3rd with 11 games to go, so promotion is very much in our sights. We're also tied on points with B68, so title still up for grabs too.
  8. I'm sorry to say that I'm nowhere near cool enough to get this reference.
  9. May 2043 Another good month, and an outrageously good win over top flight opposition in the cup. Sends us through to the quarters, where we're facing 3rd tier side Undrid - so a good chance of a semi final appearance. The draw with Hoyvik was pretty poor though. Sonni Bech seems to be quite good at scoring goals. Win over B68 sends us back to the top of the league.
  10. April 2043 Pretty decent month, apart from the last game. HB 2 are usually a decent side in this division, so beating them was great - and apparently MB is our derby game, so nice to win that. Still top, despite the loss to AB - although we won't be if B68 win their game in hand.
  11. March 2043 Good start to the season, Johan Hansen has been great, and we're looking very solid defensively. Pleased with how we're shaping up so far. Early days but we've started well. Theoretically, 6th place could see us promoted, due to all the reserves teams in the league, but I'd rather avoid seeing if that'll work. The lowest anyone has finished and been promoted was 5th though.
  12. Transfers 2043 Not bothered about either of these. Kjaerbo could be good in years to come, but isn't going to do much just now so a loan is fine. And now the players coming in. Cedric Faure joins to play centre back, and he looks pretty decent. He isn't good technically, but he can defend and his positioning is good. Should do a job. Niklas Olsen is a central midfielder, and looks ok. He's a pretty limited player, but he'll work hard and you don't need to be anything particularly special in the Faroese lower leagues. Good first touch though. Mattias Jorgensen is my other new centre midfielder, and he's very similar to Olsen. He's got better technique, slightly better passing and vision, but doesn't work as hard. Still, they're both definitely better than what I had before. Ari Jakobsen is a utility player along the back line, and looks more than good enough to give me decent cover in all three positions. Appalling going forward for a right back though. Berint Andreassen is one of the two new strikers I've brought in. His finishing is a real worry, but with a good first touch, technique and movement I'm hopeful that he'll be able to bring others into the game well, and score a couple just by getting into plenty of good positions. Kristian Ludvig is the other striker. He's a good finisher, and has decent movement but not much else. And he's one of the slowest strikers I've ever seen. Again, I'm hopeful that he'll get a few goals just by being able to get into good positions, but that pace is a real worry.
  13. Meet the Team 4 stars is 'good player for most second tier sides', 3 stars is 'decent player for most second tier sides' One outstanding player, and no depth. Need someone to be a good option as back up here. Work to be done. I have decent enough wingers on either side, but no one to play through the middle. Also need options, and if I can get new wingers I won't say no. That's simply not good enough. Urgent work needed. Hmm. I can either have a shite centre half pairing and good full backs, or vice versa. Need players here, but there's a decent base I guess. Best area of the team, easily. Won't need to sign anyone here for a wee while at least.
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