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  1. Decent game. Raith ahead in the greeting faced fans contest on here, but most Morton fans arenae home yet. Score draw.
  2. Both sides sensibly deciding that it's worth gambling on the three points.
  3. Nice delivery and lovely glancing header. Two unlikely events in the prevailing conditions.
  4. A real test of Morton's character this half. The Kirkcaldy mob look strong favourites to see this one off.
  5. The Greenock mob's kit looks better suited to the conditions. Although I'd be tempted to go full Cantona.
  6. With the elements in your favour and a true aim, you might stand half a chance.
  7. A peaked cap, and one helmet on display.
  8. Ah fuckit. Superstars didn't involve celebrities did it? Keegan got stretchered off with a a skint knee as a football player. Pretty sure Geoff Capes made a spectacle of himself as well.
  9. Celebrity Superstars? The year after Kevin Keegan's best bits Number One.
  10. I attempted a disused train carriage in the Wigan Casino all-nighter debacle. Unfortunately it was a guard's van.
  11. Wheesht you about that Lord Lyon c**t. I'm almost certain he was was working his way across the A to Z of Scottish fitba clubs and forcing them to change their official crests. How far did he get? I remember Airdrie United being targeted.
  12. I've never slept in a bin yet, but I imagine there are less comfortable places to doss depending on circumstances. I've been fortunate to have only slept rough three times so far. Paris, Wigan and Edinburgh. All single nights and all self-inflicted through a combination of lack of planning and stupidity.
  13. If they started handing out fixed penalties to the Polis for not carrying out their duties, it would be a start.
  14. Yes. I'm also thinking Tynecastle now, but this might have been on an Edinburgh to Dalkeith journey, the new Borders line.
  15. Can you see Links Park from the train? I've never noticed.
  16. In fairness, she does live in Sierra Leone
  17. I don't think Hibs have done too much wrong in their approach to the game, played it at a decent tempo, just not been creative enough with the final ball. Cove, on the other hand, have always been dangerous from middle to front this past couple of years, but now look solid at the back. I think they'll go on to win SPFL1 this season.
  18. One of the Directors I most looked forward to meeting up with pre and post match. He loved his club but was also able to to analyse the game without bitterness, whatever the result. There was always mutual respect as supporters of lower division sides. He was a great guy and I am deeply saddened/ shocked at his passing. He must have been so proud to have been Chairperson of the club he loved. RIP Shaun
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