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  1. Can we not just wind the clock back to nae c**t liking the USA and every c**t being ambivalent about Russia. Happier and less complicated times.
  2. Just minded this one: In the public benches at a High Court trial in a murder case. I got huckled outside by security for shooshing someone continually talking throughout the proceedings. It turned out they were providing a translation for the Lithuanian family of the victim. Not my finest hour.
  3. You want to try being a postie in Fintry. A fairly large scheme in Dundee where every single street starts with Fin...
  4. Which begs the question. What are you here for? To be unpleasant to as many people as possible?
  5. This Friday night fitba is the dug's bollix though. Great stuff! Swiftly followed by an old episode of Still Game
  6. You don't do that. It's basic man management. He is a kid. He had a poor game. Live on TV as well
  7. Erriffohhh Serubee I love you Erriffoh Serubee Love you too
  8. As someone who has never stayed anywhere west of Dundee in Scotland, I've always been puzzled by the absence of family bakers in that neck of the woods. Almost every wee town in the east has at least one place where you can buy a decent morning roll. Leven (population 10,000) had three at one time - Deas, Lightbody's and Stuart's. Now just Stuart's.
  9. Putin's got a warrant oot. What day of the week do we think he should hand himself in?
  10. When my kids were wee, on holiday in Spain, a well intentioned English couple gave them an inflatable pool mattress thingy for them to play with. Unfortunately it was a union flag design. The kids didn't give a damn, but I dislike that flag with a passion. After about half an hour of pretending they didn't belong to me, I caved in and handed it back to the couple. I still feel conflicted about it 20 years later.
  11. "Everyone turns into a High Court Judge when someone else farts"
  12. Tam is a talented, funny guy but I think he is heading for a fall. He needs to refine his stand up delivery forward a few decades.
  13. My wife has been having a shitty week at work. Today she said she was so stressed that she'd eaten a whole packet of jammie dodgers.
  14. I feel we deviated from the thread topic somewhat
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