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  1. I must have dreamt that 2-0 win at Tannadice in the League Cup in 2018.
  2. East Fife have played Partick Thistle at six different venues. Firhill Tynecastle Bayview Park Ibrox Hampden Bayview Stadium
  3. Shocking comment from Foster. I think it was meant to be tongue in cheek, but a really stupid thing to say.
  4. Forfar appear to have gone from Tesco value mince to a decent butcher's steak mince in the space of six days. Impressive stuff!
  5. Where is that Covid companies boycott thread? Too lazy to look, but would like to add the mob currently masquerading as Scottish Gas.
  6. Too many working fingers in the portrait. Django only had the use of two fingers and a thumb in his left hand
  7. The blessed Django https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=pN_W2ho100E&feature=share
  8. https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=krJW2qMVv4M&feature=share
  9. You've never attended a New Orleans funeral have you?
  10. Rock* music is shiter. Anyway, I've established this earlier in the thread. *Except Punk Rock
  11. Got my DNA results yesterday. Slightly frustrated that my 60.4 percent SW Scotland/ NI could not be narrowed down. I know that my Irish ancestors were from Cavan and Donegal, border counties, although there was no north and south back then. I'm wondering if some of them originated from counties now considered to be part of NI. I also have 8 percent from what is now the Republic, so more questions than answers really.
  12. Britain. There is your problem right there. And yet you continue to reference it.
  13. This kind of thinking is absolute nonsense. Do you think that Albion Rovers are holding the likes of Celtic back?
  14. Acht, these pesky sectarian non ex- Meadowbank Thistle fans...
  15. Intrigued by a Rangers (RIP) fan taking umbrage at a Meadowbank Thistle (RIP) fan making a sectarian anti - Catholic remark. This is is what Pie and Bovril Sundays are all about
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