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  1. I don't recall any consultation relating to this. I do recall part-time sides broadly being in favour of replayed ties going straight to kicks from the penalty mark, without extra-time.
  2. I wouldn't bother even giving this the dignity of a response. Red DOT the FUCKER to WITHIN an INCH of HIS life!!!
  3. Would that not mean Queen's Park should be in the top half of the Premiership on major trophies won? Thereby and therefore, today's result was not too bad.
  4. If you'd let us known sooner we could have done some crowd funding for some Lucozade and grapes.
  5. They have a Yorkshire pudding wrap stall in the Dundee Christmas Market. Can't say I'm not tempted.
  6. Are Status Quo not deid? Or am I thinking of another shit guitar rock duo? Eta: ZZ Top
  7. It's either Peebles or Dundee according to our Brechin City correspondent. By the bye, I once got a magnificent sherry trifle in a pub lunch ahead of an EF game in Annan a few years back.
  8. Renewed our SSC membership (gloryhunters r us).
  9. Where do we stand on the pronunciation of scallop and waffle?
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