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  1. If Putin fires a nuclear into Ukraine, then Nato would presumably take out wherever the wee radge was dossing though. That's what I would do in the unlikely event of being in cherge of these things anyway.
  2. You have to wonder just how many non-white football fans have to perish to knock the Tory party conference off the BBC news headlines
  3. I know they are the bad lads in this carry on. But that is grim.
  4. Like Jim McLean, he had the permanent demeanour of someone who had recently had anal surgery.
  5. That would take an extremely unusual turn of events given that the UK monarchy excludes those of the Roman Catholic faith. Stranger things have happened though.
  6. I can't speak for anyone else in the world, but I would be pretty disappointed with Putin.
  7. It's okay. The British security forces were wearing prosthetics to protect the future King.
  8. Kenny Dalglish senior off of Phoenix Nights is another
  9. Meantime by Frankie Boyle. About an utter space heid attempting to solve a murder on a cocktail of drugs. Halfway through it. It's laugh out loud funny and extremely disturbing in equal measures.
  10. Do they do selection boxes of American shite yet? It's only a matter of time
  11. Picnic Toffee Crisp Mint Aero Served out of the fridge, but briefly rested for Picnic bars.
  12. They are now debating on The Metro if security are wearing prosthetics, with their hands on their weapon (fnnaaaarr). Some are getting quite upset about this. What a joke of a country. Father Ted has been referenced in some of the more grounded replies.
  13. I'm on a beach in Spain, but f**k up you judgemental c**t. Some will be watching for the chortles.
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