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  1. The amount of folk buying the Daily Mail in supermarkets is beginning to disturb me. This is Dundee as well. The demographic is mostly older white males, but all the same...
  2. Causing unrest at Kelty Hearts, Queen's Park and Cove Rangers? Good.
  3. Thomson Park is the place to be if, like me, you want to avoid the Scottish Cup final. Lochee Utd v Arbroath Vics 2.30pm kick off
  4. That's also my experience. Bullying, racism, homophobia was rife in the 70s when I was at school. Fights were almost a daily occurrence. My two went to school mostly in the late 90s/ early 00s and it had all become a bit more civilised.
  5. Best practice would probably be to watch it in your room. Maybe a wee GIRFUY shout on the balcony to release the adrenalin.
  6. She was brought up in Upper Largo, went to school at Buckhind and claimed to support her local side. "Dunfermline Athletic"
  7. Auchinleck and Darvel look great prospects when playing at Ayrshire (former Junior) level but they play in villages with a solid fanbase of a few hundred, forking out a fiver to watch a winning side. Different story altogether when faced with paying £15 a week to pay the going rate to attract lower SPFL players' wages without being bankrolled in a place with a population smaller than Brechin. And watching a team that will probably lose far more than they will win.
  8. Probably as much connection with Cowdenbeath High Street as the supporters he refers to have to Govan.
  9. Brett's a very good keeper, and a lovely guy. But we have Jude Smith.
  10. Should be a bit of a shock that the team that came so close to winning the title should lose out to a side scrapping around in mid-table for most of the season. But it isn't really. That's what makes fitba great I suppose.
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