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  1. Really felt sorry for Nicola today, she looked absolutely drained. Between dealing with a pandemic and a sleazy selfish f**k...
  2. Acht Well. Rye bread is the best accompaniment to Polish food but you can thank me later 🙂
  3. Mind reading Irving Welsh's Filth and wincing at the use of this word to describe uniformed polis by the main character. Can't remember if the film glossed over this or not. I think it acknowledged the polis's Jamboness and left it at that. I do know that the character in film wasn't anywhere close to being as reprehensible as the one in the book.
  4. He might have came too early. Phnaaarrr Apologies... (1-4-6-0)
  5. The Trainspotting scene was what sprung to mind for me as well. Other films with disturbing scenes that didn't put me off the end product were Clockwork Orange and Taxi Driver.
  6. Would one scene that made you feel uncomfortable put you off an entire series?
  7. James McFadden is a good lad. He can hit a 45 yarder into the roof of the net in Paris as often as he wants as far as I'm concerned.
  8. I really should watch Hertz more often. They are almost always terrible every time I see them, although clearly they are half decent given their lofty league position.
  9. I was going to suggest a sleazy sex pest politician in the headlines today, but plenty of legitimate reasons to dislike him. Hope he gets torn a new one when this investigation comes to a conclusion.
  10. Ah it's Switzerland. That explains matters. For some reason I thought this dispute was taking place in a scheme in Dundee. Too many Rosses on this forum.
  11. Anyone ever made alpine chips from scratch? They look great.
  12. Has Bairnardo got round to smoking Parisiennes yet?
  13. I would have used a tongue in cheek emoji, had such a thing existed
  14. I'll never understand why, when Rangers were liquidated, folk never took the opportunity to move their support to clubs not steeped in sectarianism.
  15. Instead of a pub crawl, we could get together for a buffet. Sgt Wilson on boiled eggs
  16. Maybe a 5 min 45 secs from cold when it merited 5 min 30 secs. I'd put it down as a decent effort
  17. That's a top drawer boiled egg, a much under-rated skill...
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