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  1. things that are most disappointing

    Which Premiership?
  2. things that are most disappointing

    US chocolate products. More akin to vomit than diahorrea mind you...
  3. Ah but they are marching for parliamentary democracy. A priest being spat on is merely collateral damage...
  4. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    A beautiful sunny day and Scotland is just about the only country in western Europe that doesn't get Good Friday off thanks to John Knox and his miserable chums...
  5. Work colleagues

    Can't imagine sushi having any smell at all unless it's heated up or past its use by date...
  6. Notre Dame

    Might not even make the headlines across there...
  7. Celtic v Aberdeen, Scottish Cup Semi Final

    That is whataboutery at its worst. There are plenty of orange so and so's kicking about our game but McIness isn't one...
  8. Celtic v Aberdeen, Scottish Cup Semi Final

    I took in this game fully expecting Aberdeen to give Celtic a right good go. It didn't happen. I think McIness tried to re-produce the tactics that nearly worked in his favour in the final two years ago but his team weren't up to it. I'm not even convinced that the sendings-off had a significant impact on the proceedings, a fatigued Celtic side were far too good for an overly defensive Dons' team...
  9. Airdrie vs. East Fife

    I actually thought we played well today, much more like ourselves. Davidson and Agnew won their personal battles in the middle of the park, Dowds and Smith worked well together up top. I can understand why neutrals would think it was a poor game but both sides gave it a right good go in a crucial game. Happy with the point but it probably should have been all three given our spells of possession...
  10. The cost of drinking in pubs

    I absolutely love going for a drink in so-called dodgy pubs . Living in Dundee and a frequent visitor to Methil I'm spoilt for choice. I can highly recommend Caws in Dundee City Centre and the Polepark Bar in Brook Street. The Purple Cat in Wellesley Road Methil and the Argyll Bar are also terrific for a lunchtime pint. I've always been made very welcome, in fact in Caws a guy once arrived with a tray of cream cakes, offering everyone in the place one. With the current political situaton going on in the UK and worldwide places like the Purple Cat in Methil and Caws in Dundee actually warm my heart...
  11. East Fife V Raith Rovers

    Come on the Fife!

    Lochee should probably see this one out but you can never underestimate the likes of Ayrshire junior teams, who always provide a threat, particularly if they get a replay at home...
  13. Alternative League Awards

    1. Player of the Year - Bobby Linn 2. Dud of the Year - See question 6 3. Most Improved player - Dale Hilson 4. Goal of the Season - Take your pick from Dumbarton's goals against us in the 3-4 game at Bayview 5. Save of the Season - The Brechin goalie had a few good stops in the last couple of games against us 6. Cry baby / Temper of the year - Any club official who has refused to shake hands after a game (only one qualifies) 7. Defensive Player of the Year - Jonathan Page. Top human being 8. Most Skilful player - Mark Lamont.. Just needs a bit of man management 9. Best away experience - Dublin 10. Best catering - Possibly Montrose
  14. Stranraer v Brechin City

    Giving a contentious corner against you isn't quite the same as a wrongly disallowed goal or a poor penalty award/ sending off...
  15. C**** on a Train

    That's an interesting tights/ trouser combo you've got going on...