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  1. Aiden McGeady fairly carried that Sunderland mob on Netflx the day though
  2. Taken me two days of soaking before I could get my fence painting brush into condition. Was hoping it would take a week at least
  3. You don't need to dress up as a terrorist to do that. Poor wee sods won't even know what fucking side they are being given propaganda from. At least wear a flag
  4. That Boris Johnson letter will be getting re-sent out of the letter box as soon as it arrives
  5. Working from home as from tomorrow. Picked up the stuff required for the next few weeks from the office, and checked my emails (been on A/L). I work in health and social care and everyone has been given a 6% pay rise backdated to the start of the lockdown to say thank you to our staff. There are some good guys out there. I'm basically on the reserve list at the moment. But ready to help out.
  6. I fear that there might be a "spike" in Scotland of folk sitting in the house getting jaked. Popular stuff like Tennents and vodka will be the first to empty from the shelves, with Sweetheart Stout and stoory Midourie or suchlike being the last. Possibly, but hopefully not, a thread for another day.
  7. These extra greenies are handy for this thread. Cheers @Div
  8. Great point about being antisocial. I'm the most antisocial person I know. Happiest either in my own company or with the immediate family. I need to retreat into these areas with which I'm comfortable. I should be able to deal with these times and I think I can. Conversely I work in health and social care on the training side, so I am also comfortable supporting others but need that retreating space.
  9. Noticed the supermarkets are cleared out of flour. I've got a bag of flour, but no yeast. Pancakes and scones it is for the foreseeable in terms of home baking
  10. I'm finding mid-morning pretty tough going for some reason. And then I snap into gear. Have got my wife, daughter and myself all working from home, in addition to my 86 year old father-in-law. We are fortunate that we have each other for company.
  11. Just an irreverent joke about certain parts of Ulster not getting their bins emptied back in the day Edited again to say no offence meant. I'm a big supporter of binmen worldwide (particularly Bobby Linn and Jay Smart)
  12. You'll be getting your bins emptied then?
  13. Shopping is certainly the most stressful part of the whole lockdown scenario. Exercising is a piece of pish, largely because I did as little as possible beforehand, and am now going for walks and suchlike to get out of the house.
  14. Strange times indeed. If you don't mind sharing - some of us have done so already. Are we struggling, getting by? Off work, on the sick, in limbo? A thread for maybe looking after each other instead of, well just instead of...
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