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  1. In fairness, being Richard Littlejohn is almost certainly worse than being Garth Crooks and washing sieves put together
  2. According to Half Man Half Biscuit there is surely nothing worse than washing sieves (with the possible exception of being Garth Crooks). Anyone out there in disagreement with this assertion?
  3. I'm not entirely convinced that poor use of emojis is worse than sexually intimidating young footballers
  4. Back in the day we used to get gas and air before getting a tooth extracted. Apparently (aged 8 ) I informed the dentist that my Dad was a better footballer than him before going under
  5. I don't blame Faddy, why ask someone like him if he expects QP to win the league? Is he some kind of expert on lower league Scottish football?
  6. Willie Gibson going for the Neckanuary look
  7. Carrol's quite funny. Wears his heart on his sleeve with that doughnut on his head. The wee scone
  8. You'd almost think it was intended
  9. Queens winning almost virtually every individual battle for the most part
  10. Maxwell really shouldn't be spitting
  11. It also makes sense at this level as it means that Armande One can't be asked to wear Ryan Wallace's number nine shirt...
  12. Not sure what the point in playing Gibson as a defender is. I realise he is short of pace these days, but he is wide open to a half-handy left-sided midfielder.
  13. There was a live feed on Facebook that I inadvertedly caught hold of, basically howling at the moon about Covid for 30 minutes and how the hospitals are actually all empty etc, imploring everyone to take to the streets. The scary thing was the hundreds of folk agreeing with him and egging him on. Is there really a significant number of people out there that think that this pandemic is a massive hoax?
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