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  1. Why, in the name of f**k, would any sensible fitba fan want to stray on to that thread?
  2. The thinner the burger the better. Shax on the Perth Road is outstanding...
  3. These non-maskers are beginning to get on my tits. 95 percent of us are making an effort. I can see a confrontation coming...
  4. Easy mistake to make. You just quietly correct them with a smile.
  5. Not today, I'm wearing underpants. Side footed into an empty net from point blank range
  6. Anyone want to enlighten them on the offside rule?
  7. Follow Follow is a terrific source of entertainment after the latest Ibrox mob's debacle. Offended? No. Amused? Always
  8. I suppose the gymnasium bores don't have multiple websites dedicated to Scottish fitba bores to bore non- fitba bores with, so each to their own
  9. Tapping looks like a decent holding midfielder, Spence has always been a menace up top and McGuigan will get goals. Munro is a good old fashioned centre-half. Four solid players to build a team capable of making the play-offs around in my opinion.
  10. Positives: The Levenmouth rail link is to be restored Negatives: Scandalous that you can't get a train back to Dundee after an evening kick-off at Hampden watching our national team.
  11. Would it have hurt the Daily Record to replace the words "alleged beast" with "innocent person"?
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