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  1. Sons' sorrow

    Good to see some positivity despite our position, although I'm struggling a bit to share it at the moment. In particular have the fear about Stranraer and suspect we'll go to Gayfield needing to get something.
  2. Sons' sorrow

    Was it the Texaco Cup? I thought that win against Dundee won us a place in the "new look" premier league only for numbers to be reduced? Every chance though that my memory is shot to pieces!
  3. Arbroath vs Dumbarton

    Maybe not the funniest joke in the world, but referring to folk as **** doesn't help either.
  4. Sons' sorrow

    Ever thought of marriage counselling? Wise words though. His time was up, and I think the Boards very dignified and personal statement shows a genuine appreciation of his efforts. That night in Oswestry will take some beating. On a replacement, whatever the circumstances of Ian Murray's departure, his appointment lifted the club overnight and maybe it's time to take a punt on a young ex-pro looking to prove himself (or herself?) in management. No names come to mind, but as the sleeping giant of League 1 there'll be plenty of interest I'm sure.
  5. Season tickets for next qualifiers

    You're not seriously considering going back? Ach, that's right, I forgot, at least you'll be able to witness "definite signs of improvement"
  6. Ryan Gauld

    Surely the longer Gauld stays in Lisbon the better for him and Scotland. Coaching, lifestyle, the general environment gives him the chance to develop a career. Can't remember a Scottish player - whatever age or stage of their career - coming back a poorer player after a stint abroad. What's worrying is that so few of our players are getting the chance. It's an exception when it happens. Our players attract no attention at all.
  7. Future Scotland Team

    Frankly, it doesn't matter what eleven we put on the park if we keep re-appointing incompetent managers and coaching staff. But the players him? Ah that's nice.
  8. 12000 Numpties

    Nah, just pissed off
  9. 12000 Numpties

    Oh, that's right, I forgot, there isn't another managerial team in the world who could get more out of this squad. Sorry.
  10. 12000 Numpties

    Sounds like 12,000 numpties and the Scottish media have convinced WGS to stay. Bye bye Russia.......
  11. Should Strachan Go?

    What other self-respecting football country would hang onto a manager who has, when you look at stats, group position, performances, failed to deliver. Take Gibraltar out of the equation, 1-0 wins against Georgia and Ireland? Come on. It's just not there. And so what if the players like him. Big deal. Their job is to do what they're told by whoever is in charge and if they don't like it they can f**k off. Plenty more would take their place. Look at the Dutch. Hardly the most harmonious dressing room, but despite having a shit campaign they'll likely get a play-off spot and qualify - and if they don't it'll be bye bye to the manager. Strachan has had a campaign and a half and we're still at the same level. SFA reappointed Levein then binned him four games too late. It's time to act. And this mince that Dalglish is spouting about nobody better? Really? You mean there isn't another managerial one/two in the world better than what we have just now? Keep your nonsense for the 19th hole Kenny, legend or no legend.
  12. whats the problem with scottish football

    Exactly, added to the fact that 50,000 lemmings turn up at every home game for the routine humiliation (ours, not theirs), reinforcing a perverse, quasi-religious experience. TA? Time to get a feckin grip and stop being cannon-fodder. That's what happens to "footsoldier's" right?
  13. Next Scotland manager

    That's a relief - anyone but a Scot.
  14. The Solution

    Ach, don't get too down about it all, the answer is obvious and a solution is at hand.......stop getting all teary-eyed about Flower of Scotland (probably the worst anthem in the world), stop jumping up and down to Loch Lomond (by probably the worst band in the world), ban kilts and Timberland boots (definitely a fashion faux pas which needs to be addressed), boo the team when they're shite (which is most of the time) and stop going (which most right-minded supporters of other countries do when they're faced with the gash we've tolerated for decades). Hit them where it hurts - in their feckin wallets. The withdrawal of first class travel makes even the biggest fat cat think again.
  15. If we don't make it....

    Nobody in mind, would just hate to start next campaign and realise halfway through (a la Levein) that we should have changed things earlier. Take your point that the squad seem happy, but since Poland away the performances have been dipping. Georgia and Ireland at home I think we toiled (albeit we got the points), Ireland away a huge chance missed due to selection and tactics, we know about Georgia away and against Germany last month the scoreline flattered us. I'm not sure other countries are quite so patient with their management teams when they don't deliver.