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  1. I’m neither the king of Spain or this BM fellow you talk of. But I will say maybe we do deserve to go down with supporters like many of you lot. Instead of substantive debate and discussion, you just bully and abuse posters who make valid points. You do it to any positive poster who makes points worth discussing. There are some good folk on here. I got a few likes for the post but It amazes me how many of you just don’t give a f*ck about the club. As if you did you wouldn’t act like this and dwell in the foolishness and anonymity of this forum, making clueless statements, speculating and creating conflict and negativity. I barely post anymore. I decided to this past week to make my points and hope some read and agreed but it’s clear many of you are viruses who have lonely existences. A few of you need to read what I wrote, sit back and think about your attitude and words and how you support the club. That picture and abuse of the Chairman is unacceptable. You wouldn’t have done it if it was in public or people knew who you where....That’s cowardice! Pure and simple. I for one will be no longer posting on here any more. Not until things change. If we go down then it will be in part because a section of our ‘support’ and I use that term loosely, (as you aren’t supporters), will have assisted. This last 18 months you’ve contributed to the slide with your slander, abuse and cowardice on this forum and social media, which I know many of you also pour your bile out. I’ll be concentrating on supporting the club the way we should. I’m critical when needed. More lately, but in a way that assists in civil discussion. You losers can stay on here pretending you’re the coolest Thistle support when the reality is you’re the bottom dwellers of the club who post in darkness and again, cowardice. We don’t need you. You’re no different with posts like that than the scum we share this city with. You think you’re better. But you’re worse as you should know better as Thistle ‘supporters’. I bid you adieu. #monthejags
  2. Ffs. I’m sorry but this shite is out of line. I understand the anti-Caldwell position. I’m not a huge fan of the guy either. I’m not even that pro Lowe and Gerry as Chief Exec as he’s so far not shown me much he’s going to be an equivalent or improvement on Ian Maxwell but the abuse towards people who love the club just as much as we do is a little much. I’d like to see you c*nts do the jobs they do and succeed. I believe some on the Twitter-sphere actually want us to lose on Saturday v Falkirk. It’s truly astounding the state of some of our support. Gerry is a club legend. Just as Archie is and the rhetoric needs to stop as he and all those at the club are trying so hard to turn this ship. You don’t believe that. You’re crazy. F*cking pure cowardice to do shite like this online hiding behind your sh*tey made up names pretending to know what the f*ck you’re talking about. Have some respect. If you knew anything about Lowe you wouldn’t post this bile on here, joke or not. The woman gives an incredible amount of time to the club with little to nothing in return except a passion as a supporter who’s willing to lead during a difficult period. Yes, we’ve been dreadful for 18 months, of which only 6 months of it she’s been Chairman, but it doesn’t mean they don’t know what they’re doing. When you get in a rut like this it takes perseverance and a lot of work to get out of it. I own my own business and I can tell you it’s a f*ucking grind. Sleepless nights, 16-20 hour days most nights, even weekends. It’s stressful as your responsible for people’s livelihoods. You don’t take that lightly so lighten up on abuse. It’s irresponsible. This isn’t just a game. It’s a business. Mistakes get made, that’s how you learn and I’m incredibly concerned about our position as I’ve expressed in my last posts but I don’t resort to childish and pathetic abusive caricatures. The last 6 months online I’ve been really disappointed by our fans. Some on here, and I’ve remained relatively quiet, but mainly the trash on Twitter and Facebook. Don’t even get me started on WAT. I haven’t been on there for months. It’s a joke. The Twitter meltdowns are like a bunch of teenage girls falling out at a sleepover. The crazy chat with little to no evidence. No perspective. No reality and jumping to conclusions is comical. Social media is the perfect place for fans to just talk utter p*ish with no consequences to their lazy chat. Criticism is fine but we’re past that now. If we want to turn the tide and assist the club to change course and correct our path, we have to get past this pathetic bullsh*t. Going after Miles Storey for example after he has actually been working his socks off for the club is another disgrace. His performance v United was excellent, especially in the first half. He also has played better in the holiday and new year period but fans barrage him. I give credit to him and the manager for having the character to continue to do so and with low confidence. Fans should be ashamed at the way they’ve treated him. I’m fine with being critical but it’s way past that if you read the crap on Facebook and Twitter. Regards Erskine. He’s one of my favorite players of the last 10 years as I’m sure he is too many but the outrage without the full picture is ridiculous. At this time we as fans are finding more conflict and jumping to conclusions. Making the situation worse. Lowe probably has nothing to do with it. So the above is shameful. We’ve got to stop pointing fingers and being abusive and start being proud of this club, our history and those trying hard to change the tide, starting with this weekend against Falkirk. Getting behind the team in the stands, and when the club asks for us to spend some money on half season books or in the club store, or attending a dinner at cottiers to show support for the players we do it. The players need to see it, as that’s what proud supporters do even in the hard times. The players I’m sure would respond to it positively. If this club was in League 2 I’d happily try my hardest to give what I can in time and money. Yes we’re a club that wants to be in the Premiership or competing at the top end of this league but that doesn’t always happen. It’s time to stop the negativity. It’s getting boring and I for one am exhausted with the constant finger pointing. I’m a Thistle fan. I’m not always happy. Some times I’m high and sometimes I’m low but I’m always there. Im always ready to back them and the administration. It’s time we all did that and let our board make the tough decisions. They mean well and want to stop this slide. They will. But we back who’s in the dugout and who’s on the field. We have too or it’s not going to improve. #wearethistle #monthejags
  3. We win this and there is a glimmer of hope. Likely though we lose it. And if that happens, we better buckle up for the shitey slide into League 1. Depressing stuff.
  4. Massively concerned. There is now a gap opening from safety with a Falkirk who look like their improving and so this weekends game is a watershed for me. McKinnon is no mug. If we loose, which on last 18 months of form in big matches is anything to go by, we will be 8 points adrift. Alloa the only PT team in the league will likely continue their grinding out of results and pick up more points this weekend at home V Morton. It’s very probable and I’m deeply nervous about the next 3/4 months. If we do lose, what does the conversation at board level look like? We’re on the verge of heading into League 1. It’d be an unmitigated disaster that would see us back to where the worst days of our modern history lie. We cannot go back there. Ffs we were 6th in the country 18 months ago!!! I understand the argument for Caldwell to get time and bring his own players in but to continue on this path makes no sense. He’s changed very little on the field. Good performances for 30-60 minutes of a game with no wins and no points means nothing. Caldwell can talk improvement but as everyone keeps saying this is a results business. And we need results quick. We lack a ruthlessness. We cannot execute / score goals and with chat abound by supporters of our best player and cult legend Erskine leaving the club once again The Jacqui and Gerry show have “screwed the pooch” regards the communication with the support. In hindsight Alan should have left after the Livingston games. That decision has put us in part in this situation with shite players, lack of diversity in the squad and frankly a losing mentality. It also let Caldwell in the door, when we may have another team and manager at this point. But who knows it could’ve been Caldwell anyway and we’d be in same position. The list for a new manager wasn’t great or inspiring so I don’t hold the board responsible for hiring who they did. If he interviewed well then so be it. This weekend is massive. It’s at home which is a plus but to be fair we’ve barely won home or away this past year. We need goals and and aggression and desire we haven’t seen for so long. We need to take it to Falkirk. I’d rather cheer on a side willing to do everything they can to win a game than a team hamstrung by shitey tactics and a negative formation. Playing 3 centre-halves and leaving our creative players on the bench which is all I see Caldwell doing unless the new signings allow more flexibility to change what we setup to do? I’m afraid we lose against the Bairns and we’ll need an absolute miracle to get us out of this predicament. If we win. We have QOS at home after Cup and then two games against teams you’d think with a couple of good results we can potentially compete and win in ICT and Alloa. There is a path to turning this around but it starts with Falkirk this weekend. If and I know this is all ‘ifs’ we cannot get traction and points by the time we meet County on Feb 23rd not only is it over I think Caldwell has to resign or be fired. To me there is a path to get out of this but time is of the essence. It’s incredibly depressing. But with the new players and a decent performance versus Arabs at weekend we have to start executing. My hope is we will but it’s shite being a jags fan. I love the club and players and whilst I’m deeply concerned I have but a small glimmer of hope.
  5. I agree. I totally see the crap in our squad that needs replaced. Erskine is one of our better players and loves the club. In a tough season like this getting rid and forcing out one of veteran loyal and contributing players like him wouldn’t be a smart decision. However if Erskine wants to leave then that’s different. I don’t think he’s guaranteed a starting place. No player really is so unless it’s a situation at his twilight age he thinks he needs to play every week then I could see him moving. But not to an equivalent team or Accies where he’d be in the same situation. League 1 makes sense. Dumbarton with Duffy would make sense. I hope he plays today and scores the winner. I hope he stays for the rest of the season. Helps us stay up and he can then make a decision. Mon the jags!
  6. Listening to Caldwell on Jagzone (poster today) when discussing goalkeeper he doesn’t even mention Bell or Lennox. He says Sneddon has done well but as a young player needs a rest and so Hazard was ideal to come in. That indicates to me that Bell and Lennox are surplus to requirements not a mention of either of them. Also he states he’ll work all the way through the window and expects a few more to come in. Full back, CB and forward are areas I think may be the focus. No mention of anyone leaving as of yet. But it’s inevitable. FYI - Coulibaly isn’t ready and it’ll be 2-3 weeks yet before he’s back in. But he’s in gym and doing light training.
  7. With wage thief’s abound at our club I’m amazed this is the case. His attitude, strong character and fact he’s our best technical player I’m stunned we’d shift Squiddy over the dross we’ve still got at the club. He’s the only player who’s shown any grit when Caldwell has played him. Yes he’s slowing down as he gets older. He’s not the same player as a few years back but we lack leadership in this squad and we’re sacking him but bringing in a tubby Harkins? Someone needs their head checking. Has to be that Erskine and Caldwell don’t see eye to eye as there is no footballing explanation to this occurring. I truly hope the club knows what they are doing if this happens and these new players make a considerable impact in the next 3-4 weeks, because moves like this are not going to sit well with fans. Forget Caldwell, this happens and we don’t ship more of these “so called football players” out and players continue to stink on the field, Lowe and the board will have to answer for it. Volatile and uneasy times.
  8. Fair point. In my opinion I think Falkirk’s signings seem better. But you’re right we are miserable. Harkins is close to finishing playing, Saunders hasn’t played for a year and a half and Cardle has been flash in the pan. Hardly fills one with tinkly feeling of changing our direction but let’s see. We need some grit and guile in the side. None of these guys in my eyes give you that. I’d like a hard nosed leader but hard to come by I suppose. Hopefully 2-3 more to come in and same to leave. End of window and Jan/Feb is massive. Let’s see the impact. I’ll reserve harsher thoughts and language, as my hope is we do start gaining points and turning this sh*tfest around.
  9. Getting rid of some of the dross may be as effective as signing new players. Mutumbo who was a recommendation from Yogi Hughes (says it all really 🤦‍♂️) is prime example of a dreadful recruit. I mean changing the mentality in the locker room and training field will be a big part of this. We’ve got 5-6 more who probably should walk if possible.
  10. I’m not convinced at all by these underwhelming signings. All players who have had OK pasts but hardly championship winners and with the rumour were letting one of the clubs longest serving players in Squiddy go who as a previous poster said has spades of the right attitude and loyalty I’m not sure we’re likely to see anything more than just trying to catch Alloa and not finish bottom. The goal posts have shifted. It’s all about survival at this point. Falkirk have made some signings from premiership clubs and whilst Osman is a shadow of his former self it worries me when I see them also signing early and they’re players I think are of better quality. I am up for giving Caldwell this window but if he doesn’t produce points and shore up that defense then he’s got to walk before we slid farther back. He’s got to fly out the traps here in the next 3-4 league games in my eyes.
  11. Yes, not only is he made of glass and thinks he gallus, for his age and experience he has shown little to no leadership as our defense shipped goal after goal the first 1/3 of the season, before he started with all the injuries & pulling sickeys (I think he's a hypochondriac). When your development team / youth goalkeeper is getting a game in front of you when you come back from injury it tells you everything you need to know. Sooner we're rid of this charlatan the better.
  12. This thread has been grim reading for weeks. Surely we can get 4-5 more players through the door and off load some of the crap Archie left us with to begin a rebuild? We got a couple of duds off the books so far. I think it is time we get 2-3 more off and start to get some players in with some grit and fight in them. At least those traits will get the fans onside. There is nothing worse than players who seem to have no motivation or character to fight. Cammy Bell has to be a nominee for one of the worst signings in Jags history. With Jack Storer following a close second, however he did score one of the best goals seen at Firhill tbf.
  13. And he'll be staying part time at Clyde and working on the roads. Not a chance. Plus there is no way he is on that per week at the scummiest club in the SPFL. If it smells like shite it probably is shite.
  14. It been 10 games with Caldwell at the helm and we’re worse than when Archie left. We’ve lost 7 games & I can’t see a win coming from anywhere with this squad. It’s the worst band of players we’ve had in a decade. Some drastic action is needed in January or we’re going down. You know Falkirk will get better and Alloa are playing well under Goodwin and part bloody time! That says it all really. I’m not against giving Caldwell the sack but something needs to happen ASAP. We can’t keep losing games week after week playing the same players.
  15. What? 3,000 wont show at Alloa? ;-) Then a strong voice and 800-1000 would suffice.
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