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  1. What do people think the chances are of Allan Johnston being back in charge before the end of the season?
  2. Is there any money to bring in another keeper (like Ludovic Roy)? Starting to feel really sorry for the guy when I read about him every week.
  3. That's definitely a good point. Before going to university I was of the belief that the Oxbridge population in Westminster wasn't a bad thing as it's good to have intelligent people working in politics. Since I've been around people who are supposedly considered more intellectual than others I can see that they are as uninformed and stupid on political matters as the rest of the population. One of my friends is at Cambridge and says the same thing about life there. Place is full of the best intellectual minds in the world but they still aren't able to apply their skills to the world of politics or even understand the struggles others have.
  4. I met a couple of twins at the union recently who are studying politics and got speaking to them about the referendum. When they asked me what way I would be voting I softly told them I'm currently on the yes side but would accept more devolution. What followed was frightening as one of the twins reacted badly. *Massive gasp* "WHAT ALEX SALMOND IS GOING TO CLOSE THE SCHOOLS?!" "No he's not. Scotland currently run our own education system and there is no reason to suggest this would change in independence" "But you do realise that if you get sick you'd have to pay thousands and be left for dead?!" "No that is like the schools and we have a more successful health system than in the rest of the UK at the moment. This is also run from Holyrood" "But there will be no pound and we'd have to use the euro and have no money" "Well that's more complicated but..." "AND THEY WON'T EVEN LET US INTO THE EU!" "But you just said we'd have to use the euro?" "Yeah but that's only if we're lucky" "I think you should maybe do a bit more reading on the subject" "People like you are going to destroy this country and it scares me to think you could do this to a fellow human being" *both storm off* I seriously haven't made that up. On the plus side a few of my friends started asking me some questions and we got talking a bit and debated things. They were fairly open minded (but hadn't thought about it) and were as shocked as me at the exchange. I think I'm studying the wrong course.
  5. Out of interest why is he so strongly disliked? Don't really know too much about him apart from seeing him get destroyed in the last debates but he seemed to provide a lot more than Johann Lamont does.
  6. Fair enough we'll leave that discussion for another day. I was misleading with suggesting it was individual people paying more in. I meant total revenue. With UKIP their last manifesto suggested more that they would change the structure of the Scottish and Welsh parliaments to solve the West Lothian question but did imply powers would be removed. BNP are dead but their support could drift towards UKIP. My point was that taking powers away from Scotland and Wales could win votes from ignorant voters. That's a very good point actually that I never considered. UKIP are a party that would benefit strongly from proportional representation. I do think when the time comes UKIP will pick up a few seats and the Lib Dems will recover a bit. It would be interesting to see what a hung parliament would result in next time.
  7. Scotland put in 9.9% of UK taxes and received 9.3% of UK spending over 2011-12 and that's not a debated fact. Maybe I phrased it wrong and should have said Scotland pays more into the union in taxation (instead of Scots alone). UKIP are polling highly enough to get more seats than the Lib Dems in the next election and are projected to be the third party by most polls. I'd agree with your last point but it is in the UKIP and BNP manifesto to scrap the Scottish parliament.
  8. It's something that has really began to scare me recently. Andy Burnham's comments the other day has played on me a bit. The average voter in England won't have a proper understanding about how our devolution works. They will see us as living off of them and not understand that we are taxed a bit more so pay for our services with our own money. Retaliating against Scotland could bring in a percentage of the uninformed vote greater than the whole Scottish population itself.
  9. Does anyone think that a Conservative/UKIP coalition would try to remove powers from Holyrood or is that too far fetched?
  10. I don't think Cameron would do too badly in a debate providing his expectations were low enough. I think most people would agree that Salmond would destroy him but if he was well prepared and had a team studying Salmond's habits for a while then he surely wouldn't do too badly. Anything where he come across as remotely decent on anything would be a big win from the no side. They will see themselves comfortably in the lead right now so won't take the risk.
  11. "The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter."
  12. I don't think it's rational to want to hurt people (including yourself) to try to make a point that will be lost anyway on most of the population. Even if I disagree with the decision from the electorate I'd hope I was wrong and want a genuinely bright future for my family and friends. Your sort of mentality is destructive and this 'us and them' idea will be interpreted as provocative. The best way to engage people is to avoid that.
  13. I agree with you mostly but I doubt he will be sacked just because I don't know who'd replace him. It's quite sad how the profession has become filled with career opportunistic arseholes. The thing that has always worried me in Scotland is that some sort of power void could allow one of the stupid super socialists to take some sort of power.
  14. Just read the Daily Mail article now. It's shocking how racist it is. What is quite ironic is that they have this idea that the Scottish independence movement is fueled by race. I find it much more intimidating to admit independence leanings to people because of articles like that.
  15. harry94

    Breaking Bad

    Sorry if this has been posted
  16. harry94

    Breaking Bad

    I'm gonna guess that Hank will get killed. Marie will go mental and have a break down. Drive over to Skyler (maybe hitting the boy with the RC car on the way) and confront her. They will have a fight and one of them will get killed (probably not totally intentionally). Not sure on the fate of Walt Jra and Hollie but it is likely Walt will lose them in some way. Jesse will get kidnapped by the Aryans and Walt's final good act will be to go and save him (probably dying in the process). The ricin will be used on Lydia (he wouldn't want to violently kill a women) because she'll do something stupid. EDIT: Also think the confession DVD will go out. It'll be a blood fest. Just thinking back to Walt and Jr watching Scarface and mentioning how everyone dies in that movie.
  17. Feel like I'm asking a really stupid question guys but is this game getting released on the next generation consoles or just the current ones? Might get a new console about Christmas time so would I be better holding until then to buy the game? Only been playing fifa with my mates for the last six months or so and I'm sick of it and wanting to get back into GTA.
  18. harry94

    Breaking Bad

  19. Is it likely that a board will come up to show added time or not this season? I am an insane time keeper so would really appreciate it.
  20. I really wouldn't have objected too strongly if Dundee were put there the last time (probably because I wouldn't have ever thought we'd be in the SPL in a couple of seasons) and just be happy to have a team. Problem with throwing out a team is you are really throwing a lot of fans away from the game and in ten-fifteen years time or whatever no one will really remember or feel as bitterly about it. It is just a game of football to most fans after all. I do think there should be much higher control by the SFA to audit football teams to stop it from getting from a severe stage in the first place though.
  21. What would you like to see done ideally? It becomes pretty difficult in these situations to think of something that will seem reasonable in a few years time. Automatic relegation to tier four after any insolvency events?
  22. Exactly. It become such an 'us and them' mentality. It was like their concern wasn't about saving the club but simply about being parachuted into the top of the game and being made to feel important. It's very good for Scottish Football today, hopefully East End Park somehow comes into Dunfermline's control and over the next five years or so the club rebuild to a decent level. We can't afford to freeze thousands of fans out of the game.
  23. Come up today. It's a very clever technique actually. You don't lie you just post a non relevant fact and put it in big letters without even elaborating on your point and it instantly scares people.
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