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  1. A lot of clubs have already pledged money in contracts for next terms. They would need substantial financial backing to resolve that or be looking at calling in the administrators to try and save the business.
  2. Just stalling to reduce no of questions.
  3. If Dunfermline aren't competing in any organised football next season, there's 10 players signed up who the club are responsible for. You may be able to shift one or two but there are going to be so many out of contract players in the market. Hibernation would suspend future prize money completely, a few part timers in would likely be far less of a loss if it kept the club going, even if it was to get humped every week. I'm half wondering if the whole of Scottish Football might newco.
  4. That's what I was thinking, am I missing something here? Obviously it would be limited at that 80% and a lot would breach the threshold but I didn't think it would oblige Dunfermline to pay anything apart from the manhours to put it all together.
  5. If we were looking at a contingent of clubs at this level who were not able to find any way to make up that best case >50% shortfall in income, I'm wondering if an alternative could be to try and set-up a one-off temp league that is set up with bare minimum costs and contract out of work players in to the set-up (and ideally represent their existing club but be flexible and contract to league body so everyone has numbers). We could then maybe look at subscription models with that (or even looking at doing this as a joint venture with broadcasters - there is some shared interest there to protect their contract the best they can) and seeing how we can cost accordingly leasing one or two facilities. A bit batshit and American but could the a newco league body 'loans' the identity of the clubs for a year (or would that incur their liabilities)? I wouldn't have thought that was ever possible but we all saw Rangers etc. The complete hibernation of some clubs would be toxic if it come to that, you really wouldn't be able to assess how much it'll damage your future income.
  6. Surely the ticket office are furloughed? Don't imagine we'll have the staff ready to even attempt processing things until they are back. I wouldn't think insurance would pay out right now though - the scale of the damage isn't final and these things can take a long time.
  7. We simply don't know how good his advice is or what his influence is, McPake is the man. I think looking into body language and analysing small comments is just projection tbh (if we were flying high there would be posts here about how his 'calm' manner is indicative of a cool elder statesman in control etc), it doesn't mean anything as we just don't have the context.
  8. In all honesty, I wouldn't be too opposed to that in theory. He looked like he had some talent but was playing for a struggling team and it would have been a bit of a culture shock. Wouldn't take him on loan again though, I'd want him to be our player.
  9. Did Thompson actually get much back? I just got the impression that the finances become quite tight and he just couldn't afford to keep up his same level of backing rather than clawing it back.
  10. Not necessarily. The alternative was that promotion/relegation would not be awarded on the ppg basis but prize money would be. You could then easily say you are enlarging the top flight or second tier by x teams based on the ppg standings. I don't think you are saying nothing counts, just that across the board, the conventional system of up/down was disproportionately harsh on some teams (i.e Hearts, Thistle, Falkirk etc) and disproportionately rewarding others (i.e. St Mirren, Raith, QotS etc). The short-term cash flow is important but this could be making an impact on teams that last many years when they still had football to play and a reasonable chance of improving their situation. I would argue that if we did just take something resembling Livi's 14 plan for the top flight and promoted accordingly down the leagues, that would have been by far the least bad plan and been far less hurtful overall. Obviously, clubs will act in their self-interest but I think it is disappointing considering that it was really a minimal sacrifice and in 2013, we actually achieved a lot more with top flight clubs significantly reducing their cash share through the leagues and introducing the play-offs.
  11. He is a moron though. His whole game is to just be anti-establishment rather than actually provide any critical thinking. He gets by because, often, his stance is applicable for certain situations and mostly people want to hear simplified realities that play to their biases (i.e. everything in Scottish Football is a disaster and we're the worst at anything and it's because a cartel have fixed the referees and won't let us play in a infinitely big league with free beer, £5 tickets, reserve football and s-forms).
  12. Does Austin MacPhee roam in similar circles to Tommy Wright with the NI connection? I wonder if he might fancy a top job and would be the sort of gamble St Johnstone may make. Despite Hearts being an absolute shitfest, I think that's more down to Levein losing the plot in the transfer market and all the long term deals for the wrong players. You don't really hear, publically at least, many people slating MacPhee for his involvement and he seemed to get a lot of credit for his coaching when thing were going well. Hartley could be a good appointment and I think he could manage in the top flight again but after he absolutely lost the plot with his recruitment at Falkirk, I wouldn't imagine chairman would trust him. Hartley-ball played well was brilliant but there was just no consistency in it, he was actually becoming more pragmatic but his squad balance was atrocious with hundreds of lightweight attacking mids.
  13. If it was rejected, how hard would it have been for the SPFL to draw up the same vote a few hours later and repeat?
  14. And an additional line of defence against read receipts.
  15. We lost 1-0 but he couldn't do anything about the goal and made a few decent saves.
  16. That Robinson boy was something else. I do remember a few games where he seemed impossible to beat though, just really looked like someone who shouldn't have ever trained as a 'keeper. Barry John Corr had a couple of great games against Dundee for yourselves and Stranraer. Remember thinking he was one of the better 'keepers in the league (him and McEwan for Hamilton) and yet he seemed to disappear. Did he just not have the head for it?
  17. Ludo was one of the most consistent 'keepers I remember at Dundee. There was definitely a couple of mistakes but compared to everyone else, I really don't remember many, I think he's probably a bit unfortunate to have not played at a higher level when you see someone like Samson having made a good career for himself. Also he seemed to get injured at bad times of the season and that was the rationale Rae used to play Samson. For us, the stars aligned for us to re-sign Rab but otherwise I don't think we'd have needed to urgently act on that position. I similarly thought Bullock was quite good for us. Again though, he wasn't getting ahead of his competition (although he played around half a season with Rab injured) but never really felt like he had many mistakes in him, despite the reputation he seems to have elsewhere. There were some games I remember him being really good at and I think he won league POTM and a fair few MOTM awards at Dens. He seems to have pissed off a lot of people in football though and had his whole thing of the 'f**k the dee' top a week or so after leaving the club.
  18. I think the executives have mispoken a little bit, I don't think it'll be an official rule in the contract specifying the OF games but there will definitely be something in there about changing the structure of the league and that voiding the contract - that would change the value to the broadcasters so be perfectly reasonable to have in there from their perspective. Not really sure what can really be done apart from just asking what the adjusted rate would be for another proposition. Don't recall seeing what the change in value was in 2012.
  19. 14 team top flight can pass IMO. It would likely be structured in a way that gives the top 6 or 8 an even split in terms of home/away games with the old firm coming twice. Top of the split can live with that. Bottom sides will have a better chance of retaining their top flight status. Maybe a bit of diluted prize money but the broadcasting deal preserved with 4 OF games. I don't think anyone will be singing and dancing about it but I think it can break the impasse and pass.
  20. Hearts are relegated without reconstruction, they aren't going to be the veto if this is the way out for them.
  21. In all honesty, it reads like total bullshit to me. Rangers are desperate to muddy the waters by any means possible. They want one scenario of null and void and they need to shitfest to get that. Even if this vote is passed alongside reconstruction etc, they'll use claims of corruption as a grievance for years. They'll be making documentaries about the 'illegitimate title' years from now.
  22. The thing is, this ideal of it being an ultimatum and only option doesn't really seem credible at this stage. It may well be the thing that passes but the money is there in theory and whilst some clubs may be harder up than others, there's nothing tangible that suggests that the disruption to cash flow is going to sink anyone at this stage. If it was more urgent than that, I'd be hoping clubs would have been screaming from the rooftops weeks ago and making very clear steps to get money in. Whilst there's been an element of some clubs airing their concerns, it has been fairly tepid. The clubs own the organisation and the money is (or anticipated to be) in the bank. Suggesting there is only one single mechanism for that to he released is blatantly nonsense. Having a bit more time to seriously draft up a couple of other options and evaluate the interest in them isn't reckless.
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