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  1. Scotland v Israel

    Callum McGregor has developed really well and is an intelligent footballer but the defensive side of his game is still badly lacking. Last night, he hesitated at closing down at the first goal and his challenge at the second goal was very timid. I think he'll get better at it but if we are playing a side where we are up against it, I see McGinn being able to do that out of possession work a bit better and maybe protect the defence. I'm interested to see how Dylan McGeouch gets on at Sunderland. I think he's a very intelligent player and a very good natural footballer who has a high ceiling. I'd be really interested to see how he'd get on as he's got a fair bit of experience playing quite deep, where Callum McGregor is playing now. I think we're getting there but just need to find a way to defend a lot more consistently and need to put a lot of thought into this.
  2. I think a lot of people hold a grudge over McLeish and want to have a moan at him. He's not the most popular figure due to how he left last time and people inherently like to throw the 'DAE THINK OLD FIRM BAD?!' at figures like him because they can't understand why a manager would pick a squad player at Celtic when there's a player at a mid table team in good form not being picked. The ranking system has changed so it's given him a brilliant opportunity to really play a lot of tough friendlies and properly experiment. He's been accused of 'stumbling' onto his team last night but the theme of the last few years is that we've had a Scotland team who have focused on grinding games out and with our lack of defensive prowess, this was becoming more of a problem. There's also been a changing of the guard with key figures like Scott Brown and Darren Fletcher end their national careers. I think he's inherited a squad with something in it that can make it work and he's obviously met minimum expectations but I think that our performances this year do really bode quite well for the future. With the exception of the Israel game, we've always had a spark of some sort when going forward and despite the huge number of call outs, the players he deployed last night featured in the friendlies in March and there has obviously been an effort to create a cohesive team. The theory of 3 at the back was that it would unleash our forward thinking players and provide a bit more rigidity to the back line, this was tested and didn't quite take off but we at least know a lot more about it now. Another accusation, still being made to this day is that his selections have been somewhat blinded by this Old Firm centric universe that sees no more than the those two clubs and the English Championship and Premier League but in my mind, he's shown himself as someone pragmatic and thoughtful enough to make the tough decisions that don't fit anyone's specific formula or sterotype. Scott McKenna and David Bates being our centre half pairing is a big example of that for me last night and I think the opportunities given to Stephen O'Donnell and a few other players shows that he isn't afraid to make that gamble on occasion. For some, that won't go far enough but I think there were moments of Craig Levein's era which serves as a warning of what happens when you just give someone a cap who is playing well domestically rather than taking the time to assess if they are actually good enough for international level (as opposed to it being a player like Gary Kenneth playing in a well performing team and deployed in a specific role). Overall, positive from me and while I don't doubt that they'll be setbacks and he might make some big errors along the way, I feel more confident with him in charge than I have in any manager we've had since him. He's got a big big opportunity to make himself a popular figure again.
  3. Cedwyn Scott punted back to us. Just not good enough?
  4. Will we top the group?

    Is the final a neutral venue?
  5. All things Dundee FC

    The issue was that to completely satisfy Transport Scotland, they needed a flyover on the Kingsway which would cost a huge amount of money and there would be arguments about who pays for that and what the quote would be. There were a few compromise solutions proposed but they needed to get Transport Scotland to approve them and that was the last thing that was reported in the press. The council weren't involved in that issue as the Kingsway is technically designated as a trunk road so it's actually a national problem rather than a local one. They can't submit for planning permission (or at least, it'd be stupid to) until they have Transport Scotland's blessing. There may well be other issues but that's the one that's being reported. The only other thing I could think of was the Camperdown House people being awkward but think they'll be easy to deal with and are just using it to try and get some grants. I think they'll be put in their place quite easily if it goes further.
  6. All things Dundee FC

    The only hurdle that come out to the press was the issue with Transport Scotland and the rumour mill was that it was close to or had been resolved but no idea how true that is or was. Another bit of speculation was that the club had lined up a development partner at the end of last season to take on the project (iirc it was meant to be Robertsons who do the schools etc) but they have changed partner which has set things back a fair bit - again, no idea but that'd explain a huge amount. I think the amount of resources they've put in of their own money in this does make me think that the will is there and there is a really good chance that they'll get this (or a similar project - maybe scaled down in size) done. Plans change etc but it's a lot to go through if they aren't set on it. As for selling shares, the only place I've seen that is you saying that here. There's nothing of worth in the club right now so if that was true, there's not really any incentive for FPS to do anything else. They could simply have just cut the budget as much as possible to eliminate the running loss as much as possible. It's only really worth what's in the bank account and that's from them so they aren't getting anything back and I don't think they'd be wasting much time trying to appease us when they can just f**k off and never be seen again in an instant.
  7. All things Dundee FC

    Not sure what you're on about but the files that went up at the time are all still freely able to view on the Dundee City Council planning page. I've no idea if it's on the right track or not (and these things are pretty much always years behind track with Aberdeen a notable recent example) but they've spent 7 figures on this after ploughing in a huge amount of money into the club for other means (maintaining a very very good playing budget despite fan complaints). If this is some trickery, they've really went to a lot of effort for it. It's always been a really ambitious plan with the scope of it (with stuff like housing etc) so more likely is that they are putting out a lot of fires and making up for early errors.
  8. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    We can ask to extend Article 50 but this will only likely be granted with a new referendum (which both parties are shit scared of offering) or a new election (which carries a much higher threshold of 2/3rd majority). 55% of Labour constituencies voted 'Leave' and this is where Labour's leadership are dithering. There's obviously the court case regarding withdrawing Article 50 but this isn't a sure thing and if it is used, it is likely the case that it can't then just be reapplied legally or without pissing off the EU when it comes to constructing a new withdrawl bill (which surprise surprise, is not going to be better than now). There simply isn't the path to anything else palatable to anyone if it gets to the vote and one hasn't emerged in either party leadership.
  9. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    The UK have always had the weaker negotiating hand in this process. The red lines were set very firmly on certain European issues and they will not do anything to harm the integrity of their single market. It's a stretch to call this a negotiation but it's more or less all that we were ever going to come up with and I've yet to see a coherent response where somebody has put out a viable proposal for an alternative Brexit deal that doesn't jepordise a huge number of jobs or cause bigger issues on the Irish border. The main response I've seen is along the lines of the Canada ++ type scenario (where relative to our current membership, the access to the market is tiny and nowhere near the same level of integration; frictionless trade is gone and assembly lines won't stay as they just can't be profitable; also more issues in Ireland). Even then, it's very hard to find what people who are endorsing that idea actually wanted in the withdrawl bill. It's a shite state of affairs but the country were stupid enough to vote leave and if that's what they really want, this is the only way it can be done. Just because an idea is expressed negatively doesn't mean that it's not the least-bad option unfortunately. If you are an MP going into that chamber in a few weeks, you are voting for a 'yes/no' on this arrangement with the knowledge of a 'no' vote resulting in a cliff edge. The idea of this being rejected because parliament won't vote for a 'no deal' is contradictory in itself as this is it - there's nothing else on the table to vote on and a clock ticking.
  10. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    That's just how I see it too. Neither party want to be seen as 'defied the will of the people' and risk that ammunition being against them for a decade and having to navigate the tricky waters of this issue being unresolved and another referendum in the future (leaving the EU isn't just some fringe view that's going away, it's been relatively popular for a long time with those who normally turn out to vote and I suspect a future Tory leader could be pressured into it again if it helped their electoral votes). No deal again is an economic disaster and blood on their hands. My instinct is that once we're in December and the vote is a reality, we'll see the likes of Soubry on the Conservative benches who have been campaigning for people's vote fall in line and Labour votes also comfortably make up for the few ERG and DUP votes that will be lost (although I suspect that a few of the ERG shit themselves). Even the SNP will be a bit nervous if it comes to voting between what's on the table and nothing at all. I think the 'no deal' people don't realise that the trade deal is going to be much harder to negotiate with how it can be vetoed on the EU side so easily and the power they actually hold (while it's just a majority vote in this case). I suspect a lot of the talk about planes not flying etc would not materialise but there are industries that would suffer (particularly assembly lines) and huge job losses in year one. The priorities of the trade deal would be somewhat different once the realities of a 'hard brexit' kick in and those EU countries that have profited with the assembly lines arriving there would be in no mood to do anything to give that back up. The withdrawal agreement at least gives a starting point of being able to function and defend the economy in some way. The whole thing is stupid as f**k but this is the least shitty outcome I can see if there's no path to reversal and I'd be quite angry if some notable remainers did go down the route of obstructing this but have no viable plan in place and the clock runs out.
  11. All things Dundee FC

    Unpopular opinion but I think our centre backs are fine. I think people have short memories about Kusunga - expect him and O'Dea to be solid under this manager.
  12. All things Dundee FC

    I think the question on Jeffries was maybe because they have hundreds of centre backs so it maybe wasn't the wisest move.
  13. QP vs Connahs Quay

    That Bakare looks a player
  14. Queens v Morton

    I know there's a lot of seethe from a lot of the fan base but I think a lot of it is the delusion 'GET ON THE YOOFS mob mentality (and he scored a couple of big goals) for us. Good player and think he'll make it in full-time football at the very least but think he just needs a bit of work. McCann did not help him at all by playing a game that was so reliant on his distribution (and not really having any targets to aim for). In terms of our centre backs, there isn't a single one in the first team squad that I think he'd provide more than at this instant. The likes of Kusunga and O'Dea are actually fairly average bottom half of the table cloggers who are good enough to shitfest us to safety. Much bigger problems in the squad elsewhere that have contributed to our faillings this season. I think a few Championship full backs and wingers would add to our team which tells a lot.
  15. All things Dundee FC

    He was never a brilliant goalscorer (not completely woeful but isn't what I'd define as prolific) but he was outstanding in the air and a very clever hold up player. We were ridiculously reliant on him for a while and couldn't function without him as he took so much pressure off the defence. I think years and years of constant injuries have maybe just destroyed him. I still wouldn't be overly surprised if he come back to do OK for you or even us though. He's the sort of player that when they are poor and maybe not getting used in a certain way, they look completely hopeless but that can change in an instant. He come back after months of being injured at New Year and put in an outstanding performance at McDiarmid last season which was quite unexpected.