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  1. Livingston v Dundee

    Yeah it seemed quite a bizarre rumour at the time. I would imagine Livi will have a lot of players on contracts that'll be a good bit cheaper than the going rate at this level - a few of them were signed in League One. I suspect we'll be seeing a lot of their squad linked around the league. I think Pittman and Byrne will probably be a bit out of reach as they are tied up for next season. Gallagher and Halkett will probably get offers from almost everyone. I get a feeling we may go for Scott Robinson.
  2. All things Dundee FC

    I think that's underplaying how bad a state we were in though. McIntyre inherited a team with only one (partially) fortunate league victory and really looked like they'd get humped by anyone in this league or the second tier (and I wouldn't be confident of anyone below that). I'm sure it's very easy for any manager to identify those problems but to go out in January and actually get the quality you need is really tough going, many managers have failed at that ('what's the fucking point?'). It's still early days but it appears he's made some really good signings and we're playing football which is good to watch, whilst being competitive. I think people are getting excited because the thought is that if these are the sorts of signings he'll make, it'd appear that he's got potential to do really well here.
  3. Livingston v Dundee

    To be fair, your defenders probably thought Woods would take it.
  4. Livingston v Dundee

    I feel a wee bit sorry for him as it was just a daft mistake, don't think he meant to hurt anyone. There's a lot of those sorts of challenges that referees don't give. Motherwell have been particularly brutal this season and got away with a lot.
  5. To be fair to Kearney, I think he's had a big disadvantage over Rice and McIntyre. When you look at McIntyre coming in, he was really inheriting one of the worst teams I can ever remember Dundee starting a top flight season with. Despite getting humped from lower league teams and looking miles away from anything, there are Dundee players in the squad who have some level of competency and have been there before. O'Dea, Kusunga, Kerr, Kamara, McGowan and Kenny Miller have all got a bit of experience in this level and shown themselves to be OK players in the past for Dundee; Ralph too was one of McCann's only signings and did OK. Hamilton too had Woods, Gordon, Kilgallon, MacKinnon, Imrie, Gogic who I think have experience and don't seem out of place in this league. At St Mirren, there's only really the McGinn brothers who you could point to as having some experience at this level and of the two of them, Paul had a poor season at Thistle last season and Stephen last played at this level a few years ago. There were a few players who continued from last season with some ability and promise but they are quite young and inexperienced, trying to perform in a weak side. Like Dundee and Hamilton, St Mirren have added a lot of players and badly needed to but there was at least something there with demonstrated capability to be used in some way. I think that it is easily the toughest job out of the three for any manager to take on. They aren't out of it yet and if Dundee don't keep getting points on the board, they could still fight for a play off spot if they take a result or two somewhere. They have both Dundee and Hamilton to play twice. That being said, I was a little bit surprised that Neilson and McIntyre were overlooked for the job. I know McIntyre had a bit of seethe at him for his last window at County but he knows the game here and has a fair amount of experience from relatively recently and a couple of success stories. He's also inherited a situation before when he had to throw together a team in January and shifest a season out. He was the logical appointment for anyone in that situation at the time IMO.
  6. Rise of Astro Pitches

    I'm with you. It really doesn't help things that it's national news when someone slips on astroturf. There's a debate to be had but I fear a lot of opposing view points are built on things that just aren't true or can be backed up by evidence.
  7. All things Dundee FC

    You really should be winning that league comfortably (and any play off) if that's the sort of 11 you are fielding as second string.
  8. Livingston v Dundee

    You guys will be fine. I wouldn't even be surprised if you lost every game and still finished 10th. A couple more draws would be enough to stay up.
  9. All things Dundee FC

    This summer, we let Holt go and then replaced him with someone totally untested. Ralph has come on to be very good but we relied on him alone which was a mistake when he took time and also was injured. In Hartley's last season, he let Konrad go. Konrad wasn't spectacular but he was generally injury free and played around 70 games for us where he performed very well for 90% of them. We then let him go and spent the summer window scrambling around for another centre back before ending up with Kevin Gomis who was leaving a team at quite a high level and would have been on a fair bit of money. We got one or two good games out of Gomis but he was very erratic and I don't really think many people would argue he was better business than keeping Konrad. Hartley also let Jim McAlister walk out the door and he was a valuable utility man who we never really replaced. The next few years, we often had gutless midfields and sometimes just had no one to fill certain gaps, leading to magical mystery formations etc. The same window, Letheren was replaced by David Mitchell (which certainly wasn't an improvement) and there are a few others I can think of similar. Whatever you maybe think about specific players, it's not the worst thing in the world to have someone pretty bang average and keep them for longer. People talk about needing to progress etc but quite often, these guys aren't the biggest problem and we've got 5 or 6 on the wage bill who are more useless. Say what you like about both of them but Cammy was/is an exceptional defender for a mid table team. Under McCann, we changed our style of play to slow build up which didn't do his game any favours (I don't imagine many right backs would be that happy to have slow passing from the 'keeper result in being closed down by two players and having to play the ball on your weaker foot) and changed the way he'd play when he'd hit the byline with pace and just run (winning a few penalties that way). He used to struggle much more defensively but last season, he put in some great performances and was used to specifically neutralise some threats like Cadden etc. I don't know what's gone on with him but I do think the poor form has been exaggerated a bit and he has actually put in a few really good performances since McIntyre come in. I wouldn't be throwing a contract at him but if he recovers to play a team role until the end of the season, I'd be happy enough to offer something reasonable. We had the worst ever side assembled in the first half of the season at some times and he was under an unreal amount of pressure - we had very little to press up front or in midfield and I think the defence were really up against it. He's been resilient in his Dundee career so far so I think he'll come back and do OK tbh. If not, someone like Tommy Wright will see the good in him and be happy to take him. Gowser is Gowser. Not much to say there but we've spent seasons getting frustrated at him before he's come back into the fold and saved us - I remember being delighted at him being dropped one season when we played Hearts at home and he come on at 2-0 down to inspire a semi-flukey 3-2 comeback! He's very dependent on his mobility for his style of play which is at risk of becoming a problem but I think he's still got stuff left in the tank. He had a real impact on the game at Hamilton last week when he come on and I still think we'll see him play a lot. Like Cammy to a certain extent, he's been playing in a team with no real attacking intent and players around him who can't really provide any pressure - Kenny Miller has provided a few big moments but we've seen Curran and Nelson provide some presence with their athleticism. I think the way the team is set up now, he'll look more effective. Gowser is one of these players who I think looks bad when things are falling apart as he doesn't shriek responsibility and hide like others.
  10. Forfar Athletic 2018-19

    He was a full back for his whole Dundee career. There was a game where he started at centre back and two or three games in midfield so in almost 200 games for the club, it was a rare sight. When we first signed him in 2011, he was a key part of the Dundee side who went into administration and hit great form. A young Irvine was a fantastic and dynamic full back who would often pick the ball up and drive into the centre of the park. When we initially went up, due to the Rangers debacle, he (and the team) really wasn't ready for top flight football and despite a few really good performances (towards the end of the season mostly), he struggled a bit and tended to struggle defending. When we went back down, he matured into a really solid and consistent player who learned to defend very well. He wasn't really appreciated by the Dundee fans but when we tried to replace him with a younger player (Paul McGinn), Irvine kind of reinvented himself as a steady defender and periodically worked his way back into the team and started to fill in at left back where we were weak. Oddly, putting him at left back started a run of a few goals where he just seemed to end up in goal scoring positions all the time - no one could quite understand it. I've no idea what his fitness levels are like now and it'd be disrespectful to your level to claim any old player can just come in and instantly be a star but if he is sufficiently fit, I think he's a good head to have in a team as he is a really good professional and although he was prone to his odd poor game, he was generally very consistent. We never really appreciated him until we started trying to replace him and found it harder than realised. Eventually, Paul McGinn and Kevin Holt matured into decent top flight players and then we had young Cammy Kerr who come back from a loan at Peterhead (where he had two spells) and impressed on his return in a New Years Day derby win so I don't think we could justify holding onto him when he could get a contract elsewhere.
  11. When will indyref2 happen?

    The opinion polling is always pretty weak for Holyrood but they do average a 15% lead in the constituency vote and about 11% in the list vote using the 5 most recent reputable polls. The Greens average about 6.6% in the list vote (which is what they exactly got in 2016). It's very premature and there is a much bigger risk in Holyrood than people realise but I don't think it's fair to say that's the projection yet. It's been shown in one or two polls but mostly, it's been a similar state of play when you look at the last year or so of polling. I suspect as well, all polling may turn out to be useless and we'll see a dramatic change in the landscape post Brexit. It's uncharted waters ahead.
  12. All things Dundee FC

    He's a player I've wanted every window, maybe just broken now. I think a lot of United's signings will be very hit and miss tbh. Reynolds, Connolly (to a lesser extent), Butcher, Pawlett and Sow have all had pretty major fitness/injury issues in the past few years - they all arrive with that still hanging over them. Gomis playing at a weird level (although I actually think he's kept himself quite fit and will be one of their success stories with a run of games). It's easy to spin it into a horror show if you are creative enough. I suppose it might be an OK strategy as they probably just need two or three of them to get a run of games together - when we signed Nade, none of us were expecting him to put in the sort of work he did and he was arriving from a poorer level, maybe Neilson will get the most out of Sow. For me though, we've needed something very different to United in this window. Quality has been required in some areas but I think it's been very important to get the character of the signings right- they need to be high work rate players. Relegation threatened teams often become the home of a lot of unfit shite earning their last contracts and not really caring - I'm pretty encouraged in the last two league games about the ones we've seen so far (and we only had 3 on the park against QotS - Dales impressed me and kept working to the end and chasing things down, trying to take people on) so hopefully we reverse the trend. I'm happy we didn't go the Mixu complete breakdown route and don't appear to have thrown huge money at a miracle fix. The biggest signing for us might turn out to be Dieng. I like Parish but between him and Hamilton, we've had a 'keeper rooted to his spot for the entire season - I genuinely think any other first choice in the league would have been a better alternative. The new guy is not perfect - or else he wouldn't be here- but in the Hearts game for example, he must have killed about 6 or 7 attacks dead well outside his normal area. That might not seem that significant but when you are holding on to a game, that could equate to a long time playing around in our penalty area and I think before, we'd have had our possession in our own third drop by 10-20% by not having someone capable of doing that. I really don't think certain managers properly grasp the importance of a good 'keeper - we're seeing some incredible 'keepers coming through in England nowadays but even really good managers seem to have made errors when trading the really basic stuff for a 'distribution' type goalie: I have a feeling that McCann's focus on getting Hamilton was because he could train him to do this (which he isn't particularly good at either - his kicking did improve massively with the manager change though).
  13. All things Dundee FC

    We can sign both. Allowed 4 domestic loans (5 overall which we've used one of). Only one player who isn't an under 21 allowed but Wright was 20 at the start of the season so counts as under 21. Only one player per team we loan from allowed.
  14. Evening Tele journalist and Queens fan said it here - no more since. I'd imagine we're sorted with Wright now unless there's some bizarre late switcheroo planned with Deacon or that. I don't imagine we'll be in a great position for a PCA with the unknowns about our division.
  15. All things Dundee FC

    I find it a blur tbh. I don't recall finding Zemlik that bad though but his scoring record is worse than I thought it was - I remember his league goal , I'm sure he throated it in or something like that. It was tremendously exciting seeing Curier and McMenamin come in though. I remember the season before that thinking that Dyron Daal was our best player of all time.