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  1. He was never officially announced by Dundee for what it's worth.
  2. Am I imagining things or did McKinnon not start talking about how great it was that Benedictus was a natural left footer when he signed? Seems a nice enough guy but if I understood that correctly and it wasn't just him misspeaking, that should really horrify a board.
  3. Sweeney is a good defender at this level despite the horrific goals against column. Could see someone coming in for him this summer.
  4. In all fairness, I think it's pretty harsh to take anything from when you get one of these good academy players as their first loan move. It's always a bit of a shock to the system for them and then usually the test is if they go out again how they cope. Can see it a bit with Daley-Campbell right now. He's very clearly talented beyond the squad but has also looked very raw and very late. He was dropped last week (played on Sat in midfield with our covid issues) and as good as he looks, I don't think there are many teams in the league where he'd turn up and get much of a look in right now.
  5. How many tickets can we each buy on general sale?
  6. Aberdeen are a very oddly run club right now, McInnes was holding things together and he's left a big void and they seem to have just replaced that with a few buzzwords and don't really know how to run things. Cormack seems a tad obsessed with making big statements and branding which is great but it's been to the detriment of the football side (e.g. appointing an unqualified manager who pledged “fast, attacking football”). It's like his decision making is to impress people and 'excite' rather than actually get the basics there. Personally think when boards start pledging on what style of play a manager is going to play etc, it wrecks everything. It's probably lucrative and too big an opportunity for someone like Goodwin to actually turn down but I genuinely think that the next manager could be a disaster appointment depending on how board have them operate.
  7. We've bought an old house up that needs a lot of work and have a very big DIY job on our hands. Right now, there's two fireplaces being knocked through, frames going up, rewiring, and a full redecoration (including kitchen worktops, doors and some rejigging). A lot of new stuff for us to take on (aside from electricals and skimming). In all of this madness and decisions to make, she's become absolutely obsessed with purchasing skirting boards and dedicated about 75% of her time stressing about this point and getting annoyed that I'm not giving it adequate attention. For what it's worth, they are mostly wood in pretty decent shape and would be madness to replace!
  8. It is a thing in leagues with squad registration rules. On a match day, you have to nominate the sub keeper on the bench.
  9. Dundee are under (I think closer to 4,000 but definitely under) 4,200 out of 11,850 so around 35%. Does around 1800 behind each goal then half the main stand being another 1500 at McDiarmid sound right? If so you wouldn't be far off around half which would be one of the higher ones if the league.
  10. He wasn't fit, hobbled off midweek and was quite clearly put of sorts and shattered. Just played as we were desperate. He's that sort of style that will get in trouble with late challenges when he tires.
  11. That looks a tad early to me but does look like he was probably on with that starting position. We're going to need better cameras when VAR comes in!
  12. Agree 100%. Do get the feeling it was maybe press management to polish a turd and they didn't have the heart to fight it but unacceptable that we didn't at least seen to source any proper replacement and were chasing around late window. In all honesty, we should have been throwing an extension at him a couple of weeks after we signed him. Couldn't believe some of the shit people would moan at him for having a bit of composure. Motherwell showed how it could be done with Kipre. He didn't have any interest being there long term and they played the market and got £1 million. Come in in short term deal and they were instantly throwing offers at him and obviously planning his departure early on.
  13. He played very well under McIntyre for the most part and we were actually looking much more competitive. That game V Rangers when Ralph got sent off, he was outstanding and pretty much ran the show in midfield, didn't look like we were down to 10 men. Brought other guys up a level by just being so good. May well have been that there were a few words behind the scenes or could have been McIntyre trying to preempt it and giving up on it too easily. We'll never really know but given how Kamara just had a new agent and his camp seemed to be playing the press, my instinct is that they were probably putting a lot of pressure on. Could also have been above managers head, not really known for making good football decisions at board level either.
  14. The one that really annoys me is when people make an effort to park fine but then leave 0.9 a cars length from the car in front of them, eurobin or junction when there's plenty of space. I get being an arsehole but I think that's down to a lack of analytical thinking which frustrates me much more.
  15. That hammering Kazakhstan gave us a few years back shows how vulnerable we can be. There's an expectation that we should be going out and hammering teams but success for a country like us at football usually starts off with giving players consistency and getting them used to a system and way of playing. Dull in games against the minnows when it feels like we maybe should be stepping up in games but ultimately, Clarke's style definitely has done the business over a long period. A lot of talk about luck but by the same token, we probably would have beaten the Czechs on another day and possibly went through the groups if we were more fortunate in how the chances fell and not losing a wonder goal. Sent from my SM-G973F using Tapatalk
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