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  1. Next Scotland Manager

    In a similar vein, I'm ashamed to say it but I like Neil Warnock and think he'd do well. A cheaper version of Pulis but if you look at him club-to-club, he's actually got a really good record. His curse seems to be that he always takes over teams who just don't give him the finance at top flight level (apart from QPR who gave him money like a week before the window). He's also got a really good big game record (and maybe just getting them back into the fight with a couple of huge wins recently). We could maybe see if there is a loophole and could somehow play Sol Bamba to solve our defensive woes.
  2. All things Dundee FC

    I know it's not the point you're making but I've got no sympathy to McCann or Hartley over budgets they've been given. They were both very well funded by all accounts and I've never really thought there's been an issue in that regard. It might have been that there was a bit of string tightening last summer but when you see the amount of freedom McCann got to basically sign an additional squad from Hartley's, we were burning through cash and still making decent calibre signings. For me, I think this is a year where one or two signings wouldn't have made a massive difference. It's unreal how tight it is but I genuinely think that if we started the season with the squad we had in the summer at Championship level, we'd be lower mid table until January at the latest. The team under Smith that was out of their depth generally handled second tier and lower sides and hammered 2nd top Morton in the cup when the time come, it's insane that we're even still in with a chance.
  3. All things Dundee FC

    Looked really good when I watched Stirling a few weeks ago. Not surprised we've preferred him to Gourlay.
  4. Alex McLeish Is Sacked.

    Interesting suggestion. I think though that when we're talking about stuff like style etc, problems are coming. The role of an international manager is dictated by what they have and in a few days a year, they are limited in how much they can influence a player and get a unique style in place. For me, we're looking for a pragmatist who has a personality that doesn't alienate half of the pool of players. Warburton isn't really someone who I'd associate with that and his big game management doesn't appear to be that good based on what I've seen.
  5. Alex McLeish Is Sacked.

    What has Gemmil done wrong?
  6. Keep/Punt/Undecided

    Donaldson and Walsh under contract? They have looked really good whenever I've seen you guys this season and I could see a bit of interest there.
  7. The secretary of state for Scotland.

    I think people who Sturgeon visits will know the sort of role she actually has and what they can get out of her. Mundell is a a bit of an odd case because you wouldn't imagine he could persuade the PM to actually do anything tangible so I don't really know what people feel they can get out of him. From reading on the UK Gov site the press releases, I get the feeling he's just a travelling salesman who is ordered around from other departments to try and sell the Innovate Projects - none of it seems to actually be strictly Scottish (so for example, he went to Latin America to talk about technological advances that have been made in agriculture; the link just being that Scotland's biggest trade export to the region is food and drink). If I'm right, that's actually a justifiable role but he really shouldn't have the title he has. It's basically just to be a spokesperson for a few of the governments positions on Scotland and a junior minister of the department of trade.
  8. The Official President Trump thread

    He also coded something for her to use to view some documents that she couldn't deencrypt and also the point you've made. Either way, it seems they are trying that angle.
  9. The Official President Trump thread

    Just a bit more out with the sealed indictments being releases. He's actually being accessed of himself working to hack a password which he fed to Manning to use.
  10. The Official President Trump thread

    We don't know the crimes he's been accused of yet but indefinite detention without a trial is something the federal government use as a tool and I think they'll have plenty of lines of inquiry. The attitudes and responses towards whistleblowers in the US is pretty severe (and in different administrations) and this is someone who has an accusation against them of even deliberately influencing a US election at the behest of a foreign power. I could see it being a complex process but it just seems impossible to me that their justice system would let him go so easily, even if that last part isn't true. It'll be interesting to see if any other political figures are worried. Farage had a couple of meetings around the time of the email dump and was also meeting Trump and his campaign. I don't think they'll go that route but it can be something that happens, even if it's in a few years.
  11. The Official President Trump thread

    I would bet he'll spend the rest of his life in jail tbh. It seems like a really proveable with data etc and a lot of things he can be charged with. Trump could try to do something but I don't think he'd really gain anything.
  12. The Official President Trump thread

    Assange lifted. This will be very interesting....
  13. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    It would mean May's agreement is implemented. No way that parliament would legislate on another leave vote that isn't directly linked to something.
  14. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    The referendum thing is a moot point. If that's what parliament wants, it'd be an instant approval from Brussels to agree to an extension as it's for a tangible purpose. Same thing if it was for any specific implementation process. It's plenty of time to get the ball moving on one if parliament agrees. It'll be completely wasted but I think the six months is also good time for parliament to work on a proper customs union plan and even allow the Tories to possibly maintain their own party if they can get some sort of guarantee legislated on cross party that there will be a long-term approach to pivot away from this (something along the lines of a new department to work on setting up trade deals in principle etc to allow future withdrawal). I suspect no one has the skill to do that though.
  15. Champions League 2018-2019 Thread

    I think it made sense last night tbh. Solskjaer was going for a back 3 to try and keep Barca quiet, Rojo and Jones are liabilities at that level IMO so Shaw coming inside seemed the best option. Darmian seems to not be trusted at all or have issues in the background so it just really leaves Young. In fairness, nothing really got created out wide and in a defensive sense, he was fine. I suspect he won't be on the pitch if they are pushing for goals and they will sign another option there in the summer.