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  1. In all honesty, I see this entirely differently, I'd be quite surprised if it passes. I think there will quite easily be vetoes in 2/3 leagues and possibly all of them, the carrot being waved of releasing funds will be sorted one way or another without going through this mechanism (just as Rangers have implied). This happened in 2012 with Rangers readmission to the league system then the 2013 talks on reconstruction. The board come up with a proposal which is touted publicly as being the 'only' path possible and then a few owners go apeshit and then the clubs end up drafting something different. I think this is just the starting pistol to try and force something to happen.
  2. The money doesn't magically vanish if it isn't voted for. As much as people like throwing shit at the board, the clubs are the members with the power, as was evidenced during the Rangers debacle.
  3. The justification for holding back on the top flight to me seems nonsense, if you are passing the resolution for three of the divisions, then surely that must be compatible with what happens in the top flight. If the top flight was to finish, then why can't the teams in contention for top flight football get their opportunity to do that? I don't give a shit about the start of the League Cup next term. Also the line regarding reconstruction, 'you are relegated with a game in hand over your biggest rivals but give us another few days and we'll maybe sort out some sort of compromise and get a supermajority of clubs in favour of something that benefits you'.
  4. A bigger division doesn't eliminate the prospect of clubs panicked about dropping a division or chasing promotion. The gulf between the leagues would be greater (probably more in line with what we had pre the redistribution in the SPFL merger) which would again incentivise teams chasing to go up or stay down. The competition for promotion/relegation isn't necessarily going to include less teams. The full-time teams in Scotland outwith the Old Firm, Edinburgh and Aberdeen aren't really that drastically different in size, fans get into crowdwanks a lot but we all see Hamilton and Livingston competing with others, it's still conceivable that a 16 team league could have 6 or 7 clubs looking over their shoulder. I'm not really convinced those pressures to spend for promotion/safety are eliminated by it - I don't know how we could do that apart from just dumping all the part-time teams and doing a one tier set-up. I'm also not that convinced that's where the sustainability problem across the board comes from tbh. I think it's more down to teams banking on some sort of overdraft facility from shareholders and poor decision making with that safety net. As mental as some losses you see in Scottish Football are, it's rare to actually see a club go extinct and the people attracted to invest in our level of football either seem to be well aware of the losses they will see or utterly batshit delusional and dodgy (which is usually where the real problems come from).
  5. As much as people might feel the tide is turning etc, the independence polling figures haven't changed near as much as people would think in the midst of an absolute clusterfuck down at Westminster. Consent on a referendum has been made very clear as not forthcoming in the next parliamentary term and there's very little she can do to change that, the nonsense you keep spewing about how she can hold some sort of tangible referendum on this against the PMs consent has no basis in reality. Unless you want her to create a militia and enforce this, I'm not sure what you're actually proposing. She's picked a strategy of presenting a progressive stable center-left government who are pro-EU and continued hammering Labour to f**k. On indyref, there's been a non-committal strategy towards boxing the party in to any commitments made on how they will fight the referendum when the UK doesn't have an arrangement sealed with the European Union which could massively change some of the headline text. On the charge that she is working with sinister figures in dark rooms to thwart independence and using the apparatus of government to manipulate the judicial process to advance her goals, that's something I can't really disprove....
  6. The guy is a trained doctor from one of the best medical schools in the US (and world). It really tells a lot about him.
  7. Opener V County away in the first game of the season? Duffy and Williams looked genuinely good that day.
  8. They weren't far wrong, the national polling didn't really matter much though but Hillary did have a comfortablish vote lead over Trump in that sense which held. If you go through the same website and look state by state in 2016, there wasn't a huge amount of data and places like Michigan, Florida, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania were actually quite close when taken by decent pollsters in the 'A' category, 538 gave their last projection as being a 33% chance that Trump had of victory, in 2012 they had Romney at like 15% the day before. We were all just really distracted with the overall figure that it come as a much bigger shock than it should have been. Looking at the same places now, it's still a toss up. Biden needs to flip two of them.
  9. Thought it was funny seeing someone in Lidl have a heads gone at the lack of tins of chopped tomatoes yet had about thousands of fresh tomatoes right behind them.
  10. I think that it is doable to in finish the current league season. We could aim to resume the current season in August/September (with or without the 2020 League Cup depending on how things pan out time wise) and then finish the league fixtures by mid November. Then we could have a one off half-season where the prize money is distributed much more equitably through the structure (designed to protect teams a bit further if they drop a league than the parachute payment does) and then resume to normality in 2021. I agree with you that the biggest budgeting issue is having certainty but, whilst having a guaranteed league position may help teams anticipating the quantity of funds heading their way, the driver of that issue is going to be the resume date and that's the part we don't really have control over. We could make things as straight forward as possible and just come out with a firm void/current standings verdict today (as we could come out with the sort of plan I've mentioned) but the main problem is that it's going to be difficult to assess how likely that is.
  11. Not so much 'time to gel' I'd say but it was a large reboot in the summer, 10 players arriving and then Finlay stepping up and Meekings returning from a season out was a restart. Every manager makes signings that are pish and don't work out - you are especially at risk of that in a short time period with massive turnover. Generally speaking, teams who get out of this league have a core of more than half the team in the starting 11 who have been at the club the previous season. In our side last night, only 3 players started who were with us last season. I'm sure there's exceptions to that but the shitfest of last season and decline of the team for years was always going to be very difficult to shake off and be a job for multiple windows.
  12. I think that there's a good chance we'd be given a place in this scenario. They seem to be intent on using this Nations League thing to regulate rankings and we were the strongest finishers out of the 4, assuming they take into account us playing in a smaller group and do the usual play-off sorting of removing the score against the lowest rank team and using goal difference to decide ties. Israel on 6 (+1GD), Noway on 9 (+4GD), Serbia on 8 (+3GD). We'd pip Norway with 9 (+5GD).
  13. So far anyway, Biden has won more convincingly with much higher turnout than Hillary did and seems to be winning that sort of pissed off rust belt demographic quite well. It's funny to see how much people actually hated Hillary. I think he can win but it'll be a shitfest. You do get the feeling though that he's capable of having an 'episode' at any moment though.
  14. I know they would be considered full-time overall but did Raith have anyone apart from McGurn in 2011 when they finished 2nd? Were Clydebank part-time in 1989? They were 13th overall. Meadowbank 14th in 87-88 but again don't know what their proper status was at the time.
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