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  1. They also play different positions though. Ciftci plays a lot deeper whilst Sow is an out and out striker.
  2. I often wonder how much of the difference is down to poor messaging from the left England. The last few Labour manifestos have usually been something like 'we'll gain more revenue, nationalise x, improve this benefit system, put more into social services.....' and quite a lengthy construct. The other team are always saying something similar enough that it can be zoned out. There's got to be something more tangible in terms of effect stated in understandable terms. Blair didn't often speak about x percent boosts to the education budget, he consistently stated classroom sizes which is something that can be easily related to. I feel this is particularly important when the term 'nationalisation' enters the fray. Often you are looking at things where benefit won't be derived for a long time and the communicated benefit is often 'it's an essential resource and others shouldn't be profiting from it' just doesn't do enough. If your answer isn't striking enough that you can't save someone money (that they can easily understand) in a foreseeable time frame or give a noticeable benefit, it should be hidden in one of the back pages IMO. I fear Starmer hasn't really grasped any of that and is simply trying to shadow the whole 'get Brexit DUN NOW' message rather than prep for winning in 2024. If there's no argument from this side that has effective direct messaging, these voters are at the mercy of whatever crap is thrown to them in print press.
  3. That's where the PM/FM comes in. Boris did change his tone but early on, it was destructive with his havering on about shaking hands with people and giving multiple speeches where he made references to how we shouldn't overestimate the virus, this in addition to the practices in his own gov which nearly took his own life and exposed other important individuals. Like it or not, Sturgeon has polled through this pandemic as having legitimacy in how she's presented herself and being trusted in Scotland across the political spectrum whilst similar polls showed the opposite was true for Boris. You can't quantify the impact on the spread messaging has and comparisons between per capita case rates are always a bit iffy when questioned (e.g. testing rates and demographics need to be weighted) but trust in advice will undoubtedly have a positive impact and that's where the two governments have performed differently. In addition, it's not strictly true that policy would be the same with differing governments. Resources coming from the treasury impacts the sort of public health response measure you can reasonably maintain. Our spending approach has been nowhere near as aggressive as people seem to believe when you take a proper look at how other developed countries have approached things.
  4. It's very difficult determine the effectiveness of the new restrictions from the headline figure of cases. You need to look at the channels that the virus has spread through and trace the clusters individually to determine the effectiveness of restrictions. For what it's worth though, if you take increase % on a rolling 7 day basis (to try and move away from issues with test backlogs etc), the rate of growth increase (not the growth increase itself) has actually been far steadier since the 6th September. Why that is though is hard to say.
  5. Re the Edinburgh Airport rail link, Gateway's location is actually decent enough, I'm sure there are other airports where they have branded train stations that are actually a 5 minute light rail connection to. I think they just need to properly brand it and not take the piss with the additional charge. That being said, when you have a much faster and cheaper route from Dundee via the national express coach from the centre to the terminal building that runs into all hours of the night, it's a relatively poor solution. You can have the rail station as close as you like but there's no point if the other rail links from other major population centres aren't practical enough.
  6. In fairness, Koch has just arrived a week ago. I'd imagine they will improve.
  7. I'm not sure what you're referring to but a year or two ago, there was a fair bit in the press about the batch of that era being particularly promising in the 13/14 ages with more internationals than previously. What year group that correlated to exactly (and idk if players regularly play above their own age group), I'm not too sure and only as informed as whatever (usually optimistic) things the club put out.
  8. It's the 2020-21 Nations League group stage.
  9. There were a few twitter rumours re MK Dons sniffing around Dorrans again.
  10. With Ashcroft and McGhee alongside, I think that would be quite a well balance back 3.
  11. You can also theoretically join the EU customs union, even if in EFTA.
  12. May's government proposed a CU, it was in their political deceleration document. Being within the same CU is a different story though. Parliament would have also needed to explicitly vote on directing the gov to relax their red lines to the extent of voting on FoM etc and they weren't willing to do that.
  13. The vote was meaningless. If it passed, it would have resolved nothing. All it meant was that the UK gov had to put in place something in the future relationship stage (i.e. after Brexit itself) that they interpreted to fit the meaning.
  14. He only had 2 assists in total but I don't think you can take a huge deal from that in terms of the argument for pushing a player forward, very different skill crossing from deep to being able to get into dangerous areas. I think he could be decent further forward, would love to see it tried. He's fairly fast and decent enough on the ball, I could see him taking players on and being a threat. There's a disproportionate no of left backs who have been trained in that position from youth because they are one of few left footers.
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