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  1. I said after the league cup games that I was getting a vaguely Stubbs-esque feeling about this team. How wrong was I! Superb today. I just fucking love watching us when every single player knows his job. That’s all down to Robbo. Long may it continue.
  2. The reality is that when everyone is fit and available, Kiltie is a sub. Pretty much guaranteed to come on in most games, but still a sub. If he's unhappy with that, then fair enough. But I'd still like to keep him.
  3. Have they deleted that tweet? Can’t see it on their feed.
  4. I think we're pretty set in midfield now to be honest. We have: Baccus Erhahon O'Hara Kiltie Flynn Reid Gogic That can all play in a midfield 3. Don't see us adding to that.
  5. I guess Robbo sees his preferred back three as Gogic Gallagher Dunne, with Fraser as back up? Be a real shame if Big Joe leaves but I hope it's on good terms - i.e. you're a top pro, but you won't always be in the starting XI and we won't stand in your way if you want to move on etc.
  6. O’Hara done very well in the build up. Main and Ayunga are a real handful.
  7. Doesn’t really fit into the current system. Think Robinson views him as someone to throw on if we’re chasing a game.
  8. Agreed. Still think we lack a bit of creativity in midfield but I’d be happy with that. Good cover across the whole squad.
  9. Couldn't make the game today, but playing fairly well from what I can see on the stream. Ayunga unlucky with the shot off the post.
  10. With Gallagher out the picture, I assume we’ll go back to a flat back 4 on Saturday. Do we even have another centre half that could step into an3? That could mean a return to the starting line up for Henderson, but I’m sure that’s what we’ll see. I’d probably go with: Carson Strain Shaughnessy Dunne Tanser (if fit) Baccus Erhahon Henderson O’Hara Kiltie Ayunga/Brophy Can’t see Robinson going with that though.
  11. If we lose next Saturday…ooft. Usually quite an optimist but I’ve got a really bad feeling about this season.
  12. Yeah, fully expect the Dons to come away with all three points. Will be delighted if we get anything from the game.
  13. Not that bothered if Robinson stays or goes to be honest.
  14. Who’s taking the Motherwell team on Sunday then?
  15. Best news of this week: Livi have an amber kit this year, so we’ll be able to wear the stripes against them at home.
  16. Aye, mobile site is an utter pain. Never had any issues with Tapatalk.
  17. I’m actually fairly pleased to see the 3-5-2 return. 4-3-3 hasn’t been working.
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