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  1. Jim's messing about with the personnel and formation every game reminds me of the start of Danny's last season. Pretty sure in the first few games of the season, we were playing 3-5-2's, 4-3-3's, with Gary Harkins playing basically every position imaginable. We got a fair few gubbings until we started playing a solid and hard to beat 4-4-1-1. Pretty sure we won 2-0 at Tynie and we picked up after that. He just needs to pick a simple, solid formation, with players in the right positions, and keep it the same, week to week with as few changes as possible.
  2. To be fair, Goody has dropped both McAllister and Durmus already this season, so I don't think he's afraid to. Sheron has been poor and really needs a big performance tonight. I'm sure he'll play. Can't wait for Magennis and Flynn back!
  3. We could always go with a really tight midfield 5. Do the old Scotland style 4-5-1 where we had Scott Brown and Lee McCulloch wide! McGrath - MacPherson - Foley - Sheron - Erhahon
  4. Erhahon was one of our better players v Hibs, wouldn't drop him. Know it's not the same position, but I'd have him in place of Durmus - he's been so poor.
  5. Erhahon starting is a big surprise. Just pray he’s playing in his correct position. Hope he has a solid game.
  6. You’ll definitely get chances. All our games (bar Rangers) have been back and forth, end to end. We’re arguably only playing one centre mid as well.
  7. Assuming we’re playing a diamond in midfield. Sheron/Foley McAllister - Durmus McGrath
  8. Jim stressing that he has plenty of pace. No idea what he's like but there ya go! Certainly gives us more options. Once Magennis and Flynn are back we have some good depth midfield to front.
  9. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/local-sport/jim-goodwin-reveals-st-mirrens-22558797.amp?__twitter_impression=true Jim looking to bring in “just one more”. Wants someone with pace.
  10. Wee Danny doing the pre match coverage today [emoji7]
  11. Totally agree. Need to give Junior the chance. He'll be out to prove himself after last week.
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