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  1. Was certainly at the airport with Gus and Andreu. Wasn’t in a Saints tracksuit but Djorkaeff wasn’t either.
  2. Louis Longridge is in Spain with the team I think
  3. Alloa have granted St Mirren permission to speak to Goody.
  4. Are the away tickets likely to be for season ticket holders only on Thursday? [emoji17] Don’t have a season ticket due to work clashing with most games, but can go up for this one.
  5. Deal isn’t happening anyway, never actually got here in the end!
  6. Still absolutely baffles me that Stubbs went through an entire transfer window and didn’t sign one winger. What a fud.
  7. Looks like Jackson is signing according to his insta bio...
  8. Other two trialists (guessing Gondo and McGugan) are away.
  9. So if McGinn and Magennis are out, what do we do against Hibs? I guess we’ll just have to pack the midfield and hope to nick a goal. Willock and Jones to come in? I know Jones can play CH but I thought he was a defensive mid first and foremost.
  10. Cammy MacPherson starting at right back, McGinn into centre half. Baird has pulled up with an injury
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