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  1. To me it's very 'Dumbartony' as it really reminds me of their mid 90s classic... Probably a take on that no?
  2. Would help aye but large away supports is pretty much a uk phenomenon anyway (maybe Germany, Italy and a couple others in Europe too). In the likes of Spain, even the bigger club have very few travelling fans...
  3. Absolutely! Yet apparently it's only those voting against that are acting out of self interest.... Even if we had been sitting in 8th, I'd genuinely have wanted us to vote against the proposal, in anticipation of another, fairer one (eg, pay out for current league positions but hold off with relegations/promotions for now). I care about my club but I don't want us to benefit unfairly, to the detriment of others. Even if a future proposal meant we would be safe but say, the HL/LL sides were cut out, that wouldn't sit right with me at all. The fact so many are saying our position is selfish is completely disingenuous. If we do end up in League 1 next season, I can see fellow jags fans boycotting Forfar away and potentially others who voted for the proposal...
  4. So the club's that are claiming potential financial ruin would've been screwed anyway if they'd finished bottom of their respective leagues? Could you not argue that they're living outwith their means if they're a poor season away from oblivion? Genuine question.
  5. We clearly don't need the money enough to be willing to drop down a division. And why should we? We've been pish aye but Queens have only been 0.03 points better. So as they're obviously doing it for the good of all, not out of self interest, why not offer to go down in last place instead of us?That should settle it. Nah though not...
  6. I guess the only real issue with that is that a team could finish their games before the final day of the season, but need certain results to go their way, giving the other team/teams an advantage... And that's a pretty big potential issue to be fair. Could end up with a 'Germany-Austria scenario'... However, all said, as a jags fan, I wholeheartedly support this proposal!
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