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  1. Least working at weekends has its bonuses this year...........pure dugshite
  2. Thats us getting bigged up on the wireless....might aswell just throw a Shankland 2 or more on right now
  3. Fantastic sunny day ruined by the football. Glad i can't remember any of it tbh
  4. Just make the gear as shite as the stuff we used to get at school and no one would bother
  5. tbh mate i think its a storm in a teacup just giving my thoughts
  6. I just assume its linked to the rising use of cocaine amongst young men but thats just my theory
  7. See the teams flying out to Tenerife for a 5 day training camp.......Nothing like rewarding failure eh.
  8. Cashback from the Morton game and that fucking ghost goal...Lee Robinson's elbow drop on wee Jai shows what an arsehole he is
  9. Takes 4 people to serve 1 in Subway in Johnston. Absolutely useless
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