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  1. Only you could take positives out of that performance today,Talbot were poor this afternoon so maybe if you took the hair out your eyes it would help you see what all Talbot fans (apart from you) saw today.
  2. You need to lay off the sauce when your posting .[emoji2957]
  3. Apart miss calling Darvel Legend your post is similar to what DL posted re leaving Darvel in a better place re pitch and surroundings etc...and i think even you will know why Gall isn't everybody's cup of tea , infact is he anybody's cup of tea .
  4. The new General Manager is just another attention seeker so he will fit in well at Darvel along with the rest of them,and as i have said before i feel sorry for the genuine Darvel fans who are caught up in this Circus down the brae .
  5. You know as well as anybody DL he needs to be the centre of attention at every opportunity,would he have went in for a tea if Darvel had won ?also it was very noticeable when Darvel beat us 3.0 on your last visit to Beechwood he was straight on the pitch at full time giving it the "look at me" yet for some strange reason he did'nt venture on to the pitch yesterday at full time ...i wonder why that was.
  6. And for your owner Gall ( it's all about me and not Darvel) hence you are not a community club anymore to stand with a clicker counting the fans entering the ground to ensure Talbot were'nt ripping him off beggars believe.
  7. Seething [emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787]
  8. JB thinks he's pie and bovrils answer to Kevin Bridges,and a poor one at that tbh.
  9. The so called "terracing" opposite the stand resembles an obstacle course.
  10. First things first ,we will need to up our game for the visit of Craigmark.
  11. The only people who should be on the pitch at the final whistle are the players the officials and the backroom staff of both teams,so as i said he is only on to gloat and to draw attention to himself which he is very good at .
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