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  1. Brilliant thread,but no doubt it will be Hi-Jacked by the "usual suspects" very soon.
  2. So have you seen him playing or are you just going on "hearsay"
  3. Go onto the Talbot Forum and that will answer your question .
  4. If that's what you've heard then it must be true. 🤣🤣
  5. Brilliant guys,well done [emoji106]
  6. Take a we look in the mirror son as it is you who is the attention seeker.
  7. Disappointed with that statement tbh and it is with no surprise that Talbot never commented on Mr " baffoon" Robertsons statement "he will be dealt with"
  8. You stated that it is common practise that the medals are handed to the club to decide how to present them yet last season Beith were presented with their medals prior to lifting the cup.
  9. Best post of the evening and 100% correct .
  10. And that's the way it should be done every time , so maybe the guy that carried out the presentation last night just could'nt be bothered as it was a total shambles
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