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    Week 1

    Why do we have plays reviewed if the review officials dont overrule incorrect calls, whether it is obvious or fractional, if it's a wrong call, it's a wrong call, if you're not going to overrule it cos it's not obvious, then why have a review, just scrap it, a ' tight' wrong call is still a wrong call, no wonder coaches and fans get angry
  2. Willie McLaren is available for transfer, any interested clubs, please contact Benburb fc
  3. Heard St Cadoc will be ground sharing with St Anthony's at McKenna park
  4. BENBURB FC Benburb fc announce that we have formally applied with the lowland league and relevant bodies for membership of proposed new West of Scotland football league, we also seek to retain membership of SJFA, we feel this is right option for the club at this time with the support of SJFA We hope to release more information when available BENBURB FC
  5. Hearing Lewis Lovering is available for loan from Albion Rovers, could be a good addition for some top junior sides
  6. Sean Fitzharris is available for transfer, any interested parties contact Benburb fc
  7. Former Airdrie & Hamilton forward Willie McLaren currently with Benburb is available for transfer. Interested parties contact Frank Lovering on 07983512234
  8. Scorers v Neilston Bow, K Mulcahy, A Wright Scorers v Johnstone Burgh Diver, Bow, O'Hear
  9. Firstly, congratulations to Glencairn on winning the league. I'm also immensely proud of my football club for an unbelievable season, to only lose out on goal difference is hard to take, but what we've achieved this season with promotion is fantastic, don't think anyone gave us a chance of being anywhere near top of the table, any other season would've probably been enough to win the league. So again well done to all at Glencairn, see yous next season when we meet again, good luck to all in this division for rest of season and next, finally a massive well done to all at Benburb fc for this fantastic season, immensely proud of all of you, and I look forward to next season, well done, from where we've came from to where we are now, fantastic, thanks to all, JD Benburb fc, President and proud to be so
  10. A lot of comments on here regarding what Darvel will do/not do next season when this season is not over yet, my opinion, for what it's worth is their structure and set up they have in place for next season, looks, on paper to make Darvel one of the favourites for next season, but as we know, football not played on paper, that's what makes it the great game it is, DL is passionate about his club, that's good most people are passionate about their own clubs, GOTW and Glensmad etc about their own clubs, it's debate and banter and about opinions, long may it continue and if people are ofended, then they must be sensitive souls, it's entertaining reading the DL comments and responses, keep it coming for rest of season, next season and beyond, so Darvel are getting excited about next season, and it looks good on paper but it's played on grass lol, good people at these championship clubs and I wish them well for next season in what I think will be the toughest league next season to get out of, hopefully we won't be in it, looking forward for rest of season and the various opinions from DL, GOTW , Glensmad and all, might not agree on most things but it's debate, banter and good for all things junior football, keep it up, good luck to all moving forward
  11. Benburb Jock(tiger) Shaw Ronnie Mckinnon Alex Ferguson All played for Rangers Mike Jackson Celtic A few notable players who went senior Currently have Willie Mclaren at the club ex Airdrie
  12. This season is getting to the business end when all will be decided, and Darvel leg end has Darvel all but clinched next seasons title, and are after the Talbot, listen even with Usain Bolt if you signed him along with the rest of your mercenaries, you'd need to catch the rest of championship teams before you get near Talbot, I'm sure they're bricking it already, let's see how this exciting season plays out before we start predicting next season, as a wise man once said better to keep mouth shut and let people think you're a fool, than open your mouth and prove them correct
  13. I expected them to price yous up as favourite in this, Kilbirnie struggling, yous going well, not a surprise to me, also depends on team selection in these cup ties, I expect us to make changes on Saturday
  14. As Glensmad has pointed out, we only have 4 home games left, but we're now in January and as of yet we have not played either Larkhall or Girvan, we should have played Larkhall on the August 22nd fixtures that were cancelled. Remaining fixtures Home - Larkhall, Craigmark, Neilston & Girvan Away- Girvan, Whitletts, Irvine Vics, Kilsyth, Rossvale, Arthurlie, Cumbernauld, Larkhall & Kello 13 fixtures left and as the old saying goes, take one game at a time and what will be, will be, good luck to all
  15. Manager Paul Lovering Asst Ian Gray, Alan Thomson Jamie Ballantyne Yusuf Bamba Gareth Brown Scott Jarvie Karenzi ash prince Ryan Livingston Ryan McCrone Alex McFarlane Willie McLaren Ryan McWilliams Josh Meechan Ciaran Mulcahy Michael Mulcahy Martin Mullanay Kieran O'Hear Kyle Richford Andrew Rankin Stephen Trainer Macauley Wilson Andy Wright Callum Dillon
  16. Eddie Mckim - Benburb 326 goals 1977-1991 a record that will probably never be beaten in my lifetime, classy player and a great guy
  17. Congratulations Rossvale, tough league to win, a few teams with "if only" thoughts this season, I know we have a few, but that's football, and that's why we love it, well done, see yous and St Rochs again next season
  18. Well done Rossvale, tough league to win, probably a few if only moments for for teams this season, I know we have, but that's football and that's why we love it, see yous and St Rochs next season
  19. Congratulations St Rochs on your promotion, probably toughest league in West juniors this season IMO, well done
  20. Congratulations to Rossvale and St Roch on their promotion, from the toughest league IMO in West juniors this season, well done
  21. Correct, and every team will have a free week at some point during the season
  22. Benburb remaining fixtures 16th April Royal Albert v Benburb 20th April Ashfield v Benburb 23rd April Forth v Benburb TBA- Newmains & Lanark at home East Kilbride & Gartcairn away
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