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  1. Just an update on the sending off at Pollok on Saturday, common sense prevails, red card overturned on appeal
  2. At 1.08 mins, when GK has ball in hand, he's inside his box
  3. Don't see at any time he takes ball back into box, never handled outside the box, look forward to highlights being posted
  4. The legend that is Eddie McKim 326 goals between 1977 and 1991 a record i don't think will ever be beaten at Benburb, also capped at junior Scotland level v England

    Week 1

    Why do we have plays reviewed if the review officials dont overrule incorrect calls, whether it is obvious or fractional, if it's a wrong call, it's a wrong call, if you're not going to overrule it cos it's not obvious, then why have a review, just scrap it, a ' tight' wrong call is still a wrong call, no wonder coaches and fans get angry
  6. Willie McLaren is available for transfer, any interested clubs, please contact Benburb fc
  7. Heard St Cadoc will be ground sharing with St Anthony's at McKenna park
  8. BENBURB FC Benburb fc announce that we have formally applied with the lowland league and relevant bodies for membership of proposed new West of Scotland football league, we also seek to retain membership of SJFA, we feel this is right option for the club at this time with the support of SJFA We hope to release more information when available BENBURB FC
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