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  1. Ha ha you've actually got a good word to say about the other team ha ha you crack me up fatty.
  2. Away on a end o season jolly ha ha they even had the hard neck and ask to play the game next week!!
  3. Victor,willie, fat croweman,,you've got a hell of a lot to say for yourself on here all pish may i add do yourself a favour and have a couple o days rest off here and take your face for a shite.
  4. Especially the fat croweman ????????????????????????????
  5. There's only one fatty croweman!!!
  6. Here willie you've got a hard neck I've seen you behaving like a fat baboon on the lochore line.
  7. Took in the second half of the Thornton craigie game yesterday I have every sympathy with the East craigie line the referees performance was the worst uv seen in 25 years.
  8. No one likes a grass Thomsonparker!!!!!
  9. 15 point deduction now official -- gutted £500 fine!!!!
  10. Stop blethering pish man
  11. to be perfectly honest Al I was looking for a price for betting without downfield that day..so stick that up your pipe and smoke it.
  12. A 15 point deduction and a hell of a lot of supporters losing a small fortune on the spiders winning the league.. Hope your happy kennoway star hearts shopping b#stards!!! Allegedly !!!!
  13. Well done today Thornton thought you deserved the points hope you go on to finish 2nd,, great result for your team today fatty beating Brechin vics never seen that coming????
  14. Looking forward too spiders playing good 3 points for the league title!!
  15. Even better one for the spiders!!????
  16. Great result for the YM yesterday well done.thatll keep wullies fat trap shut for a couple o weeks!!
  17. East craigie or Blairgowrie for me couldn't bare to see another fife begging cheating conning team in the premier with the spiders!
  18. Physical mob! Your not half right there set of thugs!!!!!!
  19. Ffs you think kennoway have won the league!!!
  20. A minor blip from the spiders a good race for the runners up position though!
  21. Why is there no outright betting on the north league Cartwright?
  22. Only a matter if weeks till the spiders are crowned champs who's the money now on to finish 2nd?
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