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  1. Ha ha you've actually got a good word to say about the other team ha ha you crack me up fatty.
  2. Away on a end o season jolly ha ha they even had the hard neck and ask to play the game next week!!
  3. Victor,willie, fat croweman,,you've got a hell of a lot to say for yourself on here all pish may i add do yourself a favour and have a couple o days rest off here and take your face for a shite.
  4. Especially the fat croweman ????????????????????????????
  5. There's only one fatty croweman!!!
  6. Here willie you've got a hard neck I've seen you behaving like a fat baboon on the lochore line.
  7. Took in the second half of the Thornton craigie game yesterday I have every sympathy with the East craigie line the referees performance was the worst uv seen in 25 years.
  8. No one likes a grass Thomsonparker!!!!!
  9. 15 point deduction now official -- gutted £500 fine!!!!
  10. Stop blethering pish man
  11. to be perfectly honest Al I was looking for a price for betting without downfield that day..so stick that up your pipe and smoke it.
  12. A 15 point deduction and a hell of a lot of supporters losing a small fortune on the spiders winning the league.. Hope your happy kennoway star hearts shopping b#stards!!! Allegedly !!!!
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