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  1. Hell even just a deal until the end of August would be ideal. He could get some game time and have the option to go anywhere after it.
  2. Think ots more down to the fact Raith have nothing left in the piggy bank. And Falkirk are going to bury themselves in debt in order to get up. If they fail then they may be fucked
  3. Surely you should be getting Prince-Wright on the back of the shirt. Best player to have played for the Red Lichties.
  4. Donnelly is free to a good home. Will drive him there myself.
  5. Rumour is he is being offered in excess of £500 p/w to play for Cove. Plus both knees are on there way out.
  6. I think Colin Samuel was only 29 when he signed for us.
  7. Simple fact is we needed competition for DJ. He will be more on his toes now knowing that he has a far better keeper than Hill to challenge him. Can still see DJ being number 1 for the start of the season as i dont think Dick will be wanting to break up our great defence. But things might change if DJ starts to slip up.
  8. Not seen or heard anything that would give you the impression they dont like DJ. They did say they needed another keeper as they wont go into this season with only Hill as backup.
  9. You guys want to take this to your own thread?
  10. Sorry about this folks. He is off his meds just now.
  11. Yes. But a club can count how many season ticket holders have come through the turnstiles and can then use a calculator to work out how much that would cost..... and pay that sum to the SPFL. Hell we did that for years in the cups as the gate money is split. We just handed over the equivalent of the numbers from the season tickets to the other club.
  12. Very unlikely we will see any first team players as Celtic will be playing in the CL 1st Qualifying round on the 9th or 10th.
  13. Dundee United Partick Thistle Greenock Morton Inverness CT Dundee Ayr Arbroath Queen of the South Alloa Dunfermline
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