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  1. Is it not the case that of a team loses then they earn 1 point (0.5 points in qualifiers) for their country as UEFA are logging the 2nd leg as a draw.
  2. I heard Joe Prince Wright set all the goals up.
  3. More cost cutting at Dundee today. Not a good sign
  4. Better start getting more I Love Dick caps made then
  5. You have been losing money in general. This pandemic looks to be the tipping point. Doesnt look good that you had to make drastic cuts and are still looking for more.
  6. By the sounds of it your club is edging closer to your 3rd administration in less than 20 years. Sad times
  7. League reconstruction is the only way through this. If football is suspended beyond August/September we face a much narrower window to try and fit a full 36/38 game season. More if we have playoffs and cups. If European competitions remain in place they will eat up a lot of midweeks if teams from Scotland progress. International weekends will also eat into the time available and with Euro 2021, domestic football will have to end at an earlier date than normal. If we somehow get the league started in August then we could have the same setup as we do now. But if start heading to September/October then a shorter season will be required which a new setup will be needed.
  8. To be honest every club is looking out for its self. Rangers are calling for the season to be played in full before anyone is awarded the title. Dundee United will take legal action if the season is voided and they are not promoted. Same with Raith and possibly Cove Falkirk, ICT, Dundee would also be looking at legal options if they dont get playoffs... Partick if they get relegated So Hearts saying they will take legal action if they get relegated right now is no surprise to anyone.
  9. Just seen that some leagues are preparing to be shutdown until September.
  10. Oh dont get me wrong. I would certainly love for a big restructure.
  11. The main problem is we have no idea how long the league will be suspended for. Things look like they will get far worse before they get any better. i would expect the league to be shut down for a minimum of 4 weeks. Lets say football resumes the weekend of the 11th of April. We would have 8 weekends to play all remaining matches before we get into June. Many players currently are not contracted beyond this point. Contract extensions would be needed if it went beyond that. In the Championship my team Arbroath have 10 matches to play to complete the season. and if Playoffs are required that can be another 2 to 6 games depending of what playoffs. The league would need to be extended into the summer which has a knock on effect to the start of the next season. other clubs in Scotland find themselves in the same situation. Postponing Euro 2020 to next year looks very likely considering what is going on. So.... is there any way we could resolve the leagues now? Well relegating teams just now would seem a tad unfair. yes they are bottom but there are still a lot of games to be played and they could have still stayed up. same with teams fighting for promotion. Dundee United are well in front and deserve to go up. to deny them promotion would be an injustice and could well throw that club into further financial troubles. Raith and Falkirk and their finances are precarious aswell. So we should do something radical for 1 season only. No relegation for any team. But promote teams. Scot Premiership plus the top 4 from the Championship. 16 team league for a 30 game season. end of season bottom 6 are relegated. Bottom 6 of Championship merge with League 1 and the top 4 of the League 2. 20 team league and a simple 38 game season. End of the season top 2 go up, teams placed 3rd to 6th are safe. 7th to bottom are relegated. Bottom 6 of League 2 are joined by the top 4 of the Highland and Lowland leagues. 14 team league. 26 games season. 6/8 split for a further 10/14 games. The Bottom 8 are filtered into the Highland or Lowland Leagues. The top 6 merge with the 14 teams relegated from Championship ( another season where they play 20 team, 38 game season, bottom 10 form the new League 2. team at bottom also has to playoff against HL or LL champions). by the 22/23 season we will be back to the same setup. it will take time but i can imagine quite a few clubs lodging legal challenges if they were to be relegated/denied promotion if the league was to end right now with everyone staying in the same leagues. I know its a crazy idea. But who would have thought we would have got to this point 2 months ago.
  12. We still have next season with only 4 teams playing in Europe to earn as much points as possible before a 5th team joins in the 21/22 season. That and with the 3 points from 5 years ago no longer used in the equation, we could challenge for 12th+
  13. Going by last years prize money figures we earned £125k for winning League 1. If we finished bottom in the Championship we would earn £175k. If the league finished right now we would earn £250k. Think the club is doing what it needs to do in order to stay in this league. The finances being made (prize money, gate reciepts, corporate, etc) make it more attainable than trying to spend out way up the leagues like other clubs have done in the past.
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