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  1. Whats the chances Swanks will be part of the deal too?
  2. Think your players did that when they celebrated on the pitch and in the dressing room....
  3. Being over a week late...... That dont impress me much. It fells like you guys are putting together a compilation of shows to try get a radio gig somewhere. What happened to segments like Teams Around the World, Where are They Now, etc. Miss you guys talking about random teams and players from around the world.
  4. Well its about time. Finally get some well needed my anti-Falkirk content.
  5. THANK. FECK. SPENCE. IS. GONE. When he started a game we were left with 10 men, when he was subbed on we were left with 10 men. He was horrific for us. Hopefully he doesnt perform as bad for Stenny as he did for us. And is that Chalmers now signed?
  6. Think Spence is over 18 months without scoring a league goal despite the amount of minutes he has played. At League 1 and Championship level. He would be better off at a League 2 team to find his feet again. As much as i hate the Mo, i wouldnt want them to suffer by having him in their side.
  7. I will drive him there personally. Been an utter tragic signing for us. His goalscoring record sums up him up perfectly. Tbh i think he isnt good enough for you guys. Brechin, Stenhousemuir or Stirling would be more like his level.
  8. The Doris situation is simple. Ever since Donnelly and Spence joined in January, Doris has been overlooked regardless of how poor they 2 have played. Donnelly has improved this season. Spence has been shite since his first game for us. Shite the next. And so on and so on. Yet he keeps getting afforded game time regardless of how shite he plays. Doris cant even get on the park. Yet we are complaining he is unfit. Yes he looks a tad overweigh but his body shape is quite decieving as he looks the same before the injury as he does now. He may train hard enough, eat the right things, go to the gym etc. But DC does not rate him. He loves Spence and will give him every chance available. This is the sort of reason why we need to invest in a youth/reserve team. It would have been an ideal place for Doris to play and get fit and i doubt we would be questioning if he was fit if he was playing every week in the reserves.
  9. Oh i forgot about that new competition.
  10. I think thats us up to 15th place now. 2 CL and 3 EL places up for grabs at the end of the 20/21 season.
  11. Wednesday is going to be tricky. Especially if the draw gives the winner a game against a big team.
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