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  1. Was a red card all day long. 1. Little does make contact so was a foul. 2. Yes ToB is further back by a yard or so but is still a good 5/6 yards off to the side and the ball moving away from him. So very little chance he would get there in time to mmake a challenge. 3. The pass was perfect. Was slowing up right in front of the player and Gaston would never have got to it. So the red card was for denying a clear goal scoring opportunity.
  2. Where have you been the past 3 years? You should know by now Dick loves playing players at LW/LM who are not a LW/LM.
  3. Finally got to see Komolafe today. Certainly got bags of pace but his touch is a tad heavy. Though he seems to have enough pace to catch up with the loose ball. Might have the problem of being too fast with the ball and not being able to slow down in time for a shot. But certainly need to be taking advantage of that pace by playing balls forward for him to run onto. Not many defenders will be fast enough to catch up.
  4. Ball played through. Arbroath player gets ahead of Partick defender, keeper rushing out to get ball. Arbroath gets to ball first and knocks it on with head only to be the meat in a Partick Thistle sandwich. A clear foul as neither Partick player made contact with the ball but fully made contact with the Arbroath player. Though whether it was a pen or a free kick it was very tight to say as it was just on the edge of the box.
  5. 33 points to play for. Will probably need to hit the 40 point mark to have any hope of making 8th. Would need need Hamilton to implode at this rate. Does anyone think we even have a chance of earning 18 points out of 33 with the way we are playing? We lose this weekend we might aswell start preparing for League 1 as i dont see the players on management turning it around.
  6. Have little to no faith we will get a result this weekend. I fully expect Dick to setup the team to defend, have very little attacking threat, go 1-0 down, make 4 changes at once to be more attacking, team cohesion and shape to go to pot and the defence to crumble. Concede 2 more goals 3-0 Partick win. Dick to blame Linn, Gold and Banks for errors. And the ref to get mentioned.
  7. Linn has most likely been dropped as Dick does not like the fact the fans were very critical of him whenever he subbed him off and the fans love Linn. He has mentioned it often enough in his interviews that he was sick to the back teeth of hearing it. It is as if he sees Linn as bigger than him and does not like it. Hence why he keeps making excuses to sub him such as getting he is old and cant last 90 mins. (When its clear he can most games) or signs players who are nowhere near suitable to play LW and starts them ahead of Linn (Henderson, Hancock, Etc) Dick has always had the mindest it his way only. Plan B always looks to be pure panic and sometimes it pays off. But most often his decisions are baffling. Coupled with the fact he clearly has had favourite players (usually from his Forfar days) over the years that can do no wrong (Swankie, Hilson, Donnelly) yet he will seek out another player to blame for a poor result (Linn, Hester, Whatley) Dont expect anything to change over the next few games. Dick is set in his ways.
  8. That slice of humble pie that was being kept in the fridge for me can go in the bin now.
  9. Same could have been said for Linn prior to El-Mhanni being signed.
  10. I cant quite figure out why Linn has all of a sudden been dropped to a bit part player. Is Dick still pissed at that spat the other month there? First half of the season he WAS our only goal threat. Yet come January he signs El-Mhanni and drops Linn to the bench only for then go and sign Olusanya and drop El-Mhanni to the bench who was doing well. Surely with the lack of attacking threat we have had for most of the season we should be looking to have Linn and El-Mhanni starting! I am sure Ardakwa would love the extra support. It is not as if our wide players are defending worth a damn to be concerned about them not helping out at the back.
  11. We have gone from a team that could pass teams off the park and have resolute defending and graft to see our games to a team that lacks any fight and can barely string 3 passes together. We certainly played better than we have done earlier this season but we are still decidely well off the pace which is a big worry. We cant afford any more poor results. Next weekend is going to be vital in order for us to stay up.
  12. An extremely flat performance. Lack of any creativity or fight in central midfield. And to top it off we persisted with just lumping the ball forward where almost every time the Motherwell defenders dealt with ease. We had nothing going down the right which gave the Motherwell LB the easiest game of his life. McKenna was the only player that showed any desire to fight for every ball. Run himself into the ground with that effort. Motherwell didnt have to do an awful lot defensive wise as we offered no threat at all. More players needed. Right winger and defender. Plus a combatitive and energetic central/defensive midfielder. And another striking option.
  13. Fortress Gayfield has crumbled away into a ruin.
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