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  1. So you even know what salty means? I am just finding it hilarious at how angry you were after the game against Montrose, slating him as the worst player ever. Totally blinded by rage and showing your disgust that he had ever put on an Arbroath top. Then pratically seething that he got given a contract. And now a 180 u-turn in actually seemingly praising him and calling him a potential asset. Funny to see such a climb down in a short space of time.
  2. Last player we signed from the U.S. turned out to be the worst player i have ever witnessed pull on an Arbroath top. That was Joe Prince Sh,ite
  3. You did not dream it. The next round we got pumped 9-1 by Celtic at home.
  4. But Lichtie23 said he was the worst player he has ever seen. Surely he wasnt any good today!
  5. As i said before. Must be difficult for a player to come straight in and perform. Different players, style of play etc. Will take time for a player to adjust. He certainly didnt play the best to start with but as the game progressed there was improvement. Ford and Bakare were panic buys. Was a shame on them to come all that way to spend all that time on the bench.
  6. At the end of the day a 6 month deal is good business for both parties. He gets the opportunity to try and get game time at a much higher level, either hoping to earn a longer deap with us or as a pathway to a full time football if he impresses enough. Who knows, only time will tell. And for 6 month we get a player to add numbers to our small squad. He might be a bench warmer or might be a gem of a player. Who knows, only time will tell. With only 2 preason games before the League Cup starting its pretty difficult to assess trialists and make a decision on if they are good enough. Obviously DC and Pink have seen something they like in the short period of time that they want him on a short term deal to look at him more. Will be interesting to see how he does over the next few months. Cant be worse than Joe Prince Sh ite
  7. Im not going to pan a trialist after only seeing them once. These players are coming up to play in a team with very little preperation, training with the team mates and with strangers. Seen a lot worse performances from our own players over the years. Trialist 34 looked a bit out of his depth from the start but came into the game more. Decent work rate but nothing special about him though. Trialist 35 wasnt in the game at all the first half. But then again most of the team wasnt. Trialist 37. Poor start but again came into the game as the game went on. Some nice touches but also some poor decisions. But Worked hard when out of possesion. Got forward at times and did better than the next player mentioned. Was a cracking goal from him. Now i am not saying we should sign them. We need to see them play more to determine if they are good enough. But if we are basing our views on what these players have done in one game, what does that say for the players we have. Just look at Hilson today. Played just as bad if not worse than recent trialists over the years. Woeful performance from an experienced player. Couldnt run with the ball, no composure in front of goal and offered very little other than run around and chase after the ball. And Jacobs didnt look that impressive today. Must be hard for these trialists to show their potential in one game when thrown in with a bunch of players they dont know, little to no training and in a team that is being mashed together to get players game time rather than to win.
  8. Obviously you never seen Joe Prince Wright play for us.
  9. You would think by the way folk are talking, that we are near the end of preseason and these trialists have not done enough over multiple games to earn a deal. Extremely harsh to judge someone over 45 mins in the first game and players just back in training. Mind Nouble looked rusty the first couple of games. He was decent afterwards.
  10. Think since Hilson signed in Jan 2020 he has made 55 appearances in the league. Scored 4 league goals and had 3 assists. A squad player at best but again like Donnelly, not good enough for this level.
  11. I partially agree with you. Think it was more down to his faith in certain players that gave fans more to moan about. Bringing on the likes of Donnelly on from the bench when chasing a goal is about as much use as flying a kite underwater. Dick never seemed to want to change things or try Ford or Bakare until the game was pretty much up. We need a big improvement next season as surely we cant perform lile we did in the 2nd half of the season and expect to be in the top half.
  12. Antell came from a decent Edinburgh City team. Gill is coming from a shite Cowdenbeath team that just been relegated. So not sure how you can imagine him to be better than Antell.
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