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  1. He is good friends with David Gold so would not rule out him signing for us.
  2. He did indeed. Earned us a 1-1 draw that night. That was the 2nd time we had to face Motherwell as the original game was called off at HT when their manager complained to the referee that it was too windy. Didnt seem to bother him that they had the wind in the first half shooting towards the Harbour End. They were only winning 1-0 after their winger, just in front of the dugout hit a deep cross to the back post, only for the wind to take it and proceed to make it like Roberto Carlos had hit it and move it in every direction before nestling it in the top corner. Panic ensued from the Motherwell bench knowing full well Arbroath would pepper the goal with shots in the 2nd half. Their manager couldnt get on the pitch quick enough to beg the ref to call the game off
  3. Dead cert it will be Darvel v Aberdeen that will be on BBC.
  4. Imagine where we would be if he was playing left wing last season rather than Henderson Edit - Spelling mistakes due to my fat fingers.
  5. I honestly feel sorry for Isiaka. Comes up here to play for the club, to try and get his career on the right track. Lives in the town away from friends and family back down south. Then is constantly on the bench. Made 5 appearances. All as a sub. Grand total of 99 minutes since he joined at the start of September. Then you see Corfe getting game after game........
  6. Think we need a statement from the club to explain the rationale behind the previous statement. Maybe one with some quotes in Latin and some sinister undertones.
  7. That statement reeked of pish. Obviously they are as blind to what is happening on the pitch as the manager is.
  8. Its down to the fact Dick has lost it. His tactics, team selection, subs, player recruitment, man management have all gone downhill very quickly. The fans are rightly angry at what we are seeing playing out in front of us BUT Dick is not taking any blame for it and is started taking swipes at the fans.
  9. We seem to be waiting til January to sign these mystery players so can rule out pretty much all free agents out there.
  10. Dont worry. We have plenty in the bank. 5 seasons in the Championship with the extra prize money, season tickets, higher sponsorship income and increased crowds has certainly helped. Last published financials up until May 2021 had us with over £1m in the bank. And thats before we finished 2nd last season. Even if Allan is on silly money (£1.4k p/w i have been told) we are not in any danger of financial meltdown.
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