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  1. People requesting songs from bands that play in bars, it's not a fucking DJ, they have a set list. c***s.
  2. Fine. We'll let the English and the Welsh vote too. Probably be a landslide for Yes if we did.
  3. The thing is, he probably genuinely believes that. He would think that the public aren't absolutely fuming over lockdown parties and the many other instances of corruption, lies and everything else that this cesspit of the Tory stands for.
  4. This is the crux of it for me. The pro-life lobby really don't give a f**k about the kids that will be born under this Draconian law. I've said elsewhere that all it'll do is increase the number of kids that are born into abject poverty/abandoned/given up for adoption/born with horrendous disabilities. I'm sure the pro life mob will do the good Christian thing and ensure these kids are looked after by adopting them. As for promiscuous sex, 11 of the states have no exemption for rape or incest. That's just staggering. Imagine telling a woman that she has to give birth to a child that every time she looks at will remind her of the time she was sexually assaulted. That's utter utter madness.
  5. I work in a bar and tonight I've already been asked for a Smice and VBL. Why the f**k can today's youth not call drinks by what they actually are. Morons.
  6. I'm sure the pro life lobby will be ecstatic about the increase in the number of kids put up for adoption/abandoned/born into miserable abject poverty or the increase in the number of kids born with hideous disabilities crippling both them and their families because hey a fucking horrible shitty life is better than no life at all.
  7. Old trumpy's legacy really coming home to roost now with his packing of the Supreme Court resulting in expanding gun rights and the overturning of Roe Vs Wade in the space of a week. Absolute staggering. The US is a total binfire of a place right now, the lunatics truly have taken over the asylum.
  8. Are they just ignoring the 'well regulated' part of the 2nd amendment.
  9. This. Spent about 95% of my waking hours yesterday sneezing.
  10. Ach, it'll be ok, because once we get VAR, the decisions that Rangers and Celtic routinely get will be properly adjudicated. The refs will be more than happy to overrule the onfield decisions that they've made and it'll be reffing utopia.
  11. I've been banging on about this in this thread for the last 18months. Every Celtic and Rangers away game is on Sky so they are going to refereed to a completely different standard to the rest of the league. Get this fucking shit show of an idea so far in the fucking sea. ETA - I'd suggest that most of us who don't support an ersecheek tend to think that we end up on the wrong side of more decisions when in Glasgow than we do at home. Conveniently, there won't be the same VAR scrutiny for those matches than the ones we play against them at home.
  12. Have we seen numbers on training gansies yet at other clubs. Looks like at the Dons, Scales has taken Consi's 4 and Barron has moved to 8, also looks like Watkins has gone to 15 leaving a vacancy at 7 which I've not seen filled yet. 1. Lewis 2. McRorie 3. MacKenzie 4. Scales 5. Gallagher? 8.Barron 9.Ramirez 10. Vinny 15. Watkins 17. Hayes 21. Polvara 25. Richardson 33. Kennedy That's what I've seen from us
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