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  1. I fucking hope not. Any time I've seen him for Celtic he's been rank, zero end product, so should fit right in with our current lack of creativity.
  2. The worst thing about that Sky story is that it's Rangers being allowed to control the narrative. We are 3 days out from the game and instead of talking about the fact Aberdeen were robbed of a stonewall penalty and Rangers should probably have been down to 10 men, we are now talking about a sending off with 8 minutes to go that had no real impact on the result of the game and the fact that Brown got away with a couple of niggly fouls. It's fucking incredible that the media do not call them out on this utter bullshit.
  3. Yeah, I understand that he got the shot away but Goldson completely wipes him out in the immediate aftermath. I didn't notice it at the time but when I watched it back, Goldson is late and nowhere near the ball.
  4. Just watched the full game back again. This may be an out there shout. But does Goldson not completely wipe out Jenks with the last kick of the game?
  5. I'm not disagreeing with you personally, simply with the stance of your club and I said that I'm not taking it to heart on behalf of Aberdeen. If Rangers are in breach of contract to one of their own sponsors by the fact that Cinch are the title sponsors of the league, then that is Rangers' issue, not anyone elses and the onus should be on them to renegotiate the contract with whomever the offended party is. Ladbrokes sponsored the league when both Rangers and Celtic were sponsored by rival betting brands and we didn't have this issue. Why now??
  6. Without taking it as a personal offence against Aberdeen, Glass' interview takes place on Sky with a board promoting Red TV, the Cormack Foundation, Saltire energy and other sponsors of Aberdeen FC and I'm sure the sponsors of other clubs appear on their interview boards. Why should Rangers be able to dictate to these clubs that their sponsors shouldn't be able to get the exposure they have paid for. I can understand them not promoting Cinch at Ibrox but surely in other stadiums it should not be their choice. Either that or they just refuse to interview, in which case I'd guess they'd be in breach of contractual obligations with Sky. I understand it's part of legal proceedings but the whole idea that a club can dictate to the title sponsor of the league is a fucking nonsense.
  7. Thinks it was a pen for McCoist in the 89 Skol Cup Final type post.
  8. Again, as it was with Hedges a couple of years back. He's missed the ball by miles and was late. That's serious foul play for me. Excessive force we can agree to disagree on. I always look at these decisions with the idea if it was given against you, how would you feel. Would you have been happy if it was Lewis on Morelos?
  9. Why was it not serious foul play. He was late, out of control and took the player out. Just because he is a keeper doesn't change those facts, or where it happened on the pitch.
  10. So your guesswork that McGregor tries to play the ball is nonsense. It's a bullshit rule in the case of hedges one. But as I say, if you try and make a genuine attempt to play the ball and miss it by a distance and it's late, it's usually a red.
  11. Yes it's not objective. Hedges got sent off at Pittodrie a couple of years ago for accidentally brushing across the back of a Rangers player in the box, and while I hate whataboutery, those two decisions cannot be compatible with fairness if you want to implement the rules.
  12. So a genuine attempt to play the ball could be seconds late and reckless in the middle of the park and not be a red card. Which we see every other week.
  13. That's an incredible take. When you watch it again, please tell me which part of his body McGregor tries to play the ball with. He dives across the face of hedges body in a full superman dive and gets nowhere near the football with any part of himself.
  14. The prosecution rests. Honest mistake though. Referees now absolutely terrified to give a decision against either of them from here to the end of the season in case it affects the title race.
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