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  1. Scenes. I think he's a solo shot for me as well. Points please.
  2. Did a course at Uni a few years ago on Nationalism and the professor expressed a lot of the links between right wing populism and nationalism. Thankfully he wasn't using Scotland as an example.
  3. From the Duchess of Duke St to the Baroness of Barlinnie
  4. It's unprecedented to hand over tax returns, apart from every other president who has done it.
  5. Not entirely sure the Daily Mail are telling the whole truth when he was asked about being called Mick Grinch. https://twitter.com/SaulStaniforth/status/1595112572725780481?t=BBhowFVZCE1w1cjxtSvzUw&s=19
  6. All it's really going to tell us is that Trump hasn't ever paid any taxes, he's constantly lied about it, used creative accounting and that he'll drag this through the courts for years. It's not like he will be convicted of anything.
  7. I'm off to Fraserburgh v Buckie tomorrow. Although the way the weather has been in the North East for the past few days I'll be amazed if it's on/I can be arsed going and being freezing.
  8. Hence why I used the line (pun intended) about it being cheap knock off stuff that these bams are getting their hands on. If they got a hold of any decent stuff they'd be totally fucked after half a line rather than the half dozen that they need and it still does nothing for them.
  9. It seems ridiculous the number of folk that can't enjoy a day/night out these days without some knock off cheap powder. I've never been near the stuff in my life, perhaps it's me that's missing out.
  10. By the same standard we'd have had BorUnt and CunIz and,well just Jeremy ...
  11. I see it as a portmanteau of her name and the fact she is an absolute fucking nutter.
  12. Once had a debate on here with someone who was getting all bent out of shape about bar staff not declaring tips to the tax man. Aye, the 40p that auld Jimmy leaves when he pays for his £3.60 pint with £4 is going to make all the difference.
  13. To be fair. This is the same Scottish daily express that used national polls to say that (cu*t) Nigel Farage was ahead of the SNP because they polled the whole of the UK
  14. That's the thing, if DeSantis runs against Trump and wins the nomination, are those Trump supporters really going to back DeSantis in a Presidential election. The loyalty of Trumpets is not to the Republican party, it's to trump. Same goes for Trump, his loyalty is to himself and his ego, not to the party. Wouldn't surprise me if DeSantis beat him, rather than accept defeat and endorse him as the republican nominee, he stood as an independent and totally split the republican vote in a massive hissy fit.
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