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  1. That article is fucking hilarious. Basically reads as. 'I was enjoying a jolly in Oz with a few of my ex-Rangers teammates and this guy comes in and is actually serious about winning football matches. Lo and behold he was right but all I wanted was to go on the sesh with Moorey and Charlie. I mean they won the league and that after we all got binned but what's the point in being successful if you can't go on the lash.' People wonder why it's taken us 23 years to play at a major tournament as well. Le Guen at Rangers is the best/worst example of this and Alessio comes quite close at Killie. I probably don't see a huge amount of rebellion in the Celtic squad though if this guy comes in. Griffiths and Brown would have been the obvious two but they'll be gone. Forrest and Mcgregor strike me as fairly honest, as does Turnbull. The overseas guys probably think this is how the club should actually be run rather than beers in Dubai.
  2. So we are trading a 17 International cap full back for a 25 year old geordie who has played one professional game. Fucking wow.
  3. Three qualifiers to play, potential to play top 6/7 sides from the big 4 leagues or a drop down champion. No chance of group stage football. Nothing has changed. Rinse and repeat.
  4. An impressive statistical analysis of our clubs performances in Europe. The Dons losses to apollon and kairat should be lumped under expected. Maribor possibly too. While I wish Perth saints all the best in Europe next season, they are going to have a very tough task to make the groups, as are Hibs and Aberdeen. We are going to slide down the rankings for 22/23
  5. Yeah, I don't quite understand everyone saying it's great to get youth like Turnbull, Patterson and Gilmour involved while being happy that the ages of our three keepers adds up to over 100. Then again, who even keeps goal for the 21's these days?
  6. I presume that as Nathan Paterson is clearly the best Scottish prospect in 125 years, he'll be starting next season at Right Back for Rangers?
  7. Utterly hilarious scenes in Glasgow. Rangers 'supporters' yet again proving they are among the utter dregs of society. What should be a massive cause for celebration, they manage to turn into a street fight. Statement bingo will see the snp/police/Glasgow City Council blamed for the fact that their fans couldn't just be happy about something for a change. Utter mutants, and I do feel a smidgin sorry for the decent Rangers supporter, but these utter cretins need eliminated from your support rather than encouraged, which has been the case for way too long.
  8. I think people overestimate the importance of the TV deal to the finances of Scottish football. What is the current one £130m over 4 years? I'd think 'Rangers' and Celtic hoover up most of that. Quick glance at the Dons last set of accounts show less than £2m broadcast revenue and that will include cup and Europe. Now, I know on turnover of £15m, that's quite substantial but the loss of the Glasgow mob wouldn't see it reduce to zero. The way things are going with TV, are people going to continue to fork out for SKY/BT/Premier to watch Scottish Football. If Rangers and Celtic were to go, perhaps it would be time to consider SPFL TV as an online based channel. I've watched a few games this season on Club TV channels and the quality is improving markedly, no reason why for a fee, you couldn't have access to all club channels to watch games. I think PPV figures have been pretty reasonable, would be interesting to see viewership this season. I also believe that the importance of 'Rangers' and Celtic to the TV deal is overstated. Yes, more people overseas and down South will tune into the Derby, but I very much doubt there are millions tuning into either of them playing any of the other 10. I probably watch more Championship games than I do games involving Rangers and Celtic. You watch it until they go into the lead and then turn it off. Our spanking at Ibrox and our 1-2 defeat at Pittodrie, I stopped watching at 0-2. You would think crowds would rise as teams became more successful, further covering the shortfall from broadcasting. In short, get them to f**k and we'll be fine without them. However, as has been mentioned above, clean break, no colty pish.
  9. Correct, forgot to look and see if County and Accies had played each other yet. I think by the same reasoning, St Mirren would ensure they could finish no lower than 8th if they win and Utd and Motherwell both lose.
  10. In the next round of fixtures. Hibs can secure 3rd place if they better Aberdeens result against Livi when they face St Johnstone. The Dons will secure a Top 4 finish if they avoid defeat against the Lions. In the bottom half, Killie can avoid the automatic drop with a win over Motherwell, coupled with a Hamilton defeat to St Mirren. Here's where teams can finish. Rangers 1st Celtic 2nd Hibs 3rd-4th Aberdeen 3rd-5th Livi 4th-6th St J 5th-6th St Mirren, Dundee Utd, Motherwell 7th-9th Killie, Ross Co, Hamilton 10th-12th
  11. The first set of Post Split fixtures saw Celtic secure second place in the table and St Mirren and Dundee Utd safe from the Automatic relegation spot. Utd are also safe from the playoff spot. In the next round of fixtures in the top Half. Hibs can seal a Top 4 finish and guaranteed European football by avoiding defeat against Livingston while Aberdeen will secure a Top 5 finish unless they lose to Celtic and St Johnstone beat Rangers. The Dons could also secure a Top 4 finish and with it a continental adventure should they beat Celtic and Livi fail to beat Hibs. In the bottom half Dundee Utd will secure a Top 9 finish unless they lose to Kilmarnock and Ross County beat St Mirren. If County fail to beat St Mirren, the Buddies will also finish no lower than 9th. Motherwell will save themselves from the Automatic drop by avoiding defeat against Lanarkshire rivals Hamilton and if they better Kilmarnock's result against Dundee Utd, they will be safe from relegation completely. Well could also guarantee a Top 9 finish should they beat Accies and both County and Killie fail to win.
  12. Been a while since I used Scotrail, covid n that, but may have to get a train from Elgin to Aviemore in June. So, thought I'd pop on to the Scotrail app to see what this pleasure may cost me. £26.10 for two less than 45 minute train journeys. Now, I understand that there are no advance tickets on sale or anything like that and that it would be charged as two separate singles from Elgin - Inverness - Aviemore. But it struck me as obscene to be charging that for a single journey of less than an hour and a half.
  13. This is the first time I've stumbled into the vortex that is kickback and its pretty funny. Obviously, they are correct be raging but what I'm finding hilarious is complaints about the style of football that Hearts are playing. Now, I understand that Hearts were pretty swashbuckling last time round in an, on paper, very strong championship. However, in my lifetime, Hearts have mainly played completely eye-bleeding football. Burley's side were decent to watch for a few months but still had shite like the current manager and Pressley (probably the next manager). The phrase Leveinball for me was created in his first stint at Hearts and in my football watching life, eye-bleeding and Hearts have been synonymous.
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