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  1. The whole thing is an absolute shitshow and needs binned as soon as possible. I don't think I've heard a single game going fan say that it's improved decision making. The media narrative now is that 'we thought it would sort everything,but it hasnt' Noone thought it would sort everything and anyone with an ounce of sense knew it would be a fucking disaster up here. The fact that Ross County Vs Killie will have 5 or 6 cameras at it while Rangers Vs Celtic will have 26 shows everything that's wrong with it. Scottish refs were desperate for it as they wouldnt get any career progression without it while simply not being a totally useless c**t to start with might help. The amount that our refs seem to rely on VAR and the fact they still manage to make a monumental c**t of it will not have gone unnoticed by UEFA and FIFA so let's just bin it, be an outlier and allow the big leagues with the big money to ref the big things. As an aside, how many leagues in Africa/Asia/Central America have VAR because if this stops them reffing at a world cup level then surely we just end up with big league refs reffing the big games anyway.
  2. Goodwin lost the dressing room over the two games at home to the uglies in my opinion. He essentially told them they weren't good enough to compete with Celtic at home and despite battering 'rangers' for an hour at Pittodrie, inexplicably handed them the initiative rather than making them work for it. I reckon from then on the players chucked it for him.
  3. So this is the best hearts team since 86, Aberdeen are dreadful and Hibs have been Hibs. Yet........
  4. Aye but the Dons under 8's would still get accused of trying harder against Rangers and lying down to Celtic.
  5. The first time I was in it after it was finished I was amazed how little there was. Had to go back out of the station to get a paper.
  6. I think it's my 3rd or 4th ban, all of which have been for calling either Piers Morgan or Nigel Farage c***s. I think I've actually blocked Farage now.
  7. That Keevins article gave me the absolute rage. Then once they drew each other I could relax in the fact that he will be absolutely fucking seething. Look forward to loads of articles about how that semi is the real final.
  8. Hugh Keevins will be fucking fuming at this draw.
  9. I also might have called him a c**t.
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