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  1. Are you trying to tell me that anyone who was on the fence about going to something like Scotland v Israel because they didn't feel safe, will suddenly think 'yip, definitely going now, this is 100% safe' because of vaccine passports.
  2. This is the crux of it for me. Same with facemasks, you can't question someone's exemption. There has been so much of the guidance from the very start that has been about seeming to do something rather than actually being of any benefit. Going right back to the leave the house once a day for exercise. It was safer going out at 7am and 9pm when there was no fucker about than it was to go out in the middle of the day when everyone was out. It's just the latest in a long line of utter tripe.
  3. I can't see that they will be able to link vaccine passports to tickets though and there will be nothing to stop a 20 year old turning up with his grandads vaccine passport as they won't be checking names and ID's, as I say, it's totally unenforceable, hence, useless.
  4. Aye, because a couple of hundred folk at Clach and 50,000 at Hampden, a fair amount of whom will have had a couple of shandies, is the same thing. I'm not by any means anti-vax and I'm fully vaccinated myself but this is a totally Draconian measure, that, at the end of the day, is totally unenforceable. The Scotland v Israel game and probably most football matches will end up with the stewards just letting everyone in regardless as there will be no time to check everyone's QR codes. Folk will be able to get a random vaccine passport on their phone from a mate if they need to. As I say, it's a completely unenforceable bit of legislation which in turn makes it useless so what is the fucking point in it. It'll end up the same as mask wearing where folk just say 'I'm exempt' if they can't be arsed wearing one.
  5. When was the last time you were at Hampden for a capacity game. I've turned up 20 mins before kick off and not got in on time under normal circumstances trying to get into the North Stand. Maybe it was different because it was Aberdeen but it was an absolute shitshow. With essentially having to get everyone into the stadium twice you are looking at getting 100,000 folk in. Are they going to have a perimeter to do the double jagging nonsense then you get in with your ticket or are they going to do double Jag at the turnstile then ticket. Folk will be half cut. Not be able to find the QR code etc etc. It's going to be a shambles. Or, they don't give a f**k and just let everyone with a ticket in, negating the whole idea.
  6. Are the government going to support places that are going to have to bring in additional measures to ensure people have vaccine passports. For example, the club's that have +10.000 supporters, are they going to subsidise the additional stewarding, logistics etc that managing this will require. As it's obviously a 'public health matter' that they require these additional costs, and that it's 'in the best interests of the country'. Surely the govt should be paying for it.
  7. I am just looking forward to either the Scotland v Israel game kicking off at 10.30pm or kicking off in front of 10,000 folk. f**k me, Hampden can't deal with everyone turning up 20 mins before the game under normal circumstances. Never mind this fucking nonsense.
  8. Effectively a pay cut for everyone that will proportionally hit the lowest earners in society the hardest. What an absolute cluster f**k.
  9. That's not really the point though is it. Depending on your type of establishment you might have to check 1 in 20 customers maybe to see if they are underage. This will involve checking everyone. Not so bad for small community pubs that have regulars but your city centre places will end up with giant queues while staff check, also not everywhere employs or can afford to employ door staff to check. It's utter nonsense.
  10. Fair enough but I genuinely can't see it being the case in Scotland. Certainly small independent pubs won't give a flying f**k and who is going to police it at the end of the day. Surely licensing authorities wouldn't have the ability to walk into a bar and demand every customer on the premises shows them their vaccination proof and the police have better things to do.
  11. I can't see this being the case for pubs and restaurants, staff have taken enough shite throughout this pandemic and banning folk from the local because they aren't double jabbed is never gonna happen.
  12. There was no suggestion that people who were exempt from wearing facemasks for reasons such as respiratory difficulties should be banned from society, they just had to wear a lanyard (which was fucking nonsense as well). While I've been vaccinated and believe that everyone should be, people have that choice and coercing people into doing something they clearly don't want to is not the way to be running a democratic society.
  13. Was in 6th year at school and knew nothing about it until the end of the school day when my best mates mum, who ran an after-school club for younger kids came and told us what had happened. Legged it home and watched it on the news. Just a bizarre bizarre thing. Remember thinking at the time, and I'm even more convinced about it now that the 4th plane was blown out of the sky by the Americans.
  14. Going back to the WFH debate. I've said all along that this is fine for people who do jobs that they can WFH, but if office buildings are to close and new tenants aren't going to into them then the cleaners, catering, security, maintenance staff are going to be out of a job. Not to mention downturns for premises round about these office blocks. It's all very well people saying that it will give them a better balance to WFH some of the time, and I understand that totally, however, it will have large knock on effects that I don't think many are thinking about.
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