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  1. Yes, you're right, thanks. Did he not make his debut as a sub and then be subbed off? I may be wrong on that - old age!
  2. I remember that event clearly (except the name) - was it "Spud Stewart"?
  3. No doubt, with a view to shafting FFC once again, the season would simply be cancelled. Would suit Lawell after all
  4. We don't need to defend in this division, just attack and bang in goals
  5. Deadwood like Keevins should go-well past their sell by date
  6. He is doing well but will be looking for career progression
  7. Interesting that Brown Ferguson didn't think it necessary to even mark him. Best cross was his sclaff
  8. I'm afraid to say those who have seen him play for Brechin this season say he has been poor even at that level
  9. Frankly would rather continue with B4L and have a rough idea where the cash is going than subscribe to Fan Ownership Scheme
  10. Kind of astounding it didn't happen - can only assume the club weren't keen / just went into the transfer pot
  11. Excuse me - leave me out of this please. I am totally unconnected to Edibairn - I can be my own arse thx v much! Await your apology.
  12. Fair point - should have said in an area up to 15 yards outside the box
  13. Good at free-kicks outside the box - surplus to our requirements therefore
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