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  1. Nah, it takes balls to stand up on this forum and say "you don't really understand what you're talking about"
  2. What was he convicted for? Answer, nothing. It was a civil action.
  3. Goodwillie was going to be signed this time last year if it wasn't for his own latest stupidity
  4. I thought that's what they were alluding to in the " and the rest..." comment but maybe it was something else. Did he go on to manage in England?
  5. Q, if I may, and if you can answer. Is the idea that FSS would merge with the BFL initiative or that they should remain distinct?
  6. Anyone with an ounce of business experience saw right through Campbell. Astounding that he was indulged to the extent he was.
  7. The Airdrie player was off the pitch and rolled on to it. The officials should have rolled him back off - no time lost, sorted
  8. "if the manager can't - or won't - pick his best players, out of spite, bloody-mindedness, or downright stupidity" - and some people want Hughes back?
  9. Wheatsheaf or Behind the Wall both in town centre
  10. Good craic spiders. All the best, except for Saturday
  11. Fair point but the exception to the rule. The man who transformed Celtic but "no one is a prophet in his own land" and all that!
  12. Great to see the Spiders again. I used to go and watch them at the "old" Hampden as a boy. Should be interesting.
  13. Money to be made owning football club shares in the Old Firm? As David Murray one asked me, "how do you make a small fortune?". Answer, from him, "start with a large one and buy a football club". Putting money into football is either an ego trip or a donation.
  14. It would be interesting if the club published the number of live streams purchased. Presume all season ticket holders are counted as part of the "actual" attendance
  15. I actually thought your guys were very well organised yesterday without threatening at all has to be said. Made it difficult for Falkirk. Obviously had to come out once the first goal was scored.
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