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  1. I'm afraid to say those who have seen him play for Brechin this season say he has been poor even at that level
  2. Frankly would rather continue with B4L and have a rough idea where the cash is going than subscribe to Fan Ownership Scheme
  3. Kind of astounding it didn't happen - can only assume the club weren't keen / just went into the transfer pot
  4. Excuse me - leave me out of this please. I am totally unconnected to Edibairn - I can be my own arse thx v much! Await your apology.
  5. Fair point - should have said in an area up to 15 yards outside the box
  6. Good at free-kicks outside the box - surplus to our requirements therefore
  7. Kenny Shiels claims someone else "knows no shame" - how ironic
  8. PS Followed up by TB, rather than BJ, being drafted in at Bolton.
  9. Not least having been CEO of Chelsea and Sheffield Utd, I dinnae think so but in the spirit of fraternal relations, perhaps let's just agree they worked as a team.
  10. I agree with much of this. We also had a group of people 6/7 who were able and prepared to put in considerable sums in our time of need. This is a different scenario. No current existential threat to the club. The MSG wants to hand over the heavy lifting to the next generation so this proposal is manna from heaven for them. It's hard to get comfortable handing over, say, £10k as effectively a donation in this context - no real shareholder benefits or influence against some vague idea about a budget to get us promoted. I can understand why the "Patron" pledges have been below expectation. The key to promotion isn't just money - ask Sevco, Hibs and DU. I'd be feeling more exercised if my money was to be hypothecated to finish the ground / buy out the Council, rather than go into a short term wages budget. Seems to me this needs a rethink. As for Bryan Jackson, I think you'll find, whilst he may have done a decent job at DUFC, Hearts and and Portsmouth had much to do with Trevor Birch.
  11. Did we not sign Big Craw from the Juniors - Baillieston I think?
  12. As one of them, I think I know very well. Neither of these guys has approached me for instance, or others I know.
  13. No it's not but how do the sponsors identify potential patrons without the assistance of the club? GDPR issue in here somewhere?
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