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  1. I'd defo give Telfer another chance - in a team where he doesn't have to sit on top of the back 4.
  2. BfL had been in discussion with the club about shares for members' cash long before FSS conceived. Think I'd rather have personal shares anyway than have them turned over to a fans' group.
  3. Someone on the Dunfermline thread said their Board had "let slip" they only had 1495 season ticket holders. Pretty sure ours are over 2000.
  4. Hmmm. I'd heard this time last year that he was on the point of being signed last January transfer window until allegedly getting himself arrested one night over the festive season in Stirling "city" centre
  5. Nah, it takes balls to stand up on this forum and say "you don't really understand what you're talking about"
  6. What was he convicted for? Answer, nothing. It was a civil action.
  7. Goodwillie was going to be signed this time last year if it wasn't for his own latest stupidity
  8. I thought that's what they were alluding to in the " and the rest..." comment but maybe it was something else. Did he go on to manage in England?
  9. Q, if I may, and if you can answer. Is the idea that FSS would merge with the BFL initiative or that they should remain distinct?
  10. Anyone with an ounce of business experience saw right through Campbell. Astounding that he was indulged to the extent he was.
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