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  1. Failed Statelet Premier League (and other divisions) 2018/19

    McLean doing okay without setting the heather on fire. No complaints.
  2. Failed Statelet Premier League (and other divisions) 2018/19

    Perhaps. Better team first half but withstood an onslaught second half.
  3. Failed Statelet Premier League (and other divisions) 2018/19

    I was there and we were lucky to win it, although the back four were heroes to a man. Good game at Seaview on the Friday night too.
  4. ………………….oh, and a shitty five for Tuesday.
  5. Just back from a boozy weekend in Belfast where Linfield hung on to win the League Cup. First two wrong but rallied for a 7/10. Fook the remoras.
  6. Directions

    I used it for Huntly last time around. Great wee club - very friendly.
  7. The New Stadiums Thread

    Wonderful old ground to visit.
  8. Failed Statelet Premier League (and other divisions) 2018/19

    I won't mention a thing about yesterday's game sir, not a single solitary thing.
  9. Directions

    Cheers for that. Am hoping to pop up while the £17 return offer is live.
  10. A 7/10 to start the new era. Can I have questions on prog and neo prog from the 1980's onwards please?