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  1. Nine for Monday, and death and pestilence to stupid rally driving events that go to South America.
  2. Scenic or Interesting Sunday League Grounds/Venues In Scotland

    Eriskay is stunning.
  3. Or that he has left some altar boy with an ar$e like a polo neck...………… Knew five and scored five for Wednesday.
  4. Bundesliga Tickets April 2019

    Lots of options in Berlin if you are happy enough to drop a division or two.
  5. Knew, (or was reasonably certain) of six, scored seven.
  6. Failed Statelet Premier League (and other divisions) 2018/19

    Linfield defeat Ballymena 2-1 in the County Antrim Shield, the Northern Irish equivalent of the Glasgow Cup.
  7. One of the most heartbreaking tales in Scottish Football

    I watched a game there last season and it was a tad eerie.
  8. Consistency really isn't my thing - I followed yesterday's 1 with a 9/10.
  9. Wednesday - 1, fcuking 1 out of cnut barsteward heuring ten.
  10. Computer bollixed. Monday 6 Tuesday 5 Wednesday 4 Thursday 9 Friday - 7 Cupmas Quiz - 9
  11. Boxing Day - perfect, apart from Aussie sport - 9/10 Thursday - 7/10 Friday - 5/10 Quizmas Cup - 9/12