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  1. David Goodwillie (PBUH) punched the ball into the back of the net against Montrose to keep us off the bottom and in existence. The karma from that one will take a while to even out.
  2. if you have any dignity you simply walk these characters will hang on with their finger nails to a seat on the board as said this is the second time in 3 years What part of offered to resign don't you understand? Their fellow Directors rejected their resignation. David Dishon took full and sole responsibility for the f**k up 3 years ago, offered to resign and his resignation was rejected. It would be hypocritical for him now as Chairman to insist someone else resigns. Continue to back the manager and continue to back the Chairman and his decisions and we'll still get promoted. Keep the faith.
  3. Most of these attendances are woeful. Most averaging less than 100 home fans. Imagine the likes of BSC Glasgow in the SPFL with no ground and less than 80 fans. On what planet is that good for Scottish football? Great community club but that is their level. Your own ground should be an absolute minimum for new clubs entering the league setup IMHO. Not knocking those who follow those teams or the efforts of those involved in running them but how do we increase the attendances?
  4. Again, a bewildering and rambling post that fails to address the point that I am making which is that volunteers should not come on forums and basically be called freeloaders because they get a free match ticket. I've done graphic design work for junior clubs local to me in the past and been offered match tickets (and sometimes even a pie) in return which I did accept on occasions. The work I did would have cost the clubs in questions a lot more than a match ticket. If that's freeloading in your opinion then call me what you want, but I view it as a gesture of thanks for services rendered which otherwise would have cost a great deal. People make their own decisions and live with them. If we all pull together and respect and understand each other's tasks and challenges, we have more than a fighting chance.
  5. I have no idea what the above means. Strange post. I am not criticising Clyde for using volunteers. It is a symptom of a broken football industry. It's an industry which takes advantage of free labour in a similar way that charities do, except with one key difference in that football clubs are not charities. Even the largest clubs, FIFA and UEFA employ people as volunteers while paying players huge wages. As I said, people have different motivations for doing roles at football clubs. For some it will be a love of the club, others it will be ego, or to be involved in the game, CV building, to pursue a dream, free entry or simply just for something to do. I don't really care about their motivations so long as they do a good job. Our current Chairman and Financial Director did not take up their roles at the time because they were Clyde fans so it's wrong to assume that a love of the club is what motivates every person. Everyone is different. Volunteers are treated like employees because the law requires them to. They are subject to the same HR procedures and are just as accountable as paid staff. The wages someone is paid or not paid does not affect their ability to do a job or who they report to and no one should ever be hired for a volunteer role on anything other than their ability to do the role. A volunteer steward for example must abide by the same regulations as G4S. These volunteers are the lifeblood of the game, and without them then it would cease to exist. There is nothing wrong with club's offering a free season ticket in return for the work that people do and there is nothing wrong with that person accepting the offer. St Andrews Ambulance staff on a matchday are all volunteers. Are those suggesting that football clubs start requesting that these people pay to get in? Should ball boys pay to get in at clubs where Under 12s don't go free? How about matchday volunteers that might only see 20 mins of a game because of their duties? It's ridiculous and quite frankly embarrassing that some people should turn their attention to volunteers who might be getting rewarded with free entry. It's a simple choice for football clubs. Either pay a fair wage for services rendered or offer a gesture of free entry in exchange. If people don't want to take up the free entry and want to pay their way in because their financial situation allows them to then that's their choice. I'm much more open to the idea that we should get rid of comp tickets for player's families but the argument against that is we pay such low wages, if allowing a player's family to come and watch makes the player more comfortable and therefore play better then who really loses?
  6. So basically you are saying they are volunteering to get into games for nothing and if they don't they will chuck it , interesting theory Undoubtedly there will be some for which that is their motivation. People volunteer for different reasons but football relies on volunteers giving their time and energy and gives very little in return. Some people put in the equivalent of a part time job into keeping clubs going and the cost of a free season ticket wouldn't even come close to reimbursing them financially. It's a gesture of thanks and if a club really needs to take money off these people to pay players then I'd suggest that something is wrong with the business model. Why should football players be the only people who get paid at football clubs?
  7. I have no problem with volunteers getting into games for free. Football as a whole in Scotland requires volunteers to survive and quite honestly takes advantage of people doing jobs that they really should be paying them for. By all means insist on these people paying in but you need to then compensate them fairly for services rendered. Quite simply the club could not operate at the level it does it and offer the service it does without volunteers. Let's not ask them to give up what can be quite a considerable amount of time and energy then force them to pay a season ticket. Entirely false economy.
  8. My apologies if that's the case and I'm delighted to hear it. How was the loss from last year explained? It wasn't just a drop in turnover. We actually had to take out a loan for working capital. My understanding from subsequent communications was that the lack of a cup run meant the budget was tight.
  9. Thats exactly how it works and its been confirmed before. You dont budget for income thats not guaranteed. Exactly, budgeting for income that's not guaranteed is dangerous. It's been hinted that budget pressures are a result of having no cup run which looks like we may indeed have gambled on having a cup run when signing players. Last year's loss was explained as a result of no cup run. There wouldn't be a loss if a cup run wasn't budgeted for in the first place.
  10. Excluding the Old Firm and Aberdeen, clubs at any level don't normally budget for cup progression and certainly David Dishon is on record in the past as saying that Clyde don't budget for it so that shouldn't really be an issue when it comes to finances. Danny did get his team selection wrong in the Scottish and Irn Bru Cups and he's made it harder for himself in that he's not had the luxury of extra funds above his budget to strengthen. We're doing just fine with the players we've got anyway.
  11. Mind the outrage from some quarters when a poster repeated what Danny Lennon said about Karim Belmokhtar disappearing? Why are we even talking about Goodwillie until given permission?
  12. Is the social club at the ground the best place to go for pre match pints or is there anywhere else?
  13. Two concerns: 1. Taking out a bank loan to fund the playing squad isn't something we should be taking lightly, especially on the back of a £60k loss. It does seem like we have gambled heavily on promotion and takes some gloss off what we have been told is increased revenue streams allowing us to challenge at the right end of the league. 2. In the news article of July 31st it was mentioned that Norrie Innes's company had been granted planning permission for a cafe and restaurant at Broadwood. I am uncomfortable about a serving Director benefiting financially from the club remaining at Broadwood which would undoubtedly be the case if this was to go ahead. I seriously hope he rethinks this. The proposed plans are on NLCs website. ETA: I don't think there is anything underhand going on here but I think it's unwise and creates the conditions for judgements to be clouded by other factors than what is the right decision for the club. He has my backing in what he is trying to do but this project is a mistake in my opinion.
  14. Stop fucking apologising. If the manager says something into a microphone in front of a packed Arria Lounge then it's in the public domain. Some people just raging they didn't hear it first from their pet club official.
  15. What's it like at the Ice Station? With the Legends Lunch on today in hospitality then there's no chance of the club calling an early pitch inspection. Prediction: Match abandoned Edit to add: Twitter reporting that pitch is playable. Game on!
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