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  1. Does anybody know of any Loan Transfers ?
  2. Thanks the website keep me busy, I like to do more but it all take time. I am English and live in Kent, my parents where Scottish, I have been to Hannah Park, a few times, Shotts is my dad hometown. Thanks Ian.
  3. http://www.footballnonleague.co.uk/ What link do not work, I will fix it okl
  4. sorry try this one ; http://www.footballnonleague.co.uk/
  5. Thanks for the news it is for my website, thanks http://www.footballnonleague.co.uk/compila/scotplay.htm
  6. I cannot find the news on the meadow site ?
  7. Ok thanks, twitter is good for news, I am looking for Drumchapel United transfers any news please.
  8. I think you are talking rubbish,
  9. Hi All, There is a lot of posts which are transfers news, just a lot of people talking rubbish or things what could had happen, if season was finish, not good, stick to the point.
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