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  1. [questiono [emoji137] outis how. ote post="11359915" timestamp and the ="1495739612" name="Adolfo Rios" oeedd="6361"]Well...if they have a much bigger budget than the rest...
  2. My #3, stunning adrenaline rush of a film that deserves all its plaudits. The fact it favours comparably with Goodfellas says it all.
  3. For all the talk about the pitch the majority of the wickets today were from poor shots and/or judgement. You've got wonder if Clarke is on a downward spiral and the endless work on his back is catching up with him. It's quite dramatic how much he seems to falling over at the crease, especially considering how graceful and balanced he normally is.
  4. Just got in from 5's for the last half hour. You struggling before that? They seem happy to sit in and have not offered much. You'll prob score on the counter over there.
  5. That should be enough. This mob look fairly one dimensional. Celtc should be strong enough to see out the tie over there.
  6. England still have a bit of batting to come and conditions are meant to be better tomorrow, they should still be looking for a lead of 150 minimum. Butler has been pretty disappointing so far, would like to see him going after the bowling a bit more.
  7. Bit classless from Jose calling Benitez a fat c**t.
  8. Truly. Beautiful batting from Bell. Could be a masterstroke moving him up.
  9. Desperately unlucky for Cook, hideous from Lyth. He might have a half decent FC average but that's not the be all and end all, Trescothick was a great example of that.
  10. Erm, it seemed pretty obvious this was after the event. Did you sing Staying Alive, Rico? Oh and well done, presume you've had some basic first aid training? Very different when you have to put it into practice.
  11. Barring rain there will be a result now. Australia's best, if not only chance of winning is to bowl England out for around 200 or less then stick on 3-400 in their second innings. Big ask. As the old adage goes, you can't win a Test on the first day but you can go a long way towards losing it.
  12. Tedi, for all his faults, doesn't post under multiple accounts. That's just a charge a few zoomers try to fling at him.
  13. The Aussie pacemen should find this wicket pretty tasty as well, although a few of the batsmen have thrown their wicket. Bizarre stuff from MC, seemed more interested in the verbals than concentrating on the bowling.
  14. This is gonna be a great Test now, feared the worst when the Aussies won the toss.
  15. Superb bowling. Out shouldering arms, sure sign of a scrambled brain. Bit different than coming in at 400 odd for 4. England all over them like a rash.
  16. Aye, those tweets are paticularly rancid. Absolute head's gone.
  17. Aye, not just for being great players, you always felt the two of them had fantastic cricket brains. Both of them would've taken it as a huge insult if the captain was setting the field for them.
  18. As much as you want to dislike them it's no real surprise Warne and McGrath are excellent broadcasters.
  19. Of course there is, but is it grounds for referendum than, in my opinion, would be self defeating for the independence movement?
  20. Not sure I buy into this theory that not supporting Obi Wan makes you a Tory tbh.
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