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  1. If Jack is looking doubtful for the Euros, which seems likely, I think we get Gilmour in ASAP.
  2. Aye absolutely no complaints from me. Combined with a bit of a bottle job from us, you've been on quite a sickeningly amazing run since we were a bit fortuitous beating you in the game Kerr got sent off. Never thought you were that bad even when some of your own fans were knicker wetting early on. Of course Gerrard will get it but Davidson should be right up there in the Manager of the Year conversation IMO.
  3. . Aye, exactly. Can't imagine clubs will lining up to take him off our hands, looking pretty criminal to give him a 2 year deal. We've hopefully to see the best of Denis and Brophy. Ideally for next season I'd have those two, one of Obika and Quaner (purely based on his pedigree) kept on and add in another forward signed in the summer.
  4. Folk saying get rid of Erwin and McAllister, they're both under contract, no? That'll involve someone taking them, even on loan.
  5. Yeah if you're gonna tag him in like a weirdo you can't really complain tbh.
  6. Aye , very fair and would agree with most of that Chappers. For those out of contract I'd say; Definitely Keep - Durmus , Fraser On the Fence - JDH, Obika, Quaner. I'd maybe advocate keeping one of Obika or Quaner if we can get rid of Erwin. Definitely Bin - Connolly, Flynn (for fitness/age reasons). It also did take a pretty unforseeable sequence of events that lead to the squad being so being so depleted and us having such a huge number of games over a short period of time, I'd wary of spending too much of the budget on quantity not quality.
  7. There will be a lot of understandable frustration but some ridiculous over reactions already. [emoji849] Who cares about top six anyway? [emoji849]
  8. FFS. Well done St Johnstone, been in better form than us of late, undoubtedly.
  9. Or yer Da literally appealing for one at every shy and getting more animated each time. [emoji23]
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