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  1. What does peter Duncan do? Not heard anything from him
  2. The story about Darren Dods and the jelly beans was class haha
  3. St Mirren started to win games after January, even if that, we played them maybe end of jan or feb and we beat them they kicked on after that
  4. Still think we'll finish above the saints. Haven't got enough bodies to last the season! Bookmark it if yous want!!
  5. Taiwo has been injured and hasn't played the game to get up to speed
  6. If Austin doesn't start I'll be pretty ragin, he causes teams so much problems, nobody knows what he's doing, even he doesn't know what he's doing
  7. I was more meaning in midfielders, as you've listed one player, I feel we are missing a big player in the middle of the park, to do Kerrs job
  8. What height is he? Team barely has a over 6ft player in it
  9. We signed the man that broke mcgrandles leg
  10. How long is the deal? Doesn't say on the website
  11. I'm guessing McCracken would've had a clause in his contract that if he played so many games he would get an extension
  12. Well done hibs, even better beating sevco, was a great laugh at the end with folk on the crossbar
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