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  1. After watching Rossvale brush Cumnock aside on Saturday I wouldn’t bet against Cumnock going down.
  2. Largs 0 Rossvale 0. Good start for the new manager. Well done boys.
  3. Next tine give the lad a break and use a baw .
  4. The fact that Darvel are still in existence is a success story. In 2011 the club had made a decision to close the gates. The situation now is beyond even the most optimistic supporter’s wildest dreams. Hopefully the club can be successful and not be judged by some of the material posted on pie and bovril. If jim is right and this current squad is better than the 75-76 squad then they will be able to compete at a high level. Jim’ s father would love to see this happening and as a thorough gentleman, he would have hoped that any success could be enjoyed in a dignified manner .
  5. Took in the game yesterday. Impressed by the enthusiasm I saw from the players and management. For a club that’s future was in doubt , everyone concerned has done well as the ground and park were tidy and the small crowd that were there seemed a decent bunch. Onwards and upwards I hope for the club.
  6. Well done to Dom and the boys. Couldn’t make it down today but chuffed for everyone connected with Rossvale.
  7. Hurlford didn’t make a good account of themselves but I was very impressed with Colville. Hope the boy that got taken to hospital is ok
  8. Rossvale 1 larkhall 0. Larkhall much improved and stuck to it right up to the last whistle.
  9. Good advert for the Junior game. Both teams tried to get the ball down and play football. Rossvale were very impressive and Vics no 2 stood out for me.
  10. There you go, even Jesus can be wrong .
  11. Sign up to be a referee. Or just keep complaining. It's 50/50 for us all some go some don't. Results count. Just walk away. What would the score have been if George hadn’t lost the dressing room?
  12. now You’re just in fantasy land or on your usual Sunday bevvy.
  13. I can air my drawers in public anytime as they are spotless. Your advice might be better aimed at the dirty brigade.
  14. I didn’t realise how many liars there were at that club . Feel free to meet up for a chat to discuss things. Alternatively have treatment for your memory problems. All the best.
  15. Now now. I had never met George. When I arrived there was nothing to berate. Not even a match ball. Good try but you must check your facts or you’ll be mistaken for the wee pie heid. First time I met George was a cold night when I was doing a sponsored run round every junior ground in ayrshire to raise funds for Darvel. Liked him that night at Kilwinning ( having run from annbank via Troon and Irvine) and have liked him ever since. Good try though
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