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  1. Candidate for goal of the season. Sublime strike from 25 yards.
  2. Things are shaping up nicely for next season. Exciting season ahead and the club will continue in their great journey.
  3. Rossvale 1 bankies 2 Rossvale miss a penalty
  4. Rossvale 0 Clydebank 1. Against the run of play
  5. Good to see Kello got a free pass into the semi’s.
  6. II watched them on Saturday and think they missed Wilson in midfield. On top of that they were either missing players or the squad is very thin. Lot of good players , but maybe need to add to the squad as a couple looked out of their depth.
  7. Last 11 away you have won 11 and drawn 1. Why don’t I believe you?
  8. Well done to all concerned in the draw made at New Tinto Park. Well organised and professionally carried out.
  9. Following a racist incident about 6 years ago Scott raised the topic at the Region meeting and, prior to asking me to comment on the legal aspects said, “whether we like it or not, they’re here to stay”. You couldn’t make this stuff up.
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