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  1. Best junior player you’ve ever seen!

    Fraser wishart did not too bad!
  2. Darvel Juniors 2018/19

    Was it her fanny?
  3. Whitlets vics

    You might manage one out of that lot the way girvan and Larkhall are shaping up but you’ve just had the worst start in the league for 8 years and all you can do is question what game I choose to watch. It happens to be the nearest junior ground to my home . I have never mentioned helping at lugar or any other club. People like you have convinced me never to make that mistake again.
  4. Whitlets vics

    You just pretending to be thick or is it just your natural state.
  5. Whitlets vics

    Glad I did. Great game. Great football. Great bunch of boys. Great company and the team won handsomely. You wouldn’t recognise that description.
  6. Whitlets vics

    You’ve got a short memory
  7. Whitlets vics

    With that logic you might want to pop on to the darvel thread. You and the legend would be great together.
  8. Whitlets vics

    He did today. Just back from a double hip operation and was instructing from the sidelines for 90 minutes. Tactics were spot on and has unearthed a few real good youngsters . Few teams could do with him at the moment.
  9. Whitlets vics

    Enjoyed my day in Barrhead. Delighted for John , mark, George and Kevin. The team ooozed class from the keeper to the subs.
  10. Today’s scores

    Arthurlie nil whitletts four
  11. Today’s scores

    3 nil whitletts
  12. Today’s scores

    Arthurlie 0 whitletts 2
  13. Today’s scores

    Arthurlie 0 whitletts 1
  14. St Roch"s 2018/19

    I’m hearing that st rochs are arranging to play the oasis track “my big mouth” for the legends next visit.
  15. Whitlets vics

    How do you know they had white numbers then?