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  1. You can do both. I do. It will always annoy me that they cheated their way to trophy after trophy and the way their followers are just as if not even more irritating supporting their newco makes it even sweeter when they lose.
  2. Playing for Aberdeen they should be well aware of the hatred between Aberdeen and Rangers.
  3. And a 35 year old who didn't manage to last 50 minutes yesterday before he was injured again. It's time to move on. Thanks Andy for the hat-trick at Dens though. That 7-0 win will live long in the memory.
  4. It will still be the same incompetent officials in charge. I was sitting behind the linesman in the Main Stand and it was obvious his head was nowhere near the ball so how on earth the linesman thought it was a head I've no idea.
  5. Oh how I would love for us to have a midfielder like Bett in our current team. Always thought he and Robert Connor were needlessly criticised by some Aberdeen fans. Back to today and rumours we are interested in Swedish international keeper Oscar Linner.
  6. Goodwin told Red TV today that he's spoken several times to Joe Shaughnessy since leaving St Mirren....
  7. Sadly I agree. I think £4 million would be a sensational bit of business
  8. Getting the point at Hibernian on Saturday is enough to ensure I don't take time off work for this meaningless match. Will probably watch it on BBC Alba on Wednesday night if I can be arsed.
  9. That's probably about as good a deal as we could expect for an uncapped 18 year old.
  10. That started when a young woman tried to reverse her car in the middle of the fans who then kicked off. Some Hibs fans seemed to take offence at the Aberdeen lads trying to hassle the young woman and then the the police arrived. Was all a bit needless but probably more entertaining than the garbage both sides produced on the pitch.
  11. Not quite. We've certainly not improved but I would not have expected better from Glass. It's his fault we are in this mess as his signings were atrocious and the fitness levels are a disgrace.
  12. He needs to be sent on the first plane back to USA where he can sulk and enjoy his burgers.
  13. This 100%. Once Watkins went off the ball seemed to be in our half 90% of the time. Was relieved to get a draw in the end which was ridiculous as we looked comfortable for the 15 minutes after Bates scored
  14. I would hope for better quality than those 2 were...
  15. We've drawn twice with Rangers this season so what's your point caller?
  16. A couple of trips to grounds I've yet to visit like Annan or Edinburgh City would suit me (as long as they are not on Wednesday nights as unlikely to get time off work for a trip to Annan!!!)
  17. The Jim Goodwin revolution (complete with our sparkling new summer signings) will be heading to the hedge at Brechin for a friendly on Tuesday 5th July before we sadly enter the League Cup group stages for the first time since the 1980s on Saturday 9th July
  18. Been told by AFC that due to being a gullible mug who has only missed 2 games all season (one because of Sturgeon and her needless 500 crowd rule and one through illness) I'm getting a free bus to Edinburgh so I'll be there. Ryan Porteous to boot Ramirez in the bollocks again is my only prediction as both teams are so shit it could end in any result possible.
  19. I don't think he is anywhere near ready for a move to England. Defensively he has lots to learn.
  20. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/aberdeen-handed-vaclav-hladky-transfer-26834347 New Dons keeper?
  21. I think some of the players really don't care as they are on their way out in the summer.
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