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  1. Middle aged cow at the top of the cul de sac lets her dog use the residential parking area as a toilet cos she's too lazy to walk the fucker. Poor dug is always hyper anytime it's out the house. There's either shite everywhere or a wee row of bagged turds sat on top of random fences, dependant on the level of her cuntishness that week. She also leaves her washing out overnight regularly. Scum.
  2. Chris Long must be hiding that infamous smile behind his snood!
  3. Yeah to give a yellow for that is a nonsense. Accidental foul all day.
  4. Think yourself lucky if he was still playing for us that would have been a red.
  5. Any competent player shepherds the ball to the line and goes down at the slightest of touches, but no not Big Ricky!
  6. I tried in via BBC1 and BBC2 just to check and its available on both. Same menu comes up on every BBC channel for me.
  7. You don't need to be on BBC NI. Hit the red button any BBC channel and it's available under sports.
  8. I actually thought this was the playoff game.
  9. The game is on Premier Sports 2 and the club have posted on SO that season ticket holders can stream it for free via our PPV system.. They are tying up loose ends before making an official announcement apparently.
  10. What a save that was. Looked in all the way
  11. Grimshaw is not only a terrible right back but he's absolutely gash in general. And for a "midfielder" brought through the youth system at Old Trafford his passing is absolutely honking. He was consistently the weak link in the team last season but his ability to go on the odd crazy and ultimately fruitless mazy seems to have been enough to distract some Motherwell fans from his overall shiteness. Of all the mistakes Robinson has made already this season not replacing Grimshaw from the off is by far the most infuriating.
  12. I was attacked by a pit bull called Tyson outside a Spar in my youth. Sorry the PTSD makes me multi post.
  13. People who lack empathy, even with young scared children, who tend to be irrational.
  14. Dog owners who get irrationally defensive about their dogs.
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