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  1. If we are serious about challenging for the league title & not going too far behind the current leader then it needs to be 9pts really.
  2. I'm not reliving Saturday, just tell me the chippy plz You should know by now we don’t let a defeat get us down. Get it listened to
  3. New Episode of Falkirk Daft out NOW 🎙️
  4. Early bus is full I’m afraid. The other 2 later buses may have seats though, check with Brian on his FB page or the Elliots FB page.
  5. We have organised an early bus from there to head through yeah. Brian’s 2 buses will leave later on to head straight to the match.
  6. Yep. Our bus is booked in. I think 3/4 buses have also booked in so far. It’s normally busy anyway with Bairns fans but great to see it’s going to be for away fans only for this game.
  7. I think it’s right we do pay for match day parking as it brings in cash & makes sense with it right on the doorstep. I do wonder if we are charged by the council for using it on match day too though so may not all be profit.
  8. Weird signing from Airdrie, money obv tight with their fans still not attending in decent numbers. Started the season well but could fall away if that’s the standard.
  9. NEW episode of Falkirk Daft out now. Ideal listen on your way up to Dundee tonight, if not before 🎙
  10. Dundee fans saying their will be a PATG option tomorrow too but doesn’t seem to be communicated yet.
  11. Totally agree yeah. Hopefully being looked at .
  12. Never been able to pay by card at the turnstile mate. Always been ST card or cash.
  13. Tremendous for a midweek fixture and that distance tbh. Great to see loads of buses back on the road and heading here, there & everywhere again after Covid. As far as I can see that’s Elliots, FSA, Roman Bar & Cheerz all running tomorrow night. Any others?
  14. We’ll miss McGinn on Tuesday night through suspension. Bookings should be wiped following the group stages imho. For those facing teams who were given a bye (granted not Dundee) they shouldn’t be doing so minus players whilst they have a clear squad.
  15. And a win this week would also mean further minimum prize money of £80k (if we lost a QF tie) plus a likely TV date in the next round, especially if we avoid the lower Premiership/Championship clubs. £50k if we exit on Tuesday night.
  16. Third happy Saturday night on the bounce, long may it continue! . Airdrie game aside, a great start to the John McGlynn era through the cup group stage & the league campaign. Subs were perfectly timed today & all made a difference to how we started that 2nd half. Bring on Dundee in the cup!
  17. Cheerz Bar had a couple left earlier. Message them on their FB page.
  18. I only missed 15mins max . Saw every minute of the other competitive games this season though .
  19. Let’s not forget Hogg was ready to ban anyone he could name standing outside the main stand after the relegation match a few years back .
  20. Over 6,000 views/listens to our 4 episodes so far, simply amazing . Episode 5 out NOW🎙️.
  21. Chuffed with that performance & scoreline yesterday. As others have said, we need to take this into Saturday against one of the better teams. Would be great to head up to Dundee next Tuesday night with a few wins under our belts.
  22. Was the business club lunch. Heard the same thing and assume it’s in part due to league payments but they have also increased turnover massively through increased STs, Gate receipts & retail. The latter of which is now better than what we even have with a proper town centre presence.
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