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  1. Brilliant night at the clubs speakers night at Inchyra (In Sheera if you are Peter Martin) last night. Just shy of 400 there which was phenomenal. £16k made from the auction alone they said and the final total from tickets & raffle etc to be confirmed. 

    John McGlynn & Paul Smith attended until around 9pm to get home ahead of today. Some ex players there too Joe McLauchlin, Andy Lawrie, Neil Oliver & Jimmy Gilmour. 

    Roughie was good although no new material. Peter Martin was very funny & off the cuff although I’m sure some won’t have liked his material at parts, in the world we now find ourselves in. 

    Brilliant night though, well organised & sets us up for today nicely. Well done FFC 👏🏻

  2. Away fans in away end shocker 😂

    The main stand is only designed to be split half & half. Not just one section at the end. We sat down that way, near the press area, that night of the QOS game due to the horrendous weather battering our normal seats. The QOS lads were boisterous and that was about it but the majority of home fans down that way aren’t there to be baited or give it back. Which is what the QOS fans wanted. They scored their 2 quick goals which didn’t help the situation & they were jumping over the segregation and “fighting” the stewards which is probably the main reason they’ve been moved I think. 

    As much as the away fans were giving it the big one, they didn’t even make eye contact with the home fans when everyone literally could mingle at HT. 

    Sure Jamie Swinney said it was very little extra cost to the club to open the NS so if that’s the case, treating the home fans better down that end is worth it. Stewards shouldn’t need to get a skelp either. 

  3. What. A. Win. 

    Deserved every ounce of those 3pts today. Dodgy opening 10/15mins when we gave away every pass but once we scored it was only one team winning it. 

    Kinnear was outstanding today, not just the penalty save but that double save 😍.

    Rowe, fantastic again. Cracking song too now 😂.  Donaldson too. McCann was better defensively than offence today but still a solid 8/10. Mackie was the trouble maker today with giving the ball away a lot but made some good tackles too. 

    Nesbitt, Kennedy & Morrison were at it today & Airdrie struggled to cope. Max when he came on was just flawless again, thought McGinn struggled tbh but if he’s carrying a knock then fair play. Some brilliant work by Hendo today & so close to scoring. Gary Oliver ran them ragged & deserved his goal, he enjoyed it too. 

    Fans were on top form, especially from the equaliser onwards. Brilliant to see just over 1,000 head through. We need that noise/backing at home too starting again next Sat. 

    You could tell McGlynn loved that at the end today, cheeky wee fist pumps. 🎵 He’s the reason…

    Let’s do this for Hilly 🏆💙

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