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  1. Oh I don’t know. I’d love to have torn into some of the charlatans who have worn the navy blue on the podcast rather than just with my mates . Cheers for listening to us ramble .
  2. Usually is for evening games too yeah. From memory, it’s 6pm
  3. It’s some amount to have sold & means we are seeing at least 1000 walk ups which must be helping the money side as it’s certainly helping our home form too.
  4. Monday night is upon us again troops ️🎙
  5. Great to see a lot of the upcoming hospitality on offer is either sold out or limited spaces. Bairns stepping up as we always do
  6. Can see a big Bairns support at Montrose on Saturday.
  7. A reminder that ALL fans signed up to FSS by Monday 31st October will be in the monthly draw to win a packed bucket of beers pre match in the Brockville Bar (KM Stand) next month - at the Pars game if you fancy - courtesy of the Falkirk Daft podcast. 1st prize is boardroom hospitality donated by the directors too but I know it’s all about the free beer for most of us . Sign up if you can at - https://falkirksupporters.org/subscribe/ And if you haven’t had a listen or watch yet, find out about our first 11 episodes here whether it’s YouTube, Apple, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts - https://linktr.ee/falkirkdaft
  8. Brilliant win. As been said, had we won by 6, 7 or even 8 goals, they couldn’t have complained. Annoying to have Alegria suspended next week though.
  9. Yep. Got a few “tellings off” from the parents over that phone number . Was 60 secs in before they got to the end of “Welcome….to…the….Falkirk…Football…Club….Club…………….Call”
  10. Jamie Swinney, sadly, confirmed it was right on Twitter last night. The BBC cash goes into the overall competition pot he said.
  11. It’s no doubt in the cup rules you can’t say no
  12. I believe their is no extra fee for a televised match in this comp.
  13. I could be coming into a topic at the arse end (as haven’t read all of the posts) but currently whether someone pays £10 or £30 a month, they only have the 1 voice/opinion/vote in terms of FSS.
  14. Standing orders are always free as it is set up by the individual rather than the organisation but is definitely an option open to anyone .
  15. Indeed. Confirmed last night. They are taking no part in day to day goings on at the club however and instead checking in with the board monthly.
  16. A normal episode has seen circa 1500 listens/views, so a decent % of the Fanbase. However, based on the views/listens so far in less than 24hrs on YouTube, Apple & Spotify etc it could hit 2000-2500. Hopefully more however. We are very grateful they came on tbh, with it being an unofficial podcast as you say. And unlike a club media, we didn’t sugarcoat the questions or let them see them in advance. Hopefully it’s landed well, even though we are normally on the lighter side of club topics, we felt it needed the right questions asked.
  17. To which I hope you replied - “Can you out run my motor?”
  18. The YouTube upload of tonight’s podcast is taking ages due to the extended nature of the episode (just under 2hrs in length) But it is already available to download & listen on Apple, Spotify etc if you aren’t fussed about looking at John or I’s mugs. “On the podcast we are joined by club directors Kenny Jamieson and Keith Gourlay for a bumper edition of Falkirk Daft. Talking about THAT email, the financial future of the club, the Rawlins, the stadium and much more in an episode that cannot be missed. Plus a look back at the McGinn show ie the Clyde game, ahead to Peterhead and Yogi in Rosies! Expect the Unexpected!”
  19. Questions are as you’d expect from a non official media plus those that the fans have sent in
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