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  1. 1 hour ago, Bairnardo said:

    As well as Henderson adding his height and physicality in there, I think we are starting to see the best of McGinn again now too. Its been mentioned a lot how its helped Nesbitt but cant underestimate the boost it gives the auld man of our team aswell!

    100% agree with you 

  2. 22 minutes ago, FFC 1876 said:

    Another brilliant episode, I reckon you should just have a different member of the FC Edinburgh fans comittee on every week as they've both been excellent in the episodes they've featured in.

    Cheers! Yeah both have gave great updates and insights into what’s going on there. 

  3. 11 minutes ago, bridge of allan bairn said:

    Well done on the Falkirk daft podcast again this week guys which I just watched.

    Couple of things, well done to Ross on calling the Darvel result (several times) hope you had money on it. Secondly I really like the bit with the guys from the clubs we are about to play on it. I like learning about whats going on as other clubs. This week the piece on FC Edinburgh's stadium, relationship with board, squad strengths and weaknesses were particularly interesting.

    Keep it up thanks.

    Cheers mate, appreciated. Sadly didn’t put cash on it 🤦🏼‍♂️

    It’s been great having the other teams fans on too yeah. Guest pundits (Bairns) are usually good value too 👏🏻

    We’ll have news on a one off FD Live soon in a town centre venue pre match, hopefully an away fan will come that day too 👀😂

  4. Latest episode of the podcast has dropped this evening already. We discuss;

    🔵 Scottish Cup draw 
    ⚪️ Win over Alloa 
    🔵 Preview FC Edinburgh &
    ⚪️ All the rumours including Kai Kennedy heading to the USA 👀 & George Oakley signing ✍🏻

    🔵 PLUS the Winner of the VIP tickets for “The Night with Russell Latapy” is announced. 



  5. 9 minutes ago, Duncan Freemason said:

    There is no artificial surface that holds a candle to a top quality grass pitch. The EPL where it’s not about economy or making money from the surface is grass all the way.

    A few years back, I was part a tour of the Arsenal stadium (including a walk out to the centre spot. That pitch was like a bowling green…..absolute perfection.

    I’d wager Arsenals stadium pitch budget is higher than our entire club budget 😂. You are right though, a well maintained grass pitch is ideal & can’t be bettered but I’d rather have an artificial surface if we can’t afford a decent grass pitch, especially outside the Premiership. 

  6. 3 hours ago, FFC 1876 said:

    Would be nice if the FTV interviewer asked some of the questions fans wouldn't mind hearing answers on.

    'Any update on how long the injured players will be out for?'

    'What positions are you looking to recruit for this window?'

    Hopefully asked post match tomorrow then

  7. Just to add, for those not wishing to join FSS but do want to invest themselves, any existing shareholder can buy ANY amount of additional shares & not that minimum amount of £400 that’s in place for new shareholders. 

    Also, any new shareholder can opt to pay for their £400 block in instalments too if they wish but the share certificate won’t be issued until final payment obviously. 

    This came from the club recently when asked. 

  8. 🎙️ First podcast of 2023 under our belts. We…

    * Reviewed the 2-1 win over Montrose
    * Discussed all of the transfer rumours & latest Bairns news
    * Previewed the Clyde match this Saturday

    * How to win 2 x Hall of Fame “Russell Latapy night” tickets with Elt. events worth £250



  9. Pleased to get the 3pts considering our previous results against them. Deserved too.  

    The ref/linos though…🤦🏼‍♂️. We’ve seen some belters down here but these guys take the worst ever awards. Shocking for both teams. 

    Fair play to Nesbitt today. Played very well & took his goals well too. Assumed he was cupping his ears at the Montrose bench who didn’t stop moaning all day but others think it was at the fans? Could be but he has deserved criticism in most games. Agree with BPM, thought it helped having McGinn & Henderson behind him.  Kennedy strong shout for MOTM too imho. 

    Good debut for young Rowe 👏🏻

    Petrie & Campbell on their bench….Roond ye fifers 😂

  10. 1 hour ago, Kircer bairn said:

    My starting 11 for today would be

    Morison in goals 

    Back 4 of Rowe Donaldson Mackie & McCann

    Centre mid of McGinn & Henderson 

    Yeats in hole

    Front 3 of Morrison Burrell & Kennedy

    That leaves bench of

    Martin,, McKay, Oliver, McGuffie, Nesbitt, Caroll, & maybe couple of new faces?



    I think Nesbitt will be in for Yeats but that would be my starting X1 today based on what’s available. 

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