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  1. 2 minutes ago, Duncan Freemason said:

    Nah, I think our floodlights are in need of modernisation too. Not gazillions of ££££, but it will still be a significant spend.

    Weren’t they replaced after the Rawlins came on board? It was definitely on their “list” of achievements they read out at the AGM or could have been the Inchyra night (shudders).

  2. 3 minutes ago, PedroMoutinho said:

    I think you’ll find I’ve praised the team when appropriate and criticised when necessary.

    Yes, John has done a fantastic job with the cup run. But equally, league performance has been mediocre Imo. Would you have been happy with sitting 11 points behind Dunfermline in league 1 in March under previous management teams and boards? I suspect not.

    I think it’s a huge statement to say 2nd comfortably in the league, after the last few years, is “mediocre”. 8pts (currently) gap to Dunfermline is never good in any league for FFC but the bigger picture is we are on a journey & it’s an upward one. The fact that doesn’t suit some supporters is the mind boggling part. 

    Last night wasn’t good enough in front of goal but we did dominate & for better finishing/better officiating we’d have likely scored 4/5 goals last night. 

  3. 31 minutes ago, Hank von Hell said:

    Surely can't be tiredness when there was 5 days between matches, we are in trouble if that's the case.

    Not sure what "a hangover" means other than the literal definition, presume you are talking about an attitude problem which seems more likely.

    I got the impression from McGlynns post match interview that it was exactly that on Sat, attitude. 

  4. A draw was a fair result yesterday but we didn’t get it & we move on. Dunfermline were always going to drop some points and it’s frustrating we couldn’t gain some ground. 

    Agree that Friday is huge & really needs to be 3pts to stop the league defeats going to 3 on the spin. 

  5. 1 minute ago, NUMBER 7 said:

    Here’s a true story about that Latapy banner

    2009 Cup Semi Final or Final, can’t mind which one,  there was a couple of Pre Match Parties at the Shed, a guy who worked with us was doing his DJ bit from a booth above the main part of the club. 
    The Latapy banner was draped from this balcony to the floor.

    A good time was had and I went to balcony to say thanks to DJ, and get my son and daughter who were too young to booze then, when a Falkirk fan, absolutely blotto, starts climbing over the balcony onto the banner. After a bit of a struggle I grabbed him back and asked what you doing it’s 30 feet to the ground he replied “ I want to slide down the Latapy Shute” 🤪  




    That’s class 👏🏻😂

  6. Saw a couple of people on FB & twitter advise the best place to watch is at home or in the pub. If you can afford it, the best place is at Hampden, especially after all the shit we’ve been through.

    It really doesn’t matter if there are 10k, 15k or 45k there. It’s Falkirk in a semi final of a Scottish cup. 

    If someone doesn’t want to go or can’t go, fair enough but don’t put others off. Life’s way too short & Hampden days are why we still trek to places like Wick & Darvel. 


    “We’ve got a semi. You’ve got a semi. We’ve all got a semi! Falkirk are going to Hampden and Ross & John look back at how we got there in the quarter final against Ayr.

    They are joined by the man who arranged the TIFO, Kieran Kuhn, to look back at one of the best night's the stadium has seen plus previewing the QOS game and a look into all the club news.”


  8. 5 minutes ago, 18BAIRN76 said:

    Didn’t we take 12k to the Pars game in 2009 or am I completely imagining that? Probably am tbf. Still, with the novelty value/unexpected nature of us getting there given where we were a few months ago, I think that 10-12k could be doable if marketed properly.

    I think it was around that yes. We had more at the semi than the final that year weirdly. Or not seeing as we were playing Rangers.

    The crowd v Hibs in 2013 was 6,500 & in 2015 was 5,500.

    Personally think we’ll take more to this although assume the SFA will need to price both matches the same and therefore we may see quite a adult high ticket price as they’ll squeeze every pound of the Glasgow pairs game. 

    For reference, the prices last year were;

    North/South stands - £35/£15

    East/West stands - £25/£15

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