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  1. Question I have too so hopefully get that answered on Mon night. No sign of them since that night in the Inchyra.
  2. If we score early tomorrow, I think we could give this lot a humping tbh.
  3. Questions to the directors will be not too dissimilar to what’s being asked on here & on the other social media sites. They won’t have sight of the questions either but I doubt they’ll be shocked by any of them. John & I are fans like everyone else and we just want honest answers, which I think we’ll get. I think it’s good they are happy to come on to face questions following the communication, that otherwise wouldn’t be asked on the clubs platforms. Which I can understand from the FTV point of view. Looking forward to this & it won’t shock anyone that we’ve had more than a few sponsorship requests for this one . (Sponsorship we have already put back into the club by the way, in terms of player sponsorship & up-coming hospitality). Doesn’t cover the £400k though sadly .
  4. The Story of the Matchday videos are brilliant & are a welcome addition to the content the club puts out. Well done to Luke who does this
  5. Me, John or both? I’ll need to listen back Cheers for listening/watching
  6. Monday night madness as usual with @ProducerMac & our Bairns guest Andrew Welsh tonight on @Falkirkdaft. We also welcome Paul from @ClydeFCPodcast
  7. Just before the local holidays kick in, would be great to get over 4000 in this Saturday against Clyde. Team & management deserve it anyway & may just be the difference again.
  8. Well that was comfortable. Great crowd considering & could have been 4/5 nil.
  9. Think he’ll start Mackie at LB tomorrow night anyway to give him game time. The other subs from last week may start too unless McGlynn wants to give us the best chance of winning a cup. He certainly took it fairly seriously at RR.
  10. Hoping for a semi decent crowd with it being moved to the Friday night. Although this cup ain’t the best these days sadly. Would guess a few hundred students through from Glasgow too with them doing ok.
  11. Unpopular opinion maybe but I’d make the PPV a bit more expensive than the walk up ticket although maybe it’s not allowed. Club need the backing in the stadium as well as in the bank and locals watching in the house rather than in the stadium isn’t ideal. I get it helps those out of town though or not fit enough to go.
  12. Any increase on budgeted match ticket sales, retail, hospitality, sponsorship etc eats into any shortfall too. Doesn’t all fall on FSS and the Patrons increasing payments.
  13. No issues with the patrons group looking to add to their members. No different to FSS looking for members too, it’s all relative to what someone can afford to pop in either as a one off or monthly via PayPal. It’s all income to the club at the end of the day and helps increase the fans voice too. What fans would have an issue with this?
  14. Another @Falkirkdaft episode in the bag tonight with @ProducerMac. Reviewing Saturday’s match versus that lot & previewing Friday nights cup tie with Thistle. Can they handle the World’s most successful Challenge Cup football club? 🎙
  15. We were fantastic in the 1st half & should have been at least 3 up. That cost us in terms of the 3pts. Pars got a lift from the penalty but we then had the last 10/15mins and it looked like if their was going to be a winner, it was us. Couple of bad misses in that last period though & poor decision making. Great crowd overall & fantastic to see almost 2,500 Bairns. Lizzie was bouncing from noon too.
  16. It looks like a decent number of tickets have been sold today tbh and will again tomorrow. We’ll have 2000 there on Sat I reckon.
  17. Episode 8 of Falkirk Daft out now at the links below. Even more buzzing for Saturday now, if that’s possible . Pars fan on this one too 🎙
  18. There will be 1500 minimum from Falkirk on Saturday.
  19. Usually busy with Falkirk fans at these games yeah. Our bus is booked in.
  20. Another awful decision by Doncaster. Fool.
  21. Fair play to him if he has as I’d wager they are offering him a far better wage for the hours he needs to work (hours they all work as it’s not a simple 35hrs/5 days a week job it seems).
  22. If we are serious about challenging for the league title & not going too far behind the current leader then it needs to be 9pts really.
  23. I'm not reliving Saturday, just tell me the chippy plz You should know by now we don’t let a defeat get us down. Get it listened to
  24. New Episode of Falkirk Daft out NOW 🎙️
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