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  1. Auld Jean even knows we need to let teams worry about us lol, hopefully Sheerin does now too.
  2. I’ve seen both the U16s & U18s in recent months and can’t say I’ve noticed anything similar to the 1st team in terms of formation. Style yes (closing down & building from the back) but not formation. U18s certainly played the match I saw with 2 main strikers.
  3. Pretty sure the Rawlins will have no say in the formation we are playing .
  4. We left about a minute to go so that explains why i didn’t hear it.
  5. Didn’t hear any of that yesterday regarding Sheerin, apart from an absolute roaster berating Ompreon every time he touched the ball. Far too early in the season to be shouting for anyone’s head.
  6. Very fortunate Keith. Need to capitalise on that for sure in the coming weeks & the run of home games bar the trip north to Montrose.
  7. I got the point. Every game in this league is shit on paper but as others regularly say, we are here on merit so just need to deal with it & crack on. A win is needed next week & being annoyed we aren’t playing Celtic, Hearts or Inverness for that matter in a better league doesn’t change that fact.
  8. Huge game regardless of opposition to get 3pts after 2 defeats. But you knew that already before replying.
  9. Sheerin’s tactics & personnel choices plus the players lack of effort/dig are at fault for yesterday’s loss. If he/they gets the praise for the previous wins/performances then they shoulder the loss too. Some say when we win it’s in spite of Holt (who I personally have no time for) & the board but a loss is attributed to them also? That’s just getting silly. Huge game next week already & 3pts is a must even at this stage to stop the rot as Sheerin himself said.
  10. Don’t disagree with any of that but should be acknowledged that Sheerin got a tune out of this squad every week in the league up until yesterday so knows how to get a performance (QP we did enough to win) but yesterday got it badly wrong before a ball was kicked. That’s on him imho & think he pretty much said that too. Williamson & Krasniqi needed back ASAP & hopefully Morrison won’t be long but that seems wishful thinking. Back to winning ways needed as you say & quickly.
  11. Sheerin talks about finding another way to play without Morrison (strong rumour is it could be a while) so why didn’t he do that today? Keena should have started but even if he did, I doubt it would have changed the outcome as we were woeful all over the pitch today. We looked beaten from the off and were 2nd best all day. As he said himself, the honeymoon period is over & 3pts more often than not is required and nothing less will do. Got away with it today with other results but Dumbarton will come through confident next week.
  12. Totally agree. Would give Paddy Martin the starting berth versus Killie & take it from there
  13. You can’t waste all that possession, over hit almost every cross into the box & waste a golden chance with the penalty (Horrendous pen) and expect to win the game. It was a wasted opportunity to go top & hopefully stay there. Still a long way to go though. Ref was very poor, laughably bad throughout. Thought a few players were off it too & if you give Simon Murray that much of the goal to aim at, he was always going to score, Robbies positioning again was poor. Great to see such a big crowd inside the place too. Although, as is always the case, we shat the bed with it.
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