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  1. Agree. Or at least charge the same as it is on the gate.
  2. To be fair, the train through & The old Brewery in the town is perfect pre & post match.
  3. 25 people max buying 10yr STs isn’t really going to affect us in the years to come . Morton fans should worry about trying to shift 25 a season at their standard price. Will next season be their first in the top league since the mid 80s? Who knows but I’ll stick by my prediction months ago that we will play a premier league game again before Morton do. They’ll shit the bed like they always do.
  4. Congratulations to Dunfermline on winning the league. Oh wait it’s only November. Long way to go.
  5. Links for ease on here too: Charity page; https://gofund.me/e97e9d53 FD Online Shop; https://falkirk-daft.myspreadshop.co.uk/falkirk+daft?idea=63750a3213102c4d81b936a7
  6. Latest episode of the podcast now available troops As mentioned on the show, the links to Lewis Pentecost’s charity page from his run from The Falkirk Stadium to New Douglas Park & also the link to the new Falkirk Daft merchandise page that you didn’t know you needed (you may not need it but worth a look eh) are on the linked tweets below. ALL profits from the online shop sales will go to FFC in the form of sponsorships & the FD Highlander logo with his pint & jester hat will also be added very soon too
  7. Or anyone who has access to the team lines for social media purposes on the Friday.
  8. A lot went wrong today but poor finishing/decision making especially in the first 20mins cost us & let Clyde back into the game who were then winning every 50/50. Not good enough & let down the circa 800 travelling support in terms of fight to be honest. 2 great goals from Morrison & Lawal and Gary Oliver did well to take his but it’s not consistent enough form to get to top spot. Centre halves today were rank rotten . Oh and leaking the team on here/social media is pish poor behaviour & not for the first time by the same poster I see, as they did the same thing before the Kelty game in October. Whilst I’m moaning, flags not getting into stadiums is pish behaviour too. Especially when it’s nothing offensive.
  9. We asked the directors when they were on the podcast. Club have a good long term energy deal with the council so doesn’t matter if the lecky burns all day . The question was asked due to a few clubs looking at earlier KOs etc.
  10. On the 10yr ST, looking at the price v benefits I think the club is more than winning out of it tbh, even with promotion at £500 per year. Only 25 spaces too remember.
  11. Watson can play RB so I’d be keeping him
  12. Slight delay this week but John and Ross serve up your weekly slice of Falkirk FC pizza and this week it comes with extra Ola and a handful of McCann as they look back on the FC Edinburgh game (or whatever they are calling themselves this week). They have the launch of the Falkirk FC strip World Cup plus looking ahead to Clyde on Saturday Expect the Unexpected!
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