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  1. 2 closed door games & Brechin Away sounds like that’s our warm up before the 4 betfred group games starting 13th July.
  2. Don’t think anyone is saying not to go at all. Far from it. But withholding ST money especially will mean change will happen far quicker imho.
  3. That threat has been alive & kicking in the boardroom for the last few years. We are doing our best to resuscitate and those gits are trying to kick the plug out. If we always do, what we’ve always done then hell mend us.
  4. Absolutely spot on. It actually kills me not to give the club money having done so for over 30 years but enough is enough. They only understand one thing and it’s money. As can be seen from this “due diligence” they are currently undertaking. They are lining their pockets AGAIN. Who puts money into Scottish football & gets 6% interest aswell as their money back? Unreal. Who needs an ISA, I’ll just give FFC a soft loan. The club won’t suffer as they’ll fold quicker than we will. We want our club back.
  5. If the current situation continues, my guess would be 1200-1500. If positive change happens, I could see us selling as many as last year as the fans will back the new ownership.
  6. ST money, sponsorship money & hospitality money staying in the pocket until we see actual change & not just rearranging of the deck chairs.
  7. Picture from a friends FB page today shows the progress so far of the new 4G pitch to the east of the stadium.
  8. Embarrasing behaviour from, you would assume, a grown man. Basket case [emoji23]
  9. No need to be a twat. Kieran was merely invited along and didn’t raise any of the cash but was thankful for it. It was done by the fans & Business club members.
  10. Fair play to the commercial director for having the guts to not only attend the Bairns Business Club fundraising dinner at the Leapark Hotel yesterday but also for getting up and speaking to the members & guests. No one else from the clubs board attended (they were invited & attended previously). That wasn’t missed though & was highlighted by the organisers in their remarks. Over £10k raised on the day & over £55k in the last 2 seasons, which should be applauded by the organisers & members. Well done to all.
  11. We’ll see [emoji6]
  12. Announce Tidser.
  13. This. I believe we have recently (well this season) also taken ownership of the Boardroom & Alex Parker lounge on the top floor. But the stadium company (council) still own/manage the 4 private boxes, The Brockville Lounge & The Westfield Cafe. Sooner we get these back the better.
  14. Won’t be renewing the ST either until Lang & CC are gone. More than that needed but that’s a start. Aswell as that, no more shop purchases, sponsorships or hospitality bookings.
  15. Will people stop saying “we all wanted Hartley”. No we didn’t, but we gave him the benefit of the doubt. He failed miserably in the long run.