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  1. It’s snowing lightly but not laying other than a little on the grass. Rain forecast from 11.
  2. A game of this size, should, have 6,000+ at it based on the crowds both teams have & for a game of this size. Anything less than a thousand from Maryhill is poor.
  3. The crowd will be down but hopefully not by too many in the home end. Still hopeful of a 4000+ crowd but maybe need to settle for it being somewhere between 3500-4000.
  4. What he did for us in a short period of time (always feels more than just a season & a half) will stay with every Bairn who saw him forever. Only Crunchie and Latapy get anywhere near him in my lifetime. So far anyway🤞🏼
  5. A Falkirk win & Tidser’s PCA being announced that evening/over the weekend would be delightful.
  6. Falkirk v Dundee United

    If Dundee Utd win, as comfortably as they think they will, then it will be a standard Saturday evening for them. If they lose or draw however. Well, this will be enjoyable.
  7. Falkirk v Dundee United

    There will be a few United fans in hospitality then as I’m in with 3 too.
  8. We were told on Monday evening at the B4L AGM that the new pitch would be ready for July and had been delayed due to talks between the club & council over a land exchange. I didn’t get the impression from the Foundation guy that the main pitch was changing to grass anytime soon.
  9. They were credited as part of the press release yes.
  10. Don’t see the issue tbh. Fan part-funded would have been a positive story all round. No different to the Rory Loy signing where the Bairns Business Club Paid a part of his deal.
  11. From what was said last night, B4L going forward (and may include the money donated so far) will be converted to shares. I know that issue held back a few of our group from contributing last year.
  12. Agreed. We (of those I’ve spoken to) all said it would have been great to see the signing announced as the B4L signing with the shirt at the Brockville gate etc. at that time of the signing. Lost opportunity until next time for both parties, although they did say last night that at an upcoming club event there would be a photo completed for such an occasion. Would have had more of an impact for both parties at the time though I think.