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  1. Linlithgow Rose selling tickets today for the home end.....just saying.
  2. Hospitality, post match, always hinges on the 90mins that’s been witnessed. Will either be a continuation of a good day out or as you’ve said, you’re desperate to hit the town centre pubs. Disagree that for the ordinary fan, hospitality is best avoided. I’ve had some brilliant days in hospitality as I’ve been with my mates, ie like minded people. We are booked in a box for the Raith game in December and have no doubt it’ll be a good afternoon with the guys. I’ve also attended when I’ve been invited by a company or a sponsor. It’s not the same, as you may not be surrounded by supporters, but would say the quality of the day is still very good. As you say though, the down side is some may only be there to be sociable and as such, the passion levels for the game are a pretty slim.
  3. The Clyde punters are doing some whining here aren’t they. Play with the big boys and you pay big boy prices.
  4. Enjoy your big day out. One to tell the grandkids.
  5. 3-1 home win. Sammon, Longridge & McManus. Att; 4,000.
  6. My social media was littered with posts today of regulars who are on holiday with it being the October holidays. Not sure I’d read too much into it. Next weeks crowd is probably more of a gauge. It “should” be nearer 4000 based on the win today, holidays over & an increased away support. Peterhead brought 49 today.
  7. You know my feelings currently mate, I’m purely trying to engage my thoughts and feelings on the football side of things. Everything else is getting silly now, regardless of how it pans out. I don’t think anyone from the MSG can come out of this well now though, staying on or not.
  8. Which would suggest this has all been a very poor PR stunt. Could they actually believe they will come out of this looking great either way it unfolds?
  9. As the Peterhead fan said, it was definitely over the line and was clawed back out by the GK. Linesman was nowhere near keeping up with play.
  10. Not too many, 40-50 maybe. I was sitting in the West stand today rather than behind the goals with a mate and was right beside the away support. Sporting bunch considering the score apart from a very weird older woman & her middle aged son (presuming).
  11. We aren’t going to win the league with this idiot at the helm but we do need to be there or thereabouts for when he’s actually punted at some point. Must win imho, another home draw or worse - our first home defeat - is unacceptable. We play the 2 promoted sides at home in the next 10 days. 6pts and nothing less please.
  12. He was stripped to come on & then Gomis pulled up so was told to sit back down. However I had heard there has been talks between Tidser/McManus and RM over game time so this won’t have helped that tension yesterday. McMillan did well yesterday but tired after an hour so was surprised McManus didn’t come on much earlier.
  13. Which is fair enough mate, up to everyone to choose how they follow/support the club now and in the future. But you must agree the in-fighting & name calling does no good at all. Especially when none of us can control how this goes? If this guy is not who he says he is then why are the MSG/BOD continuing with this to this length?
  14. Back, get on board with, accept it, give it a chance. Take your pick. I’m sure you knew what I meant? If, and it’s still an if, the board are being up front & honest with the fans and indeed the new proposed owner, then we need to trust that they, as Falkirk supporters (bar 2 of them) are doing the right thing. They all need to show their faces in the town & stadium again so would you take a punt on a dodgy buyer? Not sure I would. I had zero confidence in them leading us to a brighter future under their stewardship but I certainly have confidence in them as Falkirk supporters & for at least Sandy and Martin, as successful businessmen who have concluded bigger deals than this.
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