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  1. Which ever side wins and whatever Government is in charge of Scotland,England,Wales or Northern Ireland people will still moan about Westminster of Holythingymajig etc. Reminding people they had a chance to vote for separation or the Union every time someone moans will look abit daft and as time goes by senile.
  2. Oh,well beg your pardon ayrmad if I misunderstood. Scotland is in the UK family,has been for 300 years and I think it only right and proper all people from the UK can have their say (if they choose to) on Scotland possibly leaving the UK Family.. Remember,they do not have a vote though. So the actual decision making is done by Scots and others who have made Scotland their home. Seems fair enough to me. Opinions from Northern Irish,Welsh and English will probably become louder and heard more often the closer we get to September 2014.
  3. I think that was perfectly clear. The post I replied to (did you read it!) "I'm hoping we get independence,the Welsh will be fucked" Unfreindly isn't it. I'm a Unionist,Englsih,i love Wales and the Welsh. Oh and I have a relative that runs for Wales.
  4. If the Welsh want independence then they want it. That wouldn't be wrong. But,the majority most certainly do not want to leave the UK family. This too is not wrong.
  5. More chance of Cowdenbeath (with respect) winning the Champions League than the Welsh voting to leave the Union. In your dreams Shuggie!
  6. So unfriendly to your UK people. The Welsh are a wonderful people!
  7. "Salmond is a twat" is quite catchy to be fair.
  8. I thought Jo Lamont did very well,jokes good,she pointed out Rabs determination not to answer questions and that the SNP are fantasists. To be fair Rab answered pretty well,although he did avoid the question and his 'let me tell you a story/fantasy/pretend we're Norway' act is showing quite clearly these days. Lamont 2 Salmond 1.
  9. Just watched the First Wankers QT. Insufferable man. Jo did well.
  10. I once played in a football match and our GK was on acid. We did well to get a 5 5.
  11. Have you lot seen the photo doing the rounds of George Osborne,sat arm around what is claimed to be a 'lady of the night' and what could be a few lines of cocaine on the table? Apparently he's trying to get it off the web but it's too late,loads of people have copies now. Also,i think it was the 'lady of the night' who has exposed the whole thing. I think the Coppers wanted to protect Eton Boy,but that might be a little difficult now.
  12. So it's just the 'anti Scottish Scottish Unionists' you're anti then.
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