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  1. Tidser can f**k right off. An imposter of a player.
  2. Well M AND M weren’t wrong about the intensity of the training. I watched them a few times with McKinnon and it was like a Sunday picnic compared to this. Smiles on their faces to. Dixon in beast mode.
  3. They will do what they’ve done the last 4 times. Invite applications, interview people then take on someone who hasn’t applied or had an interview.
  4. Thoroughly justified in playing the industrial midfield that they did. They won almost every second ball and we’re up for the fight. Not great quality but will take that win anyday.
  5. McGovern Duffie Dodds Wallace Kingsley McGrandles Vaulks Sibbald Loy Farid Taylor
  6. Fasan Ross Perry Jason Marr Scott Harrison Tom Dallison Andy Haworth Tudor Jones Sammut Alex Harris Finbogasson Lewis
  7. With the two that have taken over, there is no way Robson would be near the team.
  8. Houston with Lee Miller as his assistant until the end of the season.
  9. The “clear the air” talks have probably bought McKinnon at worst the next two games.
  10. Dixon is targeted by teams every game due to McKinnon’s insistence on playing a narrow midfield, be that as a diamond 4 with 2 up top or a 2 and a 3 with 1 up top. This allows teams to double up on Dixon who in these formations is rendered pretty much useless. This due to the fact that he’s being asked to get forward top support the attack then back to defend. For me Dixon has struggled due to this. He isn’t a bad player by any stretch of the imagination and has played LB for Monday years. I personally think his best role for us would be as the left sided CH alongside Buchanan. We’ve seen next to nothing of Gary Miller who can play at RB, allowing Doyle to move to LB where he played a lot for Morton and Alloa. We have wingers (regardless of what our thoughts are on them) who have not been given the time this season to show what they can do in this team, most notably, Leitch, Moore and McLean. We have strikers who are struggling to get a partnership going.
  11. Now is the time to take action as a board. There will be some natural wastage come January so any new manager will be able to bring a player or two in.
  12. Any new manager coming in would have to be out of work.
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