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  1. I greetin here mate. Decision made. We had numerous games last season where we could have won under McKinnon and shat the nest. One draw turned into a win and we would have been up. However your chairman’s reasoning behind his vote was that he wanted Falkirk and Patrick for the away fans. We’re only at your place once. Patrick are twice but one of those games is a midweek kick off. So not ideal for him.
  2. Well the fixtures didn’t quite work out the way your chairman would have liked. Love it.
  3. FALKIRK Best: Gordon Marshall, Tony Parks and Michael McGovern Worst: Scott Higgins and Leo Fasan
  4. Leaving enough room for a 4th stand if ever that became viable.
  5. Don’t want to single Gomis our here but wanting to make a point. He’s is a great footballer with an excellent footballing brain. He is also very tidy on the ball and generally finds the man with the pass. However the last 2 games specifically we have needed drive , pace and aggression (in the right way) in the midfield and that’s not what he offers.
  6. Will the usual suspects be giving it laldy on social media tonight after letting the fans down today? Doubt it.
  7. Industrial back line with Buchanan dropping out, whilst having Miller and Todd at CM. Gomis on bench to be kept for next week.
  8. That first half was a lesson in how to play to your strengths whilst completely exploiting their weaknesses. Brilliant.
  9. How fuckin good is Gary Miller? Cracking player.
  10. Well done Journeymen. Arbroath are shit. f**k you Bobby Linn you fat mess.
  11. Miller and Gomis have to start as the central midfield pair. The defence picks itself. Todd I would play in on the wing with Louis on the bench. Sammon and McManus up top
  12. The Forfar keeper was seriously let down by his defence. He made some outstanding saves today.
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