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  1. Get planning what you will be streaming in the very near future, just received the following in a work email. Before anyone asks I am not in the Police. "Op Bridges is the group of operations which the Met Planning team have in place for when senior members of the Royal Family pass away. Operation London Bridge is the name of the Queens funeral event following her passing. This is expected to be one of the biggest ever events that the MPS police. When this is announced they have a pre-defined plan which will kick into action, her funeral event will run for 10 or 11 days depending on the day of the week that she passes away."
  2. I will hold my hands up, I fucked up and I half read an article and was looking at the Abellio accounts rather than the Abellio ScotRail accounts. Read this article - https://www.heraldscotland.com/news/14762449.abellio-making-1-million-profit-month-scotrail-franchise/ "NEW ScotRail operator Abellio made a profit of £1 million a month after taking over the railway franchise last year. " "Previous accounts showed that First Group's profits from the ScotRail franchise increased steadily from £14.2m to £19m during its final three years as operator."
  3. The Government subsidies are included in the income of the Scotrail , this does allow them to make a profit and pay Shareholders a dividend. The point I was trying to make is that the Scottish Government won't be funding any losses or paying wages, they may receive a dividend due to Scotrail making a profit each year which they can use for anything they wish. If they wanted they could use the dividends to increase the wages of other public sector workers.
  4. The only time in recent history where Scotrail wasn't profitable was when nobody was using the trains during lockdown. Companies which have monopoly tend to be profitable.
  5. The public isn't paying for the pay rises of Scotrail staff, the Scottish Government are the largest shareholder in Scotrail. Any wages rises come out of any potential profits Scotrail make, if in the unlikely event Scotrail makes a loss the Scottish Goverment doesn't fund those loses. If anything the Scottish Goverment is likely to receive a dividend from the annual profits from Scotrail which will allow them to increase Goverment spending.
  6. I have done similar roles in the past for the Forres and Nairn Welfare, a brief overview is. Association secretary - Understand the Scottish and Inverness Association rule books, specifically any player registration restrictions around players that have played at a higher level and suspensions. Organise and publicise meetings. I also took minutes from the meetings and published after the meeting. Match secretary - Set fixture list, cup draws and assign referees. You can google tools to create fixture lists and then fit them into the required dates. Normally get a list of referees available from the local referees associations, I used to ask for dates anyone was planning to go on holiday and fit fixtures around. Book any council pitches if the teams don't do this themselves. Collate match results and league tables, can use excel or there are tools available on-line to populate the tables. Registration secretary - populate player details onto the SFA web based registration system. Also a good idea to populate a spreadsheet to track goals and bookings with all the players.
  7. As an aside, the Armed Forces day at Ibrox raised a whopping 5 grand. Ten bob each the staunch individuals coughed up for their abseiling heroes.
  8. I will admit that my role is not a technical role and I don't work on the NHS Scotland account, but that is not a fault with the app. Your phone GPS is used to determine your location, if you are in a block of flats and someone else had tested positive in that block then there is a chance you may have come into contact with that person. It may have been briefly, but you could of passed them at the main door, on a landing or shared a lift with them. It isn't perfect I will admit but I am not aware of a better way of determining someones location.
  9. The NHS Scotland test and protect app was developed by Capgemini, who have had the NHS Scotland IT contract for almost 10 years. I work for Capgemini and there are more than 250,000 employees in more than 50 countries, they are most definitely not a bunch of charlatans as they would never have got to that size of company if they were charlatans. The Westminster Government may have given a contract to a bunch of charlatans, but the same can't be said in Scotland. https://www.capgemini.com/gb-en/2020/09/working-on-scotlands-contact-tracing-system/
  10. So even more penalties for the club formally known as Rangers then?
  11. Mate. I respect your opinion 

    1. WhaleOilBeefHucked


      Cheers, I studied Economics while I was in school\ college briefly and a number of years later I am working my way through an OU Degree in Economics.  I will admit my opinion may be slanted towards my political views, but I generally take the wider view that people are entitled to their own view and try to point out why I believe they are wrong.

    2. Accies88


      I know what your point is . Fair enough. 

  12. Just to confirm? You vote for the Tories as you get what you work for? That will be to reduce direct taxation, at the same time increase indirect taxation or not remove products from indirect taxation which hits the poorest in the nation hardest. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to work out the correlation between the increase in foodbank use and the Tories being in power. For the majority of my life, the Tories have been in power at Westminster and they claim to reduce spending to bring down national debt while they end up increasing the national debt at the same time. Every time the Tories have been voted out of power in the last over the last 30 odd years, national debt has been higher than it was when they went into power. The Government spending on every area of life has not kept up with inflation at the very minimum. We have an armed forces, who if they went into conflict literally would be bullet catchers as their equipment is so not fit for use. The English have a NHS that is falling apart at the seems every winter We have one of the lowest pensions in the western world, at the same time the population is aging. The number of the population at working age compared compared to the population in retirement is getting lower year by year, to resolve this they have put a cap on child benefit and sanctioned a referendum which both impact the number of people in the future that are going to be of working age paying tax. You claim you don't want to harm your children's education by voting for independence, by not voting for independence there is more chance of your children's education being impacted by a Tory government reducing spending and the impact it will have on the Scottish Governments budget. Thanks to Brexit and the cap on child benefit, there will be an impact of future generations schooling and all other Government spending, it may be in 5 years it may be in 20 years, but when the tax intake at Westminster hits that point the Tories will again claim again that they are trying to reduce the national debt and fail. If you are going to come up with a reason why you vote Tory at least tell the truth.
  13. If and I mean in the remotest possibility that he did become First Minister, the first thing the thick c**t would probably do is close down Holyrood and put himself out of one of his many jobs. Obviously so he can spend more time with his wife and child and not pick up more European games as a linesman!!
  14. The fishermen were never going to get what they want anyway it has been obvious from day one that EU boats are going to be allowed to fish in UK waters; Ignoring the boats that bought UK licenses from UK boats, they want no EU boats in UK waters to allow UK boats to catch more fish. Somehow they expect to defy the very basic principle of supply and demand and the price for the fish not falling when they catch more fish. No EU boats in UK waters, no trade deal and tariffs added to fish where the majority caught is exported to the EU. Price for the fish falls further, and if it can't be sold price falls even further. If anything quotas on fishing have been artificially inflating the price for years by restricting the number of fish allowed to be caught, but the fishermen have been too blinded to actually see that.
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